Local News Archives for 2018-08

Its Back to School in Creighton Tuesday.


Students from Creighton Community School are getting ready to go back to school next week.  Principal Patty Korchinksi says students will arrive back on September 4th first thing in the morning and the grade 7 to 12 students will go to a home room class where they’ll pick up their time tables for the day while the grade 1 to 6 students will just go to their regular teacher’s class and they’ll start the day running.


If you need more information you can call the School at 306-688-5138, visit their website www.creightonschool.com or message them on Facebook.


It Was a Successful Summer for Kids at the Norva Centre.


Flin Flons Norva Centre held a series of arts and crafts classes for kids through July and August. The final class on water color painting is this afternoon from 1 to 3.  Manager Mike Spencer says it went well and they are already planning for next year. He says they are looking for new ideas for classes that people are interested in and also new instructors who would be interested in connecting with Norva and offering classes so if you have ideas they’d like you to take part and stay tuned for next year.  He adds they’ll also be doing kids classes through March break.


If you have new ideas or are interested in instructing classes contact the Norva Centre at 204-687-4237, email norvacentre@gmail.com or drop in at 177 Green Street.


An Exploration Program has Started on a Gold Property Near Snow Lake.


Rockcliff Metals has started its exploration program on their high-grade Laguna and Lucky Jack Gold Properties near Snow Lake.  Their President Ken Lapierrs says they now have boots on the ground at Laguna and are excited to be partnered with Kinross in a systematic exploration program in preparation for their fall drill program which will be the first drilling conducted on the property since 1944.  He says the Laguna and Lucky Jack Gold properties have excellent potential to host significant and high grade gold mineralization similar to what was at the past producing Rex-Laguna Mine which was Manitoba’s first and highest grade gold mine.


The drill program at the Laguna Gold Property is planned for the fourth quarter.

You Can Still Run for Creighton Town Council.


Nominations for the by election to elect one Town Councilor for the Town of Creighton closed yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock. Returning Officer Paula Muench says since no nominations were received by that time she is putting out another call for nominations.  She says it will close on September 12th.


Nomination forms are available at the Creighton Town Office.

With the New School Year Starting Next Week the Flin Flon School Board Resumed Their Regular Meetings Tuesday.


Superintendent Constance McCleese reported that eleven new teachers will be instructing in the Division this year and she outlined some of the new resource material they will have to review, information relevant to the Division’s curriculum.  The Division plans to focus on mathematics this year at the elementary level and the Division Leadership Team will be participating in a wide variety of workshops.


Over the summer a lot of upgrade projects were started including the whole phone system, improvement to WIFI and internet, work on the TVI building at Hapnot and work continues on the roof at Ruth Betts which should be completed in mid September.


The Board also gave a huge thanks to the Rotary Club as they were very generous in donating seven sets of equipment for the Hockey Academy.


Trustees Murray Skeavington reminded motorists that the 30 km per hour speed limit in school zones is back in effect starting September 3rd so please slow down and watch for students.


Anyone Interested in Acting Can Be Part of an Upcoming Production.


The local Ham Sandwich Theatre Group is holding auditions Tuesday for their fall production.  Director Diane Therien says they will be performing a pantomime Treasure Island by Ben Crocker. She says it’ definitely based on that but sometimes the characters are not exactly what you would expect.  She explains it’s been about 20 years since they did a pantomime in Flin Flon and one of the ones that stands out in her mind is Cinderella where Buzz Trevor and John Taylor were the ugly step sisters so that kind of tells you what a pantomime is, it’s very over the top, it’s very funny, it’s silly, it’s wherever their vision takes them.


Auditions are being held Tuesday night at 7 on the Flin Flon Community Hall stage with the performance November 16th and 17th.  Therien says they need to fill at least 22 parts and are looking for people with experience or no experience for major or smaller roles so it would be a good opportunity for anyone who has ever been interested in trying out for theatre.

The RCMP Are Looking For Youth Input.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in D Division in Manitoba are recruiting youth for their 2018-19 National Youth Advisory Committee. To apply you must reside in Canada and be 13 to 21 years old and applications must be received by September 7th.


The RCMP explain this is an opportunity for young people to get involved in the conversation about community, youth topics and solutions in Canada.  Committee members from all over the country interact online and discuss important issues that they face in their respective communities providing valuable input so it’s important that Manitoba Youth apply to ensure their voice is heard at the national level.


Committee members are eligible to receive reference letters and volunteer hours and most importantly they have an active role in shaping what the RCMP offers young people.  For details go this story at www.flinflononline.com and click on visit the RCMP website.


Its Time to Make Sure Your Information is Correct on the Voters List.


Flin Flon residents will go to the polls October 24th to elect a Mayor, City Councilors and School Trustees.  Updates to the voters list are being held Friday from 8 to 4:30 in the City Hall Council Chambers.  This is when you can make changes to the voters list if you are an eligible voter and want you name added, if a name needs to be removed or any other corrections that need to be done.


If you need more information you can visit the City page at www.flinflononline.com.

New Students Can Get Familiar with High School.


Hapnot Collegiate will be helping grade nine students prepare for their first year at the Collegiate.  Principal Brent Bedford says they want them to come to the Collegiate tomorrow.  He says a lot of the students that are currently in the school have lots of plans for the students this Thursday. They are invited to come there for 11 o’clock when they will show them around the school, lots of activities and cook lunch for them as well, so that’s 11 to 2 on Thursday.  Bedford adds all other students will be back a week from today and that’s just a regular quarter to nine in the morning class where they’ll give them their timetables and start day one.


The Collegiate will be open this week for students who want to come in and make changes to their timetables.  Any students with questions can also drop in or call the Collegiate at 204-687-7506.



Flin Flons MLA Says the Provincial Government Should Stop Picking on Workers.


