Local News Archives for 2019-09

Two Flin Flonners Accomlishments have been Recognized with Trees.

Last year Gerry Clark and Don Peake were awarded the Manitoba Lieutenant Governor Award for Historical Preservation and Promotion.  While in Flin Flon for Culture Days Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon dedicated trees planted in their honor at the Station Museum Saturday.  She explained at the time when she had the opportunity to take on this role often medals were given as recognition for awards and she kept thinking as she watched some of the people that she knew who received them and got older they somehow ended up in a drawer and nobody really knew what to do with them and she kept saying if she had a chance she wanted to do something that would beautify our province and be a legacy. She added it was Gerry Clark and Donald Peake who made a promise to the people of the future and to the people of the past so this is a legacy piece so that time when you were giving your time and energy and didn’t ask for anything in return you were really giving an incredible gift to your community here and the people of our province.


Filmon noted their roles in developing walking tours or bringing recognition to under acknowledged names from local history or digitizing truck loads of archival material and helping to maintain the history of mining in Flin Flon keeping stories of the past alive.


A Lot of People Learned More About Culture in Our Community.

A large crowd gathered yesterday to celebrate a successful weekend of Culture Days by dancing down Main Street.  Organizer Crystal Kolt says she’s not really sure yet about the exact number of events but believes we’re still around the 140 mark so it was an incredible Culture Days.  She added talk about at tenth anniversary to be able to have all their special guests from as far away as Edzel Scotland to Ottawa with her Excellency the Governor General Julie Payette and their Honors from Winnipeg the Lieutenant Governor and Mr. Filmon and then all of the people that travelled far and wide to come to our community for Culture Days so that with all our artists and the great events it’s just been a stellar year and a fabulous tenth anniversary.


Last year Flin Flin finished second across the country for the number of events held and first for communities with under 50 thousand people.


Students in Flin Flon Joined Other Around the World Friday Afternoon.

Students from Many Faces Education Centre and Hapnot Collegiate, administrators, staff and members of the community gathered with signs at the intersection of Green Street and highway 10A at noon Friday supporting the need for action on climate change.  Teacher Daniel Dillon explained it was an educational demonstration to inform local people in regards to climate change.  He added there is an initiative started by Greta Thunberg out of Sweden and she’s in Montreal today and there is a national demonstration for students so they’re stepping out and they’re being part of that global movement here in Flin Flon.


The local demonstration was part of events taking place across Canada and around the world.  Thunberg told demonstrators in Montreal Friday she will continue to organize protests like those that took place around the world over last week until global leaders take action.


She Flew Over in Space and Now She is Here in Person.

Canada’s Governor General Julie Payette is in Flin Flon for Culture Days.  During a visit to Hapnot Collegiate yesterday she said she is amazed at the beauty of our area.  She says she has seen it from space before because whenever she could spend a few minutes to pass over Canada she did from a spaceship and what is really amazing about the northern part of Manitoba and the northern part of Ontario is the number of lakes, its peppered with lake and forests, lake and forests and lakes and forests and of course the big lakes Winnipeg, Manitoba and Winnipegosis are absolutely stunning from space and now here she is visiting on the ground and it’s just as beautiful.


Payette says we are very lucky to live here and we are lucky to live in Canada which is a country where it doesn’t matter what you want to be it’s a place where you can accomplish it.


She presented Hapnot Principal Steve Lytwyn with a picture of Manitoba taken from space.


Our Northern Communities are Home to Very Dedicated People.

Manitoba Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon and the Honorable Gary Filmon are visiting Flin Flon for Culture Days.  Yesterday they visited Hapnot Collegiate Culture Days. Filmon says she is really impressed with how dedicated people here are to leadership and building a community.  She says you look at all the things you’ve got going in this community and they’ve been in The Pas and Cranberry Portage and she thinks that singularly the leadership that she sees of individuals who’ve come forward with whatever their idea was or passion and then they’ve been able to build a team around themselves and get it done is really outstanding and she can’t wait to get back to tell everyone how beautiful it is and what amazing people she has met.


Filmon added she is really impressed with the pride and passion people she’s meeting here have for this community both those born and raised here and those who have moved here and stayed.


Students and Staff are Wearing Orange Monday.

Flin Flon School Division is recognizing Orange Shirt Day Monday.  Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne says it’s a way to honor the survivors of residential schools and the children who did not survive. She explains teachers will teach the story behind the orange shirt about Phyllis Webstad who was a student six years old attending Mission BC in a residential school.  She came to school wearing a brand new orange shirt and it was taken away from her so the color orange has always reminded her of that experience and how her feelings didn’t matter so now the orange shirt symbolizes the commitment to ensure everyone around us matters.


Ballantyne adds there’s an Every Child Matters campaign at McIsaac School where they’re writing to Prime Minister Trudeau to ensure all students are valued, the Library is providing material for the classes and information will be posted to Facebook to keep the conversation going.

The Lieutenant Governor and Achievement Awards Recognized Students at Creighton Community School Yesterday.

Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor Russ Mirasty spoke to students about the importance of education.  He presented his Award of Excellence to student Shannon Williamson noting she has a great attitude and has discovered how powerful an education can be.  He explained she’s an outstanding student and athlete, she’s served as President of the Student Leadership Committee where she helped guide activities and programs for younger students and that’s one thing he didn’t mention earlier is a willingness to help others and here’s a good example of that.  He added Shannon takes part in volleyball, basketball, track and field, she’s also participated in many outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and boating, she’s taken guitar lessons for seven years and participates in Home Routes concerts and Shannon plans to attend the University of Regina to study nursing.


Mirasty also presented Northern Student Achievement Awards for grade seven to Alix Stevens, grade nine to Naomi Dickens and Lucas Bonsant, grade ten to Abbey Cowper, grade 11 to Bree Patterson and Lauren Fox and grade twelve Kiana Stevens.

The Flin Flon School Board Heard About a Lot of Busy Students at Their Meeting Tuesday.

Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne reported the challenge to win the Fire Hat is underway.  Schools are challenging one another to complete their mandated ten fire drills first.  It’s a fun way for schools to compete and it’s a much sought after achievement.  Four youth mentors have been hired for this school year as each elementary school will benefit from two mentors.


School sports are in full swing as well as the Hockey Academy at both elementary schools.  Orange is the color for Monday September 30th which is an opportunity to pave the way for anti-racism and anti-bullying policies.  A reminder to wear an orange shirt honoring Residential School survivors and promote the spirit of reconciliation and hope for future generations.


Board Chair Murray Skeavington reported the Division is honored to have the Manitoba Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon and Canada’s Governor General Julie Payette visiting the Division’s schools today and tomorrow as our communities celebrate Culture Days.


You Can Talk With Books During Culture Days.

As part of Culture Days the Flin Flon Public Library is holding a wine and cheese evening featuring Human Books tomorrow.  Administrator Courtney Campbell explains Human Books is where you come to the Library and check someone out as a book, so you can ask some questions about their life and learn more about what they know.  She says they’ve got six people line up this year Donita Stallard our local artist and creator of Flann the Graphic Novel, Ron Dodds who’s a local aviator, volunteer and general history buff, Jordanna Oulette who’s the founder of the Flin Flon Pride Committee, Murray MacDonald who’s a local musician and Pam Marsden who’s the Indigenous Liaison Officer at Hudbay.


The Human Books will be available at the Library from 7:30 to 9:30 tomorrow night.  Along with wine and cheese they will have apple cider, coffee, tea and a 50-50 draw.


The Library is also holding a Seniors Brunch tomorrow morning from 10 to 12 for seniors to get together over brunch and help identify photos for the Flin Flon Heritage Project.


A Film Festival Film Will be Part of Culture Days.

On Sunday afternoon the Central Canada Film Group will present a Toronto International Film Festival movie.  The group’s Tom Heine says it’s a fun film subtitled English so it’s a French movie Le Grand Bain while the English title is Sink or Swim.  He explains it’s about a bunch of kind of out of sorts unemployed guys and they’re trying to figure out what to do and for whatever reason they decide to form a synchronized swim team so it should be a hoot, family entertainment and a grand show for everybody.


The film will be shown Sunday at 3:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre and admission is free.

Local Performers Play a Large Role in Culture Days.

On Friday and Sunday Ann Ross and Doug McGregor will be hosting Local Roots.  Ann says the first performance is Friday at 7 and she and Doug are going to do a small tribute to Mitch Podolak who was the founder of the Winnipeg Folk Festival and Home Routes and he passed away about a month or so ago.  She says then they’ll feature Kevin Allen with Meghan Reimer, Harold Romo, Holly and Lyle, Colin Davis, Ron Burwash, Syd Tippit, Murray MacDonald, Jake and Frieda Reimer and Dave Clement.


Ross adds Sunday at 2 she and Doug will again open the show and they will feature some of the same and some new performers.  Local Roots takes place at their residence at 183 Merton Boulevard and Ann notes it’s a come and go gathering so you can take in other events as well.

It Was Another Successful Year for the Arts in Flin Flon.

The Flin Flon Arts Council held their annual meeting Monday night.  Board President Sheri Pearson reported it has been a very busy year with lots of performances, opportunities and new talents emerging which is a trend which is exciting to watch as they seem to continually build on past performance seasons.


Highlights were reported from their eleven standing committees and twelve organizations that fall under their umbrella including four sold out performances of Mama Mia and the Art Council receiving the Manitoba Arts Council Rural Recognition Award.


Pearson mentioned several events for the upcoming season including their opening performance from Woody Holler, Ham Sandwich’s production of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre performance of the New Canadian Curling Club, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and in April the Community Choir will travel back to New York to Carnegie Hall to perform Carmina Burana.


And on Monday night in recognition of her 25 years on the Board Linda Allen was awarded a life time honorary membership in the Arts Council.

You Can See How an Artist and a Photographer Present the Water and the Wild.

