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Anyone Interested in Acting Can Be Part of an Upcoming Production.


The local Ham Sandwich Theatre Group is holding auditions Tuesday for their fall production.  Director Diane Therien says they will be performing a pantomime Treasure Island by Ben Crocker. She says it’ definitely based on that but sometimes the characters are not exactly what you would expect.  She explains it’s been about 20 years since they did a pantomime in Flin Flon and one of the ones that stands out in her mind is Cinderella where Buzz Trevor and John Taylor were the ugly step sisters so that kind of tells you what a pantomime is, it’s very over the top, it’s very funny, it’s silly, it’s wherever their vision takes them.


Auditions are being held Tuesday night at 7 on the Flin Flon Community Hall stage with the performance November 16th and 17th.  Therien says they need to fill at least 22 parts and are looking for people with experience or no experience for major or smaller roles so it would be a good opportunity for anyone who has ever been interested in trying out for theatre.

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