With Labor Day approaching this weekend MLA and Labor Critic Tom Lindsey says first the government froze the minimum wage and also made it harder to join a union making it harder to get ahead as a working person in this province so it’s time to consider what’s happening with jobs.  He says that’s something we need to look at it’s what are the jobs of the future going to be in Flin Flon and the north.  He notes shutting down a railway and allowing it to stay shut down hasn’t helped jobs in Churchill and we need to have a look at what the Mining Reserve Fund can be used for to help create mining jobs, exploration needs to take place and we need to make sure that the consultation is in place with First Nations communities so the north can grow together not separately.


Lindsey says he will raise these and other issues when the Legislature resumes sitting on October 3rd.

The History of Suspension Bridges Will Be Remembered.


The 21 Field Engineer Squadron Historical Committee will commemorate the original construction of the suspension bridges at Wekusko Falls near Snow Lake.  Members Morley Naylor and Frank Gira report on Friday they will pay tribute to all who served on the original project in August 1965 and have passed on with an upgraded display at the bridges with new signage including the Canadian Military Engineer Badge, the Engineer Prayer and a brief historical description of the events.


In August 1965 Reserve Army personnel from 21 Field Engineer Squadron in Flin Flon and other support elements took on the challenge of building suspension bridges at Wekusko Falls to open up camping and recreation facilities near Snow Lake.  The week long project saw the participating soldiers challenged in all phases of military engineering including task planning, demolition, bridge construction, heavy equipment operation as well as carpentry, welding and hand tool skills.


The tribute ceremony will be held Friday at 12 noon at Wekusko Falls.


There is a Proper Way for You to Dispose of Those Unused Pills.


The Manitoba Government has renewed a partnership to collect and safely dispose of unused or expired medication. Nearly 350 registered pharmacies in the province participate in the program which has allowed them to collect and safely dispose of approximately 16 thousand kilograms of used or expired medication last year.


CEO of the Pharmacists of Manitoba Dr. Brenna Shearer says they know how important it is to regularly check our home for medications that are expired or no longer needed and to dispose of them properly to prevent misuse, accidental ingestion or harm to the environment adding the Medications Return Program allows people to do this in a convenient and easy manner.


One of the goals of the renewed program is to continue and further develop convenient province wide access to recycling opportunities including in northern, remote and Indigenous communities.


Blueberry Jam Will Be Back Next Summer.


Following an extremely successful Blueberry Jam Music Gathering earlier this month the organizing group is targeting next August 9th, 10th and 11th for Blueberry Jam Two.  They are also planning an annual general meeting in October to set up an executive and committees for next year’s event.  Notice will be sent out when the date has been set.  Everyone with an interest in the event will be welcome at the meeting to share their ideas.


The first Blueberry Jam Music Gathering was held August 10th to 12th in the Flin Flon Tourist Park.

Walleye Anglers From The North and Beyond Will be Fishing This Weekend.

Eric Labaupa


Kickerfish is sponsoring the Northern Manitoba Walleye Classic one day two person team tournament Sunday.  The group’s Eric Labaupa says this event takes place at Paint Lake near Thompson and it’ll be a live release tournament.  He explains there’s a set limit on that lake so it’ll be the best six fish under 22 inches or 55 centimeters and bring them in, there’s a weigh in, they record your weight, release them back into the lake again, the best scores win and they’re awarding prizes to the top ten.


Labaupa says the top prize is a boat, motor and trailer valued at ten thousand dollars. He adds the best way to enter is at their website www.kickerfish.ca with an entry fee of three hundred dollars per team.


All Groups and Organizations Can Hold Registration in One Place.


Flin Flon Parks and Recreation is again holding an event called Registration Under One Roof Thursday, September 6th.  Recreation Director Caitlin Bailey says people interested in registering for upcoming events will be able to do so in one place.  She explains they are looking for any organization that wants to come out and take part in a completely free event.  She says the organization booth set up because most of these organizations are run by volunteers takes place on Wednesday September 5th from 4 to 10 pm so you can come any time in there to set your table up, bring all of your things and then it will be open to the public on Thursday September 6th from 5 to 9 pm and it all takes place in the RH Channing Auditorium in the Flin Flon Community Hall.


Any groups or organizations who want to hold registrations at this free event can contact the Recreation Office at 204-681-7542 or email cbailey@flinflon.ca.


A Summer Program for Children Wraps Up Today.


Summer in the Parks is completing their summer of activities for children four to nine years old.  Supervisor Leanna Koop says the children enjoyed all their theme weeks.  She says they started out kind of slow for attendance this year at the beginning but as the weeks went by they went up and they were at their max for a couple of weeks.  She says they had a couple of new campers and returnees that have enjoyed Summer in the Parks in the past couple of years noting their Video Games Live Week was probably the most popular with max capacity for the whole week.


Koop adds the weather caused some plan changes over the summer but they had fun with different themes each week. Their summer of activities that began July 3rd wraps up this afternoon with Hay Day at the Zoo.  Hay Day events have been cancelled but there is still a free barbeque at the Zoo from 3 to 5. Summer in the Parks is sponsored every summer by Flin Flon Parks and Recreation.


It Was a Fun Summer at the Library.


It Was a Fun Summer at the Library.

Camp Director Sioban McKenna says it was a great summer with a bit over 427 participants and some of the highlights include a really fun Minion Dance Party with a balloon drop, they had their STEAM Camp which was quite fun where they made ooblick, slime, a balloon powered Lego car and they’re just hoping that the wrap up party on Friday goes out with a really big bang because they’ve got tons of free food and tons of games and prizes.


The camps began on July 4th at part of their TD Summer Reading Club.  The wind up barbeque takes place at the Library tomorrow from 1 to 3:30.

Culture Days Needs Your Events to Continue to Grow.


Flin Flon Culture Days finished number one in the country last year for the number of events in communities with a population of less than fifty thousand and number three overall.  The Flin Flon Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt says it can be an even bigger celebration this year.  She explains everybody who has an idea about Culture Days events is more than welcome to be included in the fun and you just have to let the Arts Council know that you’re interested and in terms of different events it is open to just whatever you have in your mind.  She says it could be some kind of activity that you want to do at home or if you want a bigger venue they’ll help find a venue for you or if you need supplies they’ll help you find supplies as they just want to celebrate all of the amazing arts and culture and just general cultural events that are happening in the area.