Local artist Ron Watt and photographer Randy Whitbread have put together an exhibit called Water and Wild.  Watt says it’s their attempt to show some of the beauty of the north and they put together ten large 24 by 36 metal plates of Randy’s photos which are quite amazing to see them as they have almost a 3-D effect.  Ron adds to go along with Randy’s photos he’s painted ten oil paintings of similar size so in all they’ve got twenty items in the exhibition and they’ve all got some water and to some extent some wild in them.


The exhibit will be open in Flin Flon City Hall Council Chambers during Culture Days this Friday from 3:30 to 8, Saturday from 9 to 6 and Sunday from 11 to 3 and will then be open during City Hall office hours until the end of October.


You Will Have Opportunities to Meet Manitobas Lieutenant Governor and Canadas Governor General Later This Week.

Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon will be in Cranberry Portage and Flin Flon later this week with her guest Governor General Julie Payette. They will visit with students at Cranberry Portage Elementary School Thursday morning at 10 before visiting other sites in the Community.


In Flin Flon Thursday afternoon at 2 they will attend Culture Days at Hapnot Collegiate.  The Lieutenant Governor will then tour the community and the Water and Wild Art Show while the Governor General will go canoeing with students from McIsaac School before meeting for an invitation only dinner hosted by the City.


On Friday at 9:30 the Governor General invites you to join her for a walk on Flinty’s Boardwalk while the Lieutenant Governor will spend the day visiting a variety of Culture Days events throughout the community.


On Saturday at 9:30 the Lieutenant Governor attends the Regal Celebration Ceremonial Tree Planting at the Station Museum to honor the two recipients of her Governor’s Award for Historical Preservation and Promotion Don Peake and Gerry Clark before returning to Winnipeg in the afternoon.


Can You Actually See A Play About an Invisible Man?

That will be answered as the radio play is revived on stage this weekend.  Local writer Raphael Saray is again presenting an old time radio play as part of Culture Days. He explains it’s a play that he wrote called The Invisible Man Is Missing and it’s kind of a takeoff on a 1930s style private eye movie.  He says it features two boozing private eyes who get into all sorts of shenanigans with a leprechaun, Flinty and a cast of crazy characters so it should be a lot of fun.


Along with Saray the play features Susan Gunn, Joe Buie, Alain Lachapelle, Vanessa Unrau, Brent Lethbridge and a lucky member of the audience.  It will be presented Friday night at 8:30 and Saturday afternoon at 2:30 at Johnny’s Social Club on Green Street.


Employers Can Connect With Students.

University College of the North is inviting employers to connect with students and potential graduates at their Campus in The Pas and Thompson.  Their Cooperative Education Coordinator Krystle Paskaruk says they want employers to sign up for their new Career Connect Program to promote their company. She says employers can do a number of different things through the Career Connect Program, they can host a lunch and learn session, they can deliver an information session, have an information booth set up in the lobby, interview perspective hires, host a workshop or even participate as a guest speaker in a professional development series.  She says this really gives them an opportunity to meet with potentially new candidates, build a pool of candidates that may meet their resource requirements either currently or in the future and really promote their company on campus.


Employers are encouraged to book a spot on the Career Connect Calendar by contacting Krystle in The Pas at 204-627-8557.


There Will be a New Place of Worship for the Flin Flon Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

A group of volunteers will be in Flin Flon for the next few months to assist the local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in building a new place of worship.  The building called a Kingdom Hall will replace an older structure that was built in the 1930’s.  Regional Spokesperson Brad Pramberg says the energy efficient building follows the eco-friendly approach they use globally noting there’s going to be a 75 percent reduction in air infiltration which will reduce its energy consumption and there’ll be custom digital controls that use motion detection to guarantee that only the operational needs are used and also during occupied periods there will be fresh air that is supplied in amounts that exceed minimum requirements leading to a better learning environment for the building.


Local congregation Elder Kelly Flodell says they need a new hall because the congregation has outgrown the old hall with on average one hundred people attending each of their two weekly meetings.


Volunteers are coming from Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Hinton and as far at British Columbia with many using vacation time to assist with the construction project.


You Can Raise Awareness by Wearing Blue Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is World Alzheimer Awareness Day.  The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba’s CEO Wendy Schettler encourages everyone to wear blue as that really says we understand and we’re here to help you. She says sometimes that help might mean being more patient at a grocery store line when somebody is having a hard time doing their change or having a hard time doing the Interac machine or somebody who ends up helping somebody who looks like they’re struggling to cross the street or it might be helping a caregiver by doing grocery shopping for them while they’re home with a person with dementia or spending time with their family member so they can go out so its building awareness and its showing that community feeling that we’re all in it together.


Schettler adds 56 percent of Manitobans have a close friend or family member with dementia.  You can learn more by visiting their website www.alzheimer.mb.ca.


Ray Has Again Held a Successful Fund Raiser.

As we reported earlier this summer Flin Flons Ray Berg was spending his days at the Co-op store collecting pledges for the Journey of Hope Walk.  This walk supports the free programs and services provided by the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society.  Berg says he has over 45 hundred dollars in a CIBC account for the Schizophrenia Society, he has 4 hundred dollars in cheques and he has given out over 19 hundred donation cards that allow people to donate online but he doesn’t know how much has been donated online as the Schizophrenia Society has not given him a total on that.  He notes last year he used 150 index cards and that got 7 hundred dollars in online donations.