If you have any ideas for Culture Days which run September 28th to 30th contact Crystal at the Arts Council office at 204-687-5974.  The deadline to register if you want your event in the passport is August 31st but you can still register after that date.


Your Whole Family Can Have a Fun Afternoon.


Flin Flon Parks and Recreation will be holding a Family Hay Day at the Zoo Friday.  Zoo Supervisor Melissa Richardson says there’ll be fun for everyone with a bunch of games, activities, a bouncy house and if it’s nice out they’re going to have a slip n slide but if it’s not nice they’re going to do all of it at the Community Hall anyway so if it’s raining it’s still going on they’re just not going to be at the Zoo.  She adds they’ve also got a cow pie eating contest, a couple of other activities for the kids and it’ll be a lot of fun. Hay Day runs from 3 to 5 Friday afternoon.


The event marks the close of the Joe Brain Petting Zoo after a successful season with the animals returning to The Pas and Prince Albert for the winter.


A Distribution Area For Cannabis Sales Has Moved Another Step Forward.


Last night Flin Flon City Council passed on secondl reading a bylaw establishing a zone for permitting the sale and distribution of recreation cannabis when it becomes legal if a retail outlet is approved for Flin Flon.  The zone covers the uptown commercial district. There were no objections from the public at a hearing advertised for last night. The bylaw requires third reading before coming into effect


Council accepted the Fire Chiefs report for July indicating 14 incidents during the month. Councilor Ken Pawlachuk noted some people have questioned the fact the Fire Department went out to a bush fire near Bakers Narrows Lodge when there’s no agreement to fight fires in cottage areas.  He said they have an agreement with Manitoba Hydro to fight fires that will affect their lines providing service to Flin Flon. The Cottage owners had the fire put out before the Fire Department arrived.  Councilor Pawlachuk congratulated the Cottage Owners Association for offering fire fighting training for cottage owners.


Council has moved their next meeting from September 4th to the 11th due to another meeting.

An Issued Promoted by the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Has Been Brought Up at the Manitoba Legislature.

Deputy Minister Rob Olsen, Minister Rochelle Squires,

                                                  Chamber President Chuck Davidson


Manitoba Chambers of Commerce President Chuck Davidson reports they spent an afternoon at the provincial legislature talking tourism with the Minister of Sustainable Development Rochelle Squires.  He says as Manitoba continues to see significant increases in tourism dollars, the importance of positioning tourism stakeholders and industries remains critical to future growth and our competitiveness with other provinces.  The meeting along with her Deputy Minister Rob Olsen centered on extending the camping season in the province and creating more flexibility for obtaining fishing licences which has been promoted by the local Chamber for years including a cross border fishing licence.


Davidson reports the two hour discussion wrapped up with some exciting possibilities and agreement on the importance of creating that flexibility with more meetings planned for the months ahead.


You Can Join a Buy a Lunch Give a Lunch Campaign to support Food Banks.


A recent Dempsters poll revealed that Canada is a sandwich loving nation.  It reveals 77 percent of parents plan to send their kids to school with a sandwich in their lunch this fall and 88 percent says they eat sandwiches themselves but not all Canadians can easily afford to eat them as evidenced by the more that the 860 thousand Canadians who use food banks every month according to Food Banks Canada.


In a release Dempster’s states to be part of a positive solution they will donate up to two million slices of bread to local food banks across Canada.  They’re also asking Canadians to join them with the Buy a Lunch Give a Lunch initiative from August 23rd to October 3rd.  For every Dempster’s product purchase during that time two slices of bread will be donated to Canadian Food Banks up to 110 thousand loaves of bread.  You can follow the donation progress at www.buyalunch.dempsters.ca.


The Manitoba Government Has Announced the Latest Round of Community Places Grants.


Although Flin Flon is not on the list of 175 projects approved some communities in the area have received funding.  The Community Places program provides funding and planning assistance to build, upgrade, expand or acquire community facilities.  The Snow Lake Centre on Family Violence will receive just over 13 thousand dollars for re-siding their building and the Pas Families Building a Better Community Group 50 thousand for a Spray Park.  Successful grant applicants must also contribute to project costs often through local fund raising, grants from other sources or donated labor and materials.


Under the new Community Support Small Grants Program the Snow Lake Centre on Family Violence will receive 15 thousand for emergency short term operating funds and under the Community Planning Assistance Program the Kelsey Planning District including the RM of Kelsey, The Pas, LUD of Cranberry Portage and Hamlet of Wanless will receive just over 70 thousand dollars for a development plan bylaw and four zoning bylaws.


Flin Flon is an Accepting Community.


The Flin Flon Pride Committee held their second Pride Event over the weekend.  At the raising of the Pride Flag at City Hall Friday Reverend Steve Wilson from Northminster Memorial United Church said we still have a ways to go but we have come a long way since he met his partner 37 years ago.  He explained it was 30 years ago in August of 1988 that his church the United Church of Canada said that openly gay and lesbian people could be considered for ministry and that was the year he became a minister.  In 1968-67 he added a man by the name of Pierre Elliott Trudeau who was then Justice Minister said the state had no place in the bedrooms of the nation and the criminal code was changed but not until 1999.


This was followed by the Trans March with Andrew Richard saying he is proud to be a Flin Flonner especially in the acceptance by his parents and the community as he came out as Transgender three years ago, feelings about the community echoed by other speakers. Other events included the Pride Parade Saturday followed by family and social events wrapping up with a Pride Mass last evening.


Rev. Steve Wilson

                                                                          Best Float

Manitobas NDP Leader Says Jobs and Health Care Are Priorities in the North.


NDP Leader Wab Kinew was asked in an interview with Arctic Radio News last week about budget issues affecting Flin Flon and The Pas they are raising with the government. He replied jobs because we know that the government itself expects that the north across the region is going to lose 15 hundred jobs or more so the issue of jobs is hugely important and the issue of health care.  He says we know there’s been changes to northern patient transfers, we know there’s communities losing doctors and we know that health care is a big issue for a lot of people so those are the issues they’ve been pushing on as people have been raising them with their party so he knows they’re raising them with the provincial government as well.


Kinew adds people in the north deserve to be able to earn a good income and also deserve to be able to get the health care they need close to home.


A Flin Flon Resident is Among Those Appointed to the UCN Governing Council.

Becky Cianflone


Manitoba Education and Training has announced the appointment of five new members and the re-appointment of two members to the University College of the North governing council.


Among the new appointments is Becky Cianflone of Flin Flon.  She is the Executive Director of Community Futures Greenstone and her board experiences include the Northern Manitoba Tourism Advisory Committee, the Manitoba Sunflower Festival and the Flin Flon Women’s Resource Centre.


Tracey Como of Cranberry Portage has been re-appointed to the board.  She is the Director of Employment and Training for the Manitoba Metis Federation and has been involved with many local boards and committees.


Also re-appointed was Albert Tait of Norway House and other new appointments are Alfred McDonald of The Pas and Cameron Mateika of Minitonas as Chair and two student board members MacGabrielle Lytle of Thompson and Ryan Shewchuk of The Pas.


The council consists of not more than 20 members serving terms of up the three years for regular members and one year for student members.


The Boardwalk is Again on the Level.


A group of volunteers came out on Tuesday to help level the Flinty Boardwalk beside Stittco.  Flinty Committee Chair Dave Price says the fill under that section had washed away over the years with it sloping towards the lake.  He says the City provided the crushed rock they needed, about 10 yards, and they dumped it over the fence from Stittco and they first of all had to cut out ten foot sections of the Boardwalk to make room for the fill and then they got some willing volunteers to level the crushed rock and Tuesday the final phase was to put down the boards again and now it’s nice and level and they hope it will stay that way for quite a number of years.


Price says the job was made easier because of the number of volunteers who turned out to help with the project.

You and Your Family Can Take Part in a Skills Festival.


A Free Spirit Festival is being set up for later this month.  Organizer Katie Kozak explains a Free Spirit Festival is a skills sharing festival that will be held at Camp Whitney on the 27th, 28th and 29th.  She says anyone can share skills that they have on anything adding all are welcome, families and kids, and as well they will have facilitators there on plant medicine, yoga and movement also doing workshops.


There is no cost for the Free Spirit Festival but you are asked to bring a food item for sharing.  For information or to register email Katie at katie.kozak@hotmail.com.


A Memorial Walk Will Take Place Saturday to Remember the Late Flora Ballantyne.



Her nephew George Morin says Flora came to live in Flin Flon from Sandy Bay when she was 20.  He says she took care of him in Flin Flon until he moved to Regina when in late fall 1979 and again in December his mother called to says Aunt Flora was missing.  He explains the next call he got in April of 1980 and she says they found your Aunty deceased by the railroad tracks in Channing and it’s unknown how she would end up there as she was the type of person that never went further than downtown Flin Flon and she would usually come there during the week so it was uncharacteristic of her to end up in Channing by the railroad.  He says it’s a suspicious death and there was never a conclusion and they were never notified as to what happened by the RCMP.


Morin says he testified at the National Inquiry on behalf of his Aunty.  Anyone who remembers Flora Ballantyne is invited to join the walk beginning a 4 Saturday afternoon at Super K, down Main Street and then over to the Friendship Center for a traditional ceremony called a Ghost Feast.

Women are Invited to a Three Day Gathering at Camp Whitney.


A Soul Sisters Summer Camp is taking place at Camp Whitney next week.  Organizer Katie Kozak explains this is a women’s retreat that’s focusing on plant medicine also movement and reconnecting to the earth and ourselves.  She says it takes place on August 24th, 25th and 26th and its 340 dollars for the weekend and that includes everything such as all your meals and boat transport.


For information or to register for the Camp email Katie at katie.kozak@hotmail.com.  She is also organizing a Free Spirit Festival the following week and we’ll have details on tomorrow’s news.


A Poll Suggests Manitobans Want Logging and Mining Abolished From Provincial Parks.


Wilderness and Water Campaigner Eric Reder reports a new poll conducted in June confirms the Manitoba Government must ban destructive logging and mining in provincial parks.  He says in a Probe Research omnibus survey seventy percent of Manitobans polled support a phase out of industrial activity in the parks.


Reder states from the Wilderness Committee’s year of working to preserve provincial parks they know people want nature in our parks protected and this poll confirms that, adding now we need the Manitoba Government to demonstrate they care for our environment and permanently protect our parks.  He noted major parks like Whiteshell, Nopiming, Duck Mountain and Grass River are all at risk from ongoing mineral exploration and Duck Mountain is also one of only two parks in Canada that have commercial logging occurring.  He says there are two simple steps to phase industrial activity out of Manitoba parks ban new mining claims in parks and remove Duck Mountain Provincial Park from Louisiana Pacific’s logging tenure area when their environmental licence expires next year.


A Busy Summer Winds Up In Creighton.


The Creighton Spray Pool windup is being held Friday afternoon.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says they have activities planned to help celebrate the windup.  She says they’re having their summer annual Spray Pool Fiesta and they’ll have some snacks for the kids, some games, face painting and lots of fun for a free afternoon.


The Creighton Spray Pool Fiesta runs from 1 to 3 Friday afternoon.

Students Had a Successful Summer in Finding Jobs.


The Manitoba Youth Job Center is closing Friday after a successful summer.  Youth Engagement Leader Melanie Krushelnyski says along with jobs it went well as they had some great kids who came and helped out with the events and hopefully next year they can get more kids to join in and do more events.  She says they did lemonade on Main Street and they recently did a cookie mix sale and next year there will be more volunteering opportunities available, they just needed more kids this year.


The Youth Job Center is open from mid May to mid August and offers a variety of services for students and youth looking for jobs and opportunities to learn job skills.  If you need more information on the Center you can call the office at 204-271-1493 by Friday.


Flin Flons Second Annual Pride Event Take Place This Weekend.