Berg adds people who have donation cards and still want to make a pledge online should do so by October 14th.  The Walk will take place in Winnipeg starting at the Forks tomorrow and Ray will be represented by the Society’s Special Events Administrator Katrina Tinman.  He has raised well over 16 thousand dollars over the past four years for the Journey of Hope Walk.


Callinex is Financing Further Drill Projects Near Flin Flon.

Callinex Mines has announced it intends to complete a non-brokered private placement of up to 2 million units at price of 50 cents per unit for gross proceeds of up to one million dollars.  Each unit will consist of one flow through common share and one half of one flow through share purchase warrant with each warrant entitling the holder to purchase one additional share at a price of one dollar per share for a period of two years from the date of purchase.


The proceeds of the offering will be used to conduct exploration activities on its exploration portfolio in the Flin Flon and Bathurst mining district.


Callinex reports they have a large land position in the Flin Flon district led by its Pine Bay project 16 kilometers east of Flin Flon and its Big Island project 10 kilometers east of Flin Flon.


Upcoming Events Highlighted Tuesdays Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Meeting.

At the meeting it was reported the Chambers annual general meeting will be held Monday November 4th at the Victoria Inn lounge at noon.  At the meeting the Chamber receives committee reports from the past year and elects their executive for this year.


The Northern Chambers of Commerce will gather for their annual meeting on Saturday in The Pas at the Visitor Information Centre at 1 o’clock.  The meeting includes discussion on how the north can work together to accomplish goals and what issues the district is facing.


The Chamber has distributed their new map of Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach. They are available at numerous locations in the three communities and the Chamber’s annual radio auction will be broadcast on 102.9 CFAR from City Hall Council Chambers on Saturday October 19th from 9 to 1.

Health and Transportation Services Have to be Improved in the North.

As we reported yesterday Desnethe Missinippi Churchill River NDP candidate Georgina Jolibois along with Churchill Keewatinook Aski’s Niki Ashton committed to fighting to restore maternal health services for people in Flin Flon Creighton and surrounding communities. Jolibois said mothers should not have to travel south to give birth nor should other northerners for health care especially after bus service was cut in Saskatchewan.  She’s also hears from seniors and Elders throughout the whole riding on how they struggle when they need to get to a medical appointment down south.  She said first of all there’s no transportation to take them down south to get to their appointments and she’s heard throughout the riding for four years the need to have dialysis units close to home so families don’t have to leave.


Jolibois added she will work to have the bus service restored adding it’s very important that we in the north work to improve health services.


Other candidates in the riding are Conservative Gary Vidal, Liberal Tammy Cook Searson, Green Party Sarah Kraynick and Peoples Party of Canada Jerome Perrault.


Culture Days Continues to Grow.

The tenth annual Culture Days weekend with over 140 events is coming up September 27th to 29th in Flin Flon and Creighton.  The Flin Flon Arts Councils Crystal Kolt says their passports will be available around town starting tomorrow and all of their over 140 events will be listed in there so people can check that out and also they will be on the Culture Days website, if you go to culturedays.com you’ll see all of the events.  She adds it’s going to be a fabulous experience noting they’re going to be dancing down Main Street to Tom Cochrane’s Big League because they want to celebrate our culture of hockey this year so they encourage people to come out with their jerseys and maybe bring a hockey stick in case that’s included in the choreography and its going to be a great weekend.


Last year Flin Flon’s Culture Days finished second in the country for the number of events and first for communities with under 50 thousand people.

Special Guests Will be in Flin Flon Next Week.

At last night`s Flin Flon City Council meeting Councillor Ken Pawlachuk confirmed Manitoba`s Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon will be in Flin Flon next week to attend Culture Days and her special guest will be Canada`s Governor General Julie Payette and they have requested the opportunity to visit all parts of our community.  Councillor Colleen McKee noted it is great for our community whenever you can bring people of that calibre here.


The City had hired a Community Engagement Manager.  Nathaniel Boucher comes here from Timmons, Ontario.  He will be the liaison between Council, the media and the community in building their new brand, getting their message out, writing blogs, meeting with committees and gathering information while upgrading and adding information to a new interactive website and Flin Flon app.


At their last meeting Council approved local funding and applied for a grant to build a new Community Aqua Centre and Recreation Facility.  Councillor Guy Rideout reported reaction has been largely positive with other Councillors agreeing noting there have been some negatives. They noted the present Aqua Centre is important to our community but requires major repairs and they found they could build a new one for about the same cost as upgrading the present one.


You Can Learn More About the History of the Denare Beach Area.

The Northern Gateway Museum in Denare Beach is hosting a conference of the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Archeological Societies.  The Museum’s Les Oystryk says the Societies are inviting you to an open house at the Creighton Community Hall Friday night at 7.  He explains they will be showing the film The Peddlers which is a 1964 Department of Education film that talks about the discovery of the Fort Henry Frobisher site on Beaver Lake and there’s an extensive interview with Harry Moody and it’s a film that has never been shown here in the local area so it’s a kind of premiere event.