Picture From the Flin Flon Pride Facebook Page


The Pride event is planned for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The Committee’s Jordanna Oulette reports they start out with the flag raising and speeches at City Hall at 5 o’clock Friday followed by the Trans March, then a huge barbeque hosted by CUPE, then they’re going over to Creighton Community Hall for the Family Dance from 6:30 to 8:30 and at 9 a Teen Movie and then over to the Hooter at 10 for the ABC Party, Anything But Clothes.  She adds on Saturday at 11 am there’s the Pride Parade following the Canada Day Parade route and then 2 to 4 will be at the Creighton Spray Pool for the first ever Pride in the Park and then they’re closing it off with their Second Chance at Prom at the Unwinder at 9 pm.


The weekend wraps up with the first Pride Mass at St. Ann’s Church Sunday at 6:30 pm.  Mayor Cal Huntley officially proclaimed this week as Pride Week and the Pride Committee has painted their rainbow crosswalk between the Royal Bank and the Steelworkers building along Main Street.  For more information or to enter the parade visit the Flin Flon Pride Facebook page.


It Was A Successful Fund Raiser.


The 19th annual Steve Ewing Memorial Poker Run took place Saturday.  One of the organizers Kel Brown says they had a successful ride from Flin Flon to Wanless and back. Brown explains it went really good as they had about 25 riders show up and they raised approximately 2 thousand dollars with a thousand going to Lance Abrahamson for first prize and worst hand was Eric Burroughs receiving 230 dollars with the rest going to bursaries.


The ride left Flin Flon at noon Saturday and left Wanless at 1 with stops at Fidler’s Corner and Cranberry Portage ending at the Hooter in Creighton.


Communities in Our Area Have Received Their Share of the Federal Gas Tax.


The Government of Canada has delivered the first of two annual Gas Tax Fund installments to Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  The funding flows through the provincial governments to all of its municipalities on a per capita basis to support community infrastructure projects such as local roads and bridges, sport infrastructure and drinking water among others.


In Saskatchewan the first payment totals 30.9 million dollars with Creighton receiving just under 94 thousand dollars, Denare Beach just over 51 thousand and Flin Flon Saskatchewan just over 14 thousand dollars.


In Manitoba the first payment totals 36 million dollars with Flin Flon receiving just under 306 thousand dollars, Snow Lake just under 41 thousand, The Pas just under 312 thousand and Thompson just over 742 thousand dollars.


Communities can use the funds immediately on priority projects, bank the funds for later use, pool the dollars with other communities for shared infrastructure projects or use it to finance major infrastructure expenditures.


The Carnival is Coming To Town Thursday.


Flin Flon Parks and Recreation will present Dr. Von Houligans Carnival of Calamities in two shows Thursday. Recreation Programmer Caitlin Bailey says it’s a new carnival show for Flin Flon including juggling, fire eating and balancing acts and will be a fund raiser for the new Aqua Center.  She say they’re really looking forward to it as they have both a family friendly show at 4 pm on Thursday as well as an adult show with a cash bar and dessert included with your ticket happening at 7 pm that evening as well.  She says it should be a lot of fun with all types of different acts and it’s all under the big circus tent.


Bailey adds tickets will be sold at the show taking place at Centoba Park with tickets for the 4 pm family show 10 dollars for adults, 5 for children and students and 25 for a family and for the adult show at 7 pm 15 dollars.


A Fund to Support Mining Communities has No Money to Share.


When in Flin Flon last week Premier Brian Pallister was asked about money available to communities like Flin Flon and Thompson from the Mining Community Reserve Fund.  He said money is not available as the fund was allowed to fall below the level set by the previous administration.  He says they want to make sure they are able to adjust when ore deposits are depleted and it has consequences and we end up with losing jobs in our area.  He explains what they’ve done is with their Look North strategy they are focused on working with their partners whether it’s at the community level in communities like Flin Flon, The Pas Thompson or also with Indigenous leadership to encourage better exploration strategies because if there’s prospectors out they’re there going to find good stuff in our province and that hasn’t been the case for too long now and they’re getting back to that but it will take time.


Pallister said they know there has to be job opportunities here in order to build our communities so they are promoting investment and tourism in the north with some success.


It Will Be a Weekend of Music Sharing Tonight Through Sunday.


Flin Flon’s first Blueberry Jam Music Gathering gets underway tonight.  The Committee’s Mark Kolt says they have over 100 entertainers and about 50 different acts as some of them overlap with some people especially the musicians accompanying more than one lead singer or the like but still no matter what way you cut its lots of people.  He says they’re encouraging people to remember to bring their chairs because it’s like following your folk festival format and they’re just hoping to see lots of you out there.  Kolt adds the campground is full so there’s going to be about 100 people just from the camp.


The event is free and runs tonight from 6 to midnight, Saturday from 11 am to midnight and Sunday from 12 to 6 with a stage in the Flin Flon Tourist Park behind the Museum and another at the Rotary Wheel with an additional jam session at Johnny’s Social Club on Green Street Saturday night.


The Province is Looking at Training More Manitoba Doctors.


Premier Brian Pallister visited Flin Flon General Hospital Wednesday.  When asked about the need for doctors he said he was impressed that we are getting two new doctors one of which already lives here.  The Health Region says they are Doctor Sadia Lone who has been here since 2004 and has completed the International Medical Graduate Program and will start seeing patients next week and Doctor Irina Murug who starts September 4th.  Pallister says they want to see more doctors in Manitoba.  He explains for many years the strategy in the province was to go across to somewhere on the other side of the world and hope that someone would come over and stay but they weren’t staying very long so they’re focusing more on trying to upgrade the opportunities for Manitoba recruits to serve the people of the province and it’ll remain a challenge but one they’re addressing better than it has been in the past.


 Pallister was also impressed with the upgrade underway in the Emergency Room noting improved services will attract people to the community.


Safety Issues Were Raised Again at the Tuesday Flin Flon City Council Meeting.


At the meeting Mayor Cal Huntley was again asked about Main Street confrontations and vandalism issues in the community.  He repeated his report from their last meeting noting they continue to meet with the RCMP, the RCMP have increased their patrols and Council will continue to look into issues such as better lighting on Main Street and possibly cameras also suggesting that people concerned about their properties make sure they are well lit as that discourages vandalism and theft.  He also suggested we need a facility nearby where people with addiction issues can receive help.  Mayor Huntley also noted they are looking for ideas from other sources to find a solution again adding they will not tolerate vigilante action.


In other business Councilor Colleen McKee congratulated those who put on the Roller Goodwin hockey tournament on the weekend with 13 teams taking part.  She says it’s great the players are coming back to Flin Flon and bringing their children with them to experience the community.

All Drivers Are Invited to be Part of a Poker Run.


The 19th annual Steve Ewing Memorial Poker Run will be held Saturday afternoon.  One of the organizers Kel Brown says all bikes, trucks and cars are welcome and the same as usual they leave the Gateway at noon and Wanless at 1 o’clock with various stops in between.  He notes poker hands are available at Pharmasave and Eddies IGA, just ask and they will have a sheet there.


Stops along the way include Wanless, Cranberry Portage, Fidler’s Corner and the Hooter in Creighton.  Part of the money raised by the Poker Run goes to a bursary for a graduating high school student.  If you need more information you can call Kel at 204-687-0102.


You Can Register Now For a Colorful Run.


The Community in Motion Committee is holding a Color Fun Run September 16th.  Flin Flon Recreation Programmer Caitlin Bailey says there’s no fee to take part. She explains this is a family fun run so you can walk, run, skip and it’s going to be taking place at Creekside Park and they’re going to be doing the fitness trail which is about 1.7 kilometers and if you’re interested in doing it more than once you’re welcome to and they have about six color stations along the run.


The early registration deadline is tomorrow and those entered will be eligible for a draw for a great prize.  The final registration deadline is September 14th and if you want a t-shirt for 15 dollars the deadline is August 23rd.  Registration forms are at the Recreation Office in the Flin Flon Community Hall, the Primary Health Care Center and the Creighton Recreation Office.


Public Safety Equipment is Being Upgraded Across Manitoba.


During a visit to Flin Flon yesterday Premier Brian Pallister said Bell Mobility will be replacing the province’s public safety communications service.  He said the current system is so old they’ve been purchasing parts on ebay so it will be replaced over three years. He explained if we have a mine disaster of a fire and we’ve got paramedics or fire fighters out there in the bush trying to work or police and various emergency people they’ve got to be able to communicate with each other for their own safety but also so they can facilitate doing a better job protecting the rest of us so this system is an upgrade that will allow better range of service, better clarity, better reliability, better messaging capacity and also inter-operability so all the agencies will be able to work together.


 Pallister added five additional telecommunications towers will be added to expand coverage in northern Manitoba and mobile towers will be available to provide additional coverage where needed during emergencies.



A New Award Will Be Presented for the First Time.

Carson and Hunter Lee with Mayor Cal Huntley


Mayor Cal Huntley Tuesday night at the Flin Flon City Council meeting announced local wrestlers Hunter and Carson Lee will be the first to receive the City’s Award of Excellence.  Huntley said it’s such a new award it has not been finished yet so it will be presented at a later date.  Both Carson and Hunter spoke on their ongoing successes at wrestling competitions around the world including Junior Nationals, Pan American Games and Youth Olympics in Canada.  They displayed the City of Flin Flon flag that has been signed wherever they have travelled.


In other business Council passed a resolution designating Flin Flon as an evacuation center for the Town of Snow Lake should a situation such as forest fires require an evacuation.


Pelican Narrows RCMP Are Asking for Your assistance in Locating a Missing Girl.

***Zoey has been safely located Aug 9*****


Pelican Narrows RCMP are trying to locate Zoey Linklater of Pelican Narrows. She was last seen in the community around 1:15  this morning.

She is described as a 12 year-old Indigenous female, approximately 5’4” tall, weighing approximately 100lbs, with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing black leggings and a black hooded sweatshirt. Police are working to obtain a photo.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Zoey is asked to contact Pelican Narrows RCMP at 306-632-3300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).


A Summer Exploration Program is Underway at a Lithium Project Near Snow Lake.


Far Resources is back on the ground conducting an extensive property wide exploration program on its Zoro Lithium Project near Snow Lake.  The Summer Project consists of detailed helicopter assisted geological mapping, drill core sampling, soil geochemical surveys and metallurgical drill core sampling.


Their President Toby Mayo says they believe that the potential for scale at Zoro is huge with numerous drill targets already identified through Mobile Metal Ions soil geochemical surveys.  He adds mapping this summer has already shown the potential for extensions to known dykes.  Additionally data compilation is currently underway which combined with results from the current program will guide the company in planning further drilling which will commence later this year.


It Was A Gathering of Unity.


At the Flin Flon City Council meeting last night Councilors Karen MacKinnon and Colleen McKee reported they accepted an invitation to Council to attend the opening yesterday of the Woodlands Cree Gathering in Pelican Narrows.  Also attending were Creighton Mayor Bruce Fidler and Denare Beach Mayor Carl Lentowicz.  Councilor MacKinnon said it was a move by the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation to promote unity and solidarity among our communities following recent comments made on social media about First Nations.  She said they received a very warm welcome.


Councilor McKee said it makes you realize how much a few words can affect so many people.  She said there were many Chiefs present and she spoke in thanks for their invitation and the show of unity among our communities.  The Councilors presented their community with an offering of sage, a written prayer and a soul connection dream catcher connecting our communities and received a medal representing the Woodlands Cree Gathering from the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation.


A Colorful Run Returns to Denare Beach This Weekend.


Denare Beach Recreation is holding their 2nd annual Rainbow Run Saturday.  Recreation Director Mel Durette explains it’s a two kilometer run through the streets of Denare Beach and they’ll throw color at you at four stations with the race starting at the Denareplex and ending at the main beach.  She says it’s not a race so you can walk, run whatever you want to do and you can register at the Village office or online at www.denarebeach.net and its 25 dollars for 8 and up and ages 7 and under are 15 dollars.