Oystryk adds they also offer an opportunity for people to bring in any artifacts or archeological items they may have to get more information on them from experts in archeology attending.  The ArcheoCaravan will be on hand with activities for children of all ages.

The NDP Has Committed to the Return of Needed Health Services in Flin Flon.

NDP candidates Niki Ashton in Manitoba’s Churchill Keewatinook Aski and Georgina Jolibois in Saskatchewan’s Desnethe Missinippi Churchill River have committed to fighting for the reopening of the obstetrics ward and re-instating maternal health services for people in Flin Flon Creighton and surrounding communities.  She says they believe what is taking place here in Flin Flon in this part of our north is wrong, it’s unjust and it’s had a detrimental impact so today they are making that clear commitment.  She adds this is something they fought for already but it’s a commitment that they will reinstate these services and for health services across the north for people in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


Ashton says although health care is a provincial responsibility the province does receive funding for health care from the federal government. Other candidates in Ashton’s riding include Conservative Cyara Bird, Liberal Judy Klassen, Green Party Ralph McLean and Peoples Party of Canada Kenneth Klyne.


We’ll have more Saskatchewan issues on tomorrow’s news


You Can Walk to Support the Freedom Outreach Program at Denare Beach.

The Freedom Outreach Program is holding its seventh annual Walk For Freedom Saturday September 28th. The group’s Kandie Lagore says walkers will meet at Jason’s Kal Tire in Creighton at 9:30 with the walk starting at 10 and ending at the Pentecostal Church with a barbeque for all participants.  She explains the proceeds are going to Freedom Outreach and it helps to run their one year program to help the men who have courageously stepped up and asked for help to overcome their life controlling addiction so they want to give hope back to the addict as well as their families and they’re doing it one person at a time and they just want to impact our community.


Lagore adds the walk is open to all ages with sponsor sheets available here at CFAR and at the Alliance, Baptist, Pentecostal and Cornerstone churches. The prize for the participant who raises the most money is a weekend stay for two at the Victoria Inn of your choice.


A Drill Program Could Lead to Production.

Rockcliff Metals Corporation has started a 100 thousand meter two phase drill program on its Snow Lake Project.  In phase one of the drill program a total of five drills have been mobilized on three separate properties Talbot, Rail and Bur with an additional three drills planned to be mobilized by the end of the month. The 16 month drill program will initially focus on enhancing several advance stage deposits.  The phase two drill program will attempt to expand the Company’s historical resources and drill test significant new grass roots discoveries.


Rockcliff President Alistair Ross says this marks the first step in implementing their strategy of finalizing sufficient knowledge of several resources that will allow the next step of choosing the optimal property to take into production.

You Can Support Charities With a Cookie.

Tim Hortons in Creighton is joining others across the country in the annual Smile Cookie Campaign this week.  It raises money for 550 local charities, hospitals and community programs across Canada.  All this week Tim Hortons guests will be able to purchase signature chocolate chunk cookies decorated with blue eyes and an iconic pink smile for a dollar plus applicable taxes and the full dollar will be donated by Tim Hortons restaurant owners.


Money raised at the Creighton Tim Hortons location this week will be donated to Creighton Community School’s new land base program so they will have students there today and Tuesday from 1 to 2 and Wednesday morning from 9 to 10 helping to decorate cookies.


Tim Hortons Chief Operating Officer Mike Hancock says their brand has been built up over the last 55 years and this is one of many initiatives that allows them to give back to the communities in which they live and work.  Last year the Smile Cookie campaign raised 7.8 million dollars across Canada.


Funding Applications Are Now Being Accepted For Local Projects.

Re Uz It accepts donations of gently used items they sell to support local groups and organizations. Manager Kathy McCormick says funding is now available.  She explains Re Uz It invites non-profit groups and organizations in Flin Flon and surrounding areas who may require a bit of financial assistance with a project to apply with them for a portion of three thousand dollars with the goal of assisting with several projects. She says applications will be accepted until September 30th in writing to Re Uz It, 359 Queen Street, Flin Flon, Manitoba R8A 0M8 and those chosen will be contacted.


Presentation of funds will take place October 5th at Re Uz It at 5 Cliff Lake Road.


In the past year Re Uz It has donated 500 dollars to the Flin Flon Army Cadets, 500 to the Flin Flon Creighton Aqua Doves, 350 to the Flin Flon Friendship Centre and one thousand dollars to the Flin Flon Aqua Centre Community Committee.


An Awareness Walk is Being Held Thursday.

The Flin Flon and Area Against Sexual Exploitation Committee invites you to their eighth annual Grandmother’s Walk Thursday.  The Committee’s Christa McIntyre explains it was originally started by a grandmother who wanted us to stand together and let it be known that children’s voices need to be heard, that they’re not alone and that they are loved, so we join together men, women, children and youth and we walk in solidarity to bring awareness to sexual exploitation and to help deliver the message that violence against our children must stop.


The event begins at 11:30 Thursday morning with a pipe ceremony at the Neighbors of the North Park near Super K.  At 12 noon the Awareness Walk will go down Main Street to Pioneer Square where there will be free entertainment, food and refreshments.