Durette adds registration includes a t-shirt and goodies and proceeds from the Run go to the Denare Beach Rec Board with the Run starting at 11 Saturday at the Denareplex.


You Can Save Money and Help the Environment When Preparing to go Back to School.


The Flin Flon Recycling Center is encouraging you to reuse school supplies.  Their Administrator Deb Odegaard says they are having a recycled school supplies give away.  She explains every year they get a lot of school supplies that are quite reusable, notebooks, dividers, lots of three ring binders, loose leaf paper, so they’re going to be in the basement of the Library on Saturday from 1 to 3 and people can come and help themselves.  She adds they’re also giving people who have a lot of left over school supplies at home the opportunity to drop them off at the Recycling Center by 4 o’clock on Thursday and they’ll include them in the giveaway for people and that can even include things like backpacks or pencil cases and that kind of thing as well.


The school supplies give away again is Saturday from 1 to 3 downstairs at the Flin Flon Public Library.

The Sale of an Exploration Property Near Snow Lake Has Closed.


Rockcliff Metals Corporation has announced it has received a payment of 150 thousand dollars from Norvista Capital Corporation.  This payment closed the sale of its interest in the Talbot Option Agreement and the Talbot Property near Snow Lake to Norvista Capital. An initial 3 million dollars was paid in May.


President Ken Lapierre says pursuant to the recently announced option of two of their gold properties, Laguna and Lucky Jack Gold near Snow Lake to Kinross Gold and the completion of the sale of the Talbot property option to Norvista Capital they have demonstrated their ability to monetize assets within their extensive property portfolio. He says with Kinross Gold and Norvista Capital now actively exploring their gold and base metal properties at the same time the remainder of 2018 will be very busy noting they continue to consider all strategic opportunities to monetize and advance their extensive base and precious metal property portfolio in the Snow Lake Mining Camp with minimal dilution to the Company’s shareholders.


The Library Continues to be the Place to be For Kids This Summer.


The Flin Flon Public Library continues to offer their TD Summer Reading Camps for a variety of ages.  Summer Student Siobahn McKenna says they continue this month with painting and writing days held last week.  She adds they’re going to go to visit the Fire Department in the park on the 7th, the long term care home on the 9th, the 13th to the 17th is STEAM Week so they’re going to do a whole bunch of science experiments and stuff like that and then to wrap up the 20th is Plant Day, the 22nd is Rock Day and then they have their last day barbeque on the 24th.


For information on the camps and registration drop into the Library and see the calendar of events on their Facebook page.


A Summer Recreation Program for Kids Continues Into its Second Month.


Flin Flon Parks and Recreations Summer in the Parks has completed its first month. Supervisor Leanna Koop says it’s been fun so far with four year olds included this year outlining some of the August activities.  She says they are starting this week with Water Week where they have lots of water based activities.  Next week will be a fan favorite with the Superheroes Week where they’re going to the Fire Department and checking out the Police Station so the next couple of weeks they’ve got tons of activities planned.  Koop adds for their last week it’ll be Holiday Week and they’re planning their Hay Day on the 24th so there’s going to be a bounce castle and a lot of games at the Zoo and anybody in the public can come and join them.


Summer in the Parks runs until August 24th week day afternoons from 12 to 5 at the Petting Zoo for children 4 to 9 years old.  For information or registration call the Recreation Office at 204-681-7542.

Art Activities for Kids Continue This Month.



The Norva Centre has been offering a variety of classes for kids again this summer.  Summer student Neal Smedegaard says they have six classes this month along with decorating the Pride float.  He explains next week they’re going to have two classes going on by Cindy McLean, Cling Film and Milk Prints as well as Lady Bug and Tadpole Tic Tac Toe. The week after that is going to be the Pride float building and then the week after that they’re going to do Kalimba building and Kalimbas are a small thumb piano where you play kind of percussion music and you’re going to be building your own as well as decorating them and after that they’re doing Batik Shirts which is similar to tie dye.  He adds the week after that has acrylic painting on the 29th as well as watercolors on the 31st.


You can find out more on the Norva Facebook page, their website www.norvacentre.com, call 204-687-4237 or drop in at 177 Green Street.


Manitoba Continues to Meet Hudbays Expectations.


In their 2018 second quarter financial report Hudbay says in Manitoba they are on track to meet their 2018 production guidance. President Alan Hair says this is even though a failure of a main exhaust fan at Lalor near Snow Lake in June has created operating restrictions underground that are limiting ore production but repairs are expected to be completed this month.  He reported ore mined during the second quarter of 2018 slightly decreased compared to the first quarter as increased production at their Reed Mine was offset by decreased production at their Triple Seven Mine.  He said ore processed in Manitoba during the second quarter increased over the first quarter as the transfer of excess Lalor ore to the Flin Flon concentrator and higher than expected ore output from the Reed Mine with the drawdown of stockpiles sustained solid mill throughput.


Hair adds production at Reed Mine is complete and Hudbay continues to work on options to extend the mine life at Triple Seven in Flin Flon which is now set at 2021.


La Ronge RCMP Are Asking For Assistance in Locating a Missing Man.


The La Ronge RCMP are requesting your assistance in locating Cory Mitchell McLaughlin of McCreary, Manitoba. The last known contact with McLaughlin was on July 31st at approximately 4:35 p.m.

McLaughlin is described as a 45-year-old male, approximately 5’8” tall, weighing 200 lbs, with brown hair, and blue eyes. It is currently unknown what he was last seen wearing. 

It is believed McLaughlin is driving a red/maroon 2005 Ford F-150 with Manitoba licence plate EJZ 932. McLaughlin may be in the area between La Ronge, SK and the Manitoba border. He also may be in the area between Snow Lake, MB and the Saskatchewan border.

There are concerns for Cory Mitchell McLaughlin’s well-being. Anyone with information is asked to contact the La Ronge RCMP at 306-425-6730 or to leave an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Saskatchewan RCMP have identified a suspect who was arrested after a truck was stolen with a young girl in the back seat.