Snow Lake RCMP are investigating historical child abuse allegations

On August 8 Snow Lake RCMP began an investigation following a report from an adult male who advised that he had been sexually abused when he was a child living in Snow Lake. The victim indicated that the assaults occurred between 2004 and 2012 and provided the name of the suspect.


During the investigation, a second adult male came forward with allegations that he was also sexually abused as a child by the same suspect during the same time period.


On August 30 officers arrested a 34-year-old Flin Flon man and charged him with 11 offences including Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference and Sexual Exploitation. He was remanded into police custody and has since been released with numerous court imposed conditions. 


Snow Lake RCMP along with assistance from the RCMP Major Crime Unit continue to investigate.


There Was a Low Turnout in Flin Flon Constituency in Tuesdays Provincial Election.

Final numbers have been posted for Flin Flon Constituency from Tuesdays Manitoba election.  Only 35.5 percent of eligible voters cast ballots.  With all 57 polls reporting the NDP’s Tom Lindsey was easily re-elected with 3023 votes followed by the PCs Theresa Wride with 1363 votes, Liberal James Lindsay 292 and the Green Party’s Saara Murnick 206.


Alpha Invites You to Join Them Next Week.

The Alpha Course is starting a new session at the Flin Flon Alliance Church Tuesday evening.  Pastor Reg Friesen says Alpha has a lot to offer.  He explains if you’ve ever wondered if there’s more to life than just the day to day the Alpha Course if a great way to discover there’s so much more to be experienced so they just want to invite folks to join them on Tuesday the 17th at 6 pm.  He says it’s going to be a lot of fun, the perfect evening to find out more about Alpha, enjoy a great meal, some music and a video.  He adds if you decide you want to do Alpha the film series starts the following week, each Tuesday dinner is served, there’s a short video, time to talk about things noting Alpha really does create a great environment where we can explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share points of view.


To register or for more information you can call the Church at 204-687-8498.


Scottish Piper Ian Kinnear Will Be in Flin Flon September 25th.

The Flin Flon Arts Councils Crystal Kolt says Ian Kinnear is from Northern Scotland.  She says as well as being an entertainer he is an expert on building smallpipes which is like a small bagpipe.  She says these are just amazingly detailed beautiful instruments.  She explains her husband Mark and Ian had a chance to perform in Scotland a year and a half ago and it was so wonderful to see so they wanted to bring Ian here to Flin Flon to perform and to also show his instruments and craftsmanship during Culture Days so he will be coming here to perform on the 25th of September at the Lutheran Church and they couldn’t be more excited.


Kolt adds tickets for the concert are available at Northern Rainbows End starting today for season pass holders and starting tomorrow for everyone.


You Can Be Part of a Market.

Culture Days will again feature a Wild Things Outdoor Market Saturday September 28th from 11 to 3.  The Flin Flon Arts Councils Crystal Kolt says the market celebrates and promotes our local craftsmen and local food.  She explains they have Danielle Yungwirth and Caitlin Bailey who started that about three years ago, it takes place in Creekside and it’s a series of tents nestled among the trees there. She adds there is just a variety of vendors already on board for that about 20 already wanting to be part of that.


You can be part of the Market by calling the Flin Flon Arts Council at 204-687-5974 or visit Wild Things Market on Facebook.


Financial Support and An Election Highlighted a School Board Meeting.

The Flin Flon School Division Board of Trustees met this past Tuesday and approved a previous motion to assist student Jarek Osika financially with a thousand dollars to help cover expenses for his trip to Abu Dhabi.  Jarek has been accredited by Youth Science Canada to participate in MILSET Expo Sciences International with his project Radio Eyes Black Hole Hunter.  This is one of the biggest non-competitive STEAM events in the world that shines a spotlight on the creativity of children and youth from around the world.  This year’s event runs September 22nd to 28th.  The Board wishes him the best.


The Board also held elections for Chair and Vice-Chair. Congratulations to Murray Skeavington as new Chair and Amy Sapergia Green as Vice-Chair.


  Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne gave a shout out to the North of 53 Co-op for supplying the food and beverages for the welcome back barbeque at Hapnot and Ruth Betts.


Its Time to Enter Your Local Art Work.

Entries are now being taken for the Square Foot Art Exhibition and Auction coming up at the Norva Centre.  The Centre’s Karen Clark explains artists are encouraged to take part so they can purchase a registration for 25 dollars and they get a square foot canvas or they can use different supports other than the canvas, some people go to boards, some people use fabric and September 22nd is the last day for registration.  She adds the show is installed on September 22nd and on the 26th they will have an opening in the evening around 7 o’clock.


Clark notes a silent auction runs through Culture Days culminating in a live auction at 2 pm Sunday October 20th.  She adds the auction is a fundraising event for Norva to cover operating and programming expenses.

A Faith Program for Young People Starts Tomorrow.

Youth Impact is being held Thursday nights at the Alliance Church.  One of the organizers Lia Schmidt explains it’s a program for youth 11 to 18 to explore their faith.  She explains they usually have music, snacks, videos and games for the kids and just a safe place for them to ask any questions about what Christianity is, what their church believes, those kinds of things and they have a youth band as well who often play music for them and they’ve got some really cool events happening this fall.  She says they’re going to go out to Beaver Lake Bible Camp and have some fun out there, they’re going to have movie night and all those kinds of things so it’s really exciting and lots of fun for the kids too.


Youth Impact is free and runs from 7 to 9 Thursday nights starting with an introduction tomorrow night at the Alliance Church at 237 Green Street.  For information call Lia at 204-271-3738.


Parents and the Community Can Meet Teachers Tomorrow Evening.

Creighton Community School is holding its annual open house tomorrow evening.  School Coordinator Marlee Salamondra invites you to the school. She explains they will be having a complimentary light supper and transportation for their Denare Beach residents will be provided as well so they will do a pickup at the Band Office at 4:30 and a pickup at the Alpine at 4:40 and they will be returned to Denare Beach at 6:30.  She adds it’s kind of just a fun event for individuals and students to come out and meet the staff and have a tour of the school.


The open house runs from 5 to 6:30 tomorrow evening at Creighton Community School.

Voters in Flin Flon Constituency Re-Elected Their Member of the Legislature.

NDP candidate Tom Lindsey was re-elected to a second term in Flin Flon Constituency.  Lindsey says he’s pleased with the results of the expanded constituency.  He said it’s quite an honor and privilege to represent the people of this constituency yet again and really to represent the people of the new constituency because Cross Lake and Norway House are new to us and its exciting and challenging and he wants to be a part of building some links between those communities and this community so throughout the north we do better together.


When counting stalled early this morning with 48 out of 57 polls reporting Lindsey had 2435 votes followed by the PC’s Theresa Wride with 1294, Liberal James Lindsey with 279 and the Green Party’s Saara Murnick with 203

Manitoba RCMP Have Issued a Warning About Fraudulent Phone Calls.

The RCMP is warning you about fraudulent telephone calls which appear to be coming from the RCMP. Those called are told there is a warrant for their arrest and they can take care of the warrant by making a payment via bitcoin or money transfer. The fraudsters are using Caller ID spoofing which allows scammers to disguise their call as it will appear to be coming from local or familiar numbers to trick people into answering the phone and trusting the caller. In this instance, the number displayed is a valid RCMP phone number. 

 RCMP Corporal Julie Courchaine explains they've been made aware this incident occurred a number of times last week in Manitoba.  She reminds you the RCMP would never contact individuals through email or telephone to request payment or monetary transfers.

Information is Available on Elder Abuse.

Flin Flon Seniors in partnership with other organizations invite Flin Flon area seniors 55 and older to an Elder Abuse Prevention, Education Conference October 1st.  One of the organizers Rose Marie Ariko says the idea behind this conference is to provide seniors with consistent education and resources available both locally and provincially. She explains post conference participants will be able to mobilize events or organizations to create displays in the community to increase elder abuse awareness and available resources locally.  She notes participation in World Elder Abuse Awareness Day will be encouraged.  Ariko adds participants who attend this conference will understand elder abuse, how to identify it and find local and provincial resources available.


The conference is free with lunch provided and its taking place October 1st from 9:30 to 3:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Registration is required by calling Rose Marie at 204-687-3316 or Doreen at 687-4618.


Today is Election Day in Manitoba.

Voters across the province are going to the polls today to elect their next government.  Polls are open from 8 am until 8 pm.


In Flin Flon polling stations are located in the Community Hall and St. Ann’s Church on Centre Street, in Cranberry Portage in the Elementary School, in Snow Lake in their Community Hall, in Pukatwagan in the Mathias Colomb Adult Centre and in Sherridon at their Community Hall.


Candidates in Flin Flon Constituency are Liberal James Lindsay, NDP Tom Lindsey, Green Party Saara Murnick and PC Party Theresa Wride.


We’ll have results available here on CFAR once the polls close and the counting gets underway.


The Cat Patio is Officially Open.


The Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA held a dedication ceremony Saturday afternoon.  During an open house at their Shelter Board President Erica Husberg officially opened the new Catio dedicated to the late Debbie Ramsay.  She explained Debbie was instrumental in creating a safe place for the animals in our community, a place where they would know warmth, they would never be hungry, they would never be hurt again and know what it is to be loved and cared for.  She said Debbie and others worked endless hours to fund raise to where we are today, ten years that’s what it took and they never gave up and while doing that they were taking in animals and always finding the best home possible.


 Husberg added when Debbie passed her family asked for donations to build a Catio for the cats at the Shelter which was completed this summer.

Creighton and Denare Beach Will Benefit from Water and Wastewater Funding.

The Federal and Saskatchewan governments have announced funding for two water and wastewater projects serving nine communities in Northern Saskatchewan.  They report residents of Creighton, Denare Beach, Cumberland House, Green Lake, Ile-a-la-Crosse, Michel Village, Buffalo Narrows, Timber Bay and Weyakwin will soon benefit from new or upgraded drinking water and wastewater systems.  In Creighton that includes upgrading their lagoon and other work and in Denare Beach water line replacement in the Welsh Crescent area.