Saskatchewan RCMP have identified a suspect who was arrested after a truck was stolen with a young girl in the back seat.

Police say Terrance Nickerson of Medicine Hat, Alta., faces kidnapping, theft, dangerous operation of vehicle and other charges.

He appeared in Creighton provincial court today.

RCMP say Mounties pursued when a truck was stolen on Tuesday afternoon and the suspect headed for The Pas.

Police say a three-year-old girl was found safe in the vehicle after it was stopped by a spike belt and another vehicle.

Manitoba's Independent Investigation Unit is reviewing the arrest after a suspect suffered a fractured rib and was bitten by a police dog.

Hudbay Reports Increased Earnings.


Hudbay has released its second quarter 2018 financial results.  President Alan Hair says operating cash flow before change in non-cash working capital increased to just over 131 million dollars from 124 million in the same quarter last year.  The increase in operating cash flow he explained is the result of higher realized prices for copper, zinc and precious metals, partially offset by decreases in sales volume of copper, zinc and silver and higher mine operating costs.  Hair looked at future plans noting as they look towards the balance of 2018 their priorities include completing the ramp up of production at Lalor near Snow Lake, in Peru enhancing Constancia production through higher recovery and throughput optimization and completing the Pampacancha surface rights negotiations, advancing their exploration pipeline and seeing the Rosemont permitting process through to completion in Arizona.  He adds they remain very positive about the long term supply and demand for fundamentals of copper and believe that their business is well positioned to create values as those fundamentals materialize.


Net profit for the second quarter was 24.7 million dollars compared to a net profit of 19.1 million in the second quarter last year.


Kids Are Focused on Science and Engineering this Week.


The University of Manitoba Wise Kidnetic Enegy Camp is underway at McIsaac School this week. Camp Instructor Umindu Jayadandu says they have 22 kids ages 9 to 12 in the camp this summer.  He says they have theme days offering a mixture of science and engineering.  He says this camp offers a lot of things noting they do different types of days like they have Food Sciences Day, they have Paleontology Day and Sports Science Day and kids get to interact with those days and learn a lot about science with these camps.


Other themes for the camp this year include extreme engineering, zoology and ecology.  You can learn more about their camp at www.wisekidneticenergy.ca.


There is Work You Can Do to Maintain a Well Used Walking Trail.


The Flinty Boardwalk Committee held a meeting Tuesday night to discuss the need for more committee members and volunteers.  Chair Dave Price says the Boardwalk maintenance depends on volunteers and they do have some people doing repairs and maintenance and he is impressed with how users pick up garbage but there are ongoing jobs.  He explains one of the things includes attending to their wooden infrastructure, the stairs and the Boardwalk itself and they’re planning to do some staining at the observation deck at North Avenue Park and so they’ll be looking for volunteers to help out with that.  He adds the other issue is there’s a section of the Boardwalk alongside Stittco that is sloping to one side and the City is going to provide fill to level that section but they will need some bodies to help them level that with their rakes and hoes and so  on.


Seven people who attended the meeting along with two committee members showed interest in helping out.  If you can spend some time call Dave at 204-687-8653.  You can also support the Boardwalk by purchasing name boards at City Hall for 100 dollars and these will be installed in September.


Kidnapping Charges Have Been Laid After a Vehicle Chase.


At approximately 4:20 Tuesday afternoon, Creighton RCMP received reports that a vehicle had been stolen from outside a business on Main Street in Creighton. There was a 3 year-old girl in the backseat of the truck. Reports indicated the vehicle was headed toward Flin Flon and members from the Creighton and Flin Flon RCMP Detachments responded immediately and pursued the vehicle.

The pursuit ended just outside of Cranberry Portage when the stolen vehicle struck a spike belt and rear-ended a vehicle, rendering the suspect vehicle inoperable. The driver got out and fled into the nearby bush. At this time, officers located the 3 year-old unharmed in the backseat of the truck.

RCMP from Creighton, Flin Flon, Cranberry Portage and The Pas set up a perimeter in efforts to contain the man. A police dog from The Pas RCMP Police Dog Service Unit attended the scene and located the driver hiding under a vehicle in an outbuilding.

As a result of this incident, an adult male has been charged with:

·        Kidnapping without a firearm,

        Theft of truck,

·        Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle,

·        Resist peace officer,

·        Abduction of a person under 16,

·        Operation of a motor vehicle while being pursued by police.

The male is not cooperating with investigators. As such, his identity has not yet been confirmed.

Girls Are Spending This Week Learning More About Computers.

MacKenzie Trumbly at the 3D printer


Instructors from the University of Manitoba Wise Kidnetic Energy program are holding an all girl codemakers camp this week at McIsaac School.  Camp Instructor Alyson Betz says it’s an introduction to coding for girls 13 to 15 so they have a bunch of different activities.  She says they do a lot of stuff on laptops so yesterday they were doing 3D printing and also they’re going to be working with the robots called Cozmos which really show facial recognition and AI technology and they they’re also going to be programming on the computers with different software like processing and Arduino so introduction to coding is what they are doing.


There are eight girls attending the first girls coding camp held in Flin Flon by Women in Science and Engineering at the University of Manitoba along with their annual Kidnetic Energy Camp.


An Annual Fishing Tournament is Ready to go This Weekend.


The 29th annual Cranberry Portage Trout Challenge is coming up Saturday and Sunday on Big Athapap.  The Committee’s Mike Wesner says the prize money has gone up this year with first place guaranteed to be 5 thousand dollars, second place is 25 hundred and third place is 2 thousand dollars and those are guaranteed and then they have cash prizes right from fourth place to tenth place and based on 100 boats tenth place would get 700 dollars.


Wesner adds they have also introduced a youth anglers event this year for 15 and under with first prize 350 dollars, second 250 and third 200 dollars.  The boat parade is on Friday night with the rules meeting to follow and fishing Saturday and Sunday starting at 8 am.  For information on registration call 204-271-1197 or 271-0050.



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