The projects are cost shared with the Federal, Provincial and local governments each paying a third of the cost under the National and Regional Projects Fund. The total cost for all six northern water system upgrades is just over 11 million dollars with each level of government contributing just over 3.7 million and the seven wastewater system projects total just over 13 million with each level of government contributing just under 4.5 million.


You Can Help Bring a New Production to the Stage.

The Ham Sandwich Theatre Group is holding auditions for their winter production Wednesday night.  Director Leslie Fernandes says they are looking for actors of all ages and other help for their presentation of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  She explains they have about 20 acting roles and some of them are specifically for young actors so they encourage children and adults to both come out for auditions.  She adds they also have a lot of behind the scenes roles that they need filled such as props, sets, makeup and costumes so if any of those seem interesting to you please come out and audition on the 11th they would love to see you.


Auditions are being held Wednesday night at 7 in the Flin Flon Community Hall with the performance taking place December 6th and 7th.  You can contact HamSandwichFF@gmail.com for more information.


You Can Share the Positives in Your Life.

The Flin Flon Hope North Committee’s C C Trubiak reports they are recognizing World Suicide Prevention Day on Tuesday with a social media campaign.  He explains if you can include the hash tag #what keeps you well on any of your social media posts so that would be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it that way you can share with us the meaningful people, places or things that you have in your life that either increase your joy, give you strength, give you courage all that really good and positive stuff so that’s their initiative as the Hope North Committee.


Trubiak adds this is a positive mental health promotion where people here and around the world can follow the many positive ideas and learn for themselves or even re-enforce positive things they already have in their life adding it’s a hash tag you can adopt now and use forever.


Adult Classes are Underway for Another Year.

The Community Adult Learning Center has started their new season.  The Center’s Coordinator Barry Hanrahan says they offer a variety of programming for adults 18 and over in areas such as math, English, document use, reading comprehension, computer skills and GED.  He adds whether you want to upgrade your skills in these study areas for employment focus or transition to high school credit courses they offer additional support and employment focus needed.  He notes scheduling is flexible to meet your needs and referrals are accepted throughout the year for ongoing entry adding it’s never too late to return to learning.


The programs at the Center run from September to June from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday.  For information you can call 204-687-3223 or visit them on the lower level of the former Co-op story on Main Street.


A New Facility for Cats Will Open Saturday.

The Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA is holding a seventh anniversary open house Saturday.  Shelter Manager Gail Neufeld invites you to attend.  She says they are having their Catio dedication ceremony in memory of Debbie Ramsay at 1:30 and it will be live on their Facebook page for people who cannot make it adding they’re also having a one day adoption sale as well as a barbeque.


The open house runs from 1 to 3 Saturday afternoon at the SPCA Shelter on the Cliff Lake Road.


A Lot of Home Businesses Will Be Available This Weekend.

The Creighton Annual Home Business Show is being held Friday and Saturday. Assistant Recreation Director Tina Law says they have had a good response from businesses.  She explains some of the businesses that they will be having will be Better Blinds, Beach Glass by Vicki, Glen and Annette Mikkelson with all their crafts, Fittermouse, Lipsence, Suski’s Sled Shop and Leah’s Fancy Footwork is going to be there.


The Home Business Show will be open in the Sportex Arena Friday from 6 to 9 and Saturday from 10 to 5.

A report released by Children First Canada is calling on federal political leaders to address the top ten issues Canadian children are facing today.

The “Raising Canada: Election 2019” report states that at least one third of the eight million children living in Canada do not experience a safe and healthy childhood. The issues Canadian children are facing include poverty, abuse, obesity, suicide, and bullying.

The managing director at the Children First Stephanie Mitton, explains why it’s important for Canadians to look into the findings of the report noting when Canadians think about Canada they often think Canada is a safer place to raise a child but the reality is in the rankings we’re 25th of 41 so we really do have a lot of work to be doing so she thinks making people aware of where we actually stand and what we need to do is really important and so she feels that calling on federal leaders to take this seriously and so something about it is really important.

Some other issues outlined in the report include accidents and preventable injuries, infant mortality, food security, and immunization.


Flin Flon RCMP and the Saskatchewan and Manitoba RCMP Underwater Recovery Teams are currently searching the waters of Hapnot Lake in Flin Flon in relation to the disappearance of 34-year-old Leroy George Custer.


While investigating the disappearance of Leroy, investigators have determined that Leroy has not been seen or been in contact with his family or friends over the past year.


Saskatchewan RCMP are for asking for your assistance in determining what happened to Leroy and where he is.


Leroy is from Pelican Narrows, SK. He is described as 5’8”, 140 lbs, with black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen late summer 2018, in Prince Albert, SK.


At the time he was reported missing in October 2018, police had reason to believe he might have been in Pelican Narrows, SK, Creighton, SK, Deschambault Lake, SK, Flin Flon, SK, Flin Flon, MB, Prince Albert, SK or Saskatoon, SK.


Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Leroy George Custer since the summer of 2018 is asked to contact Pelican Narrows RCMP at 306-632-3300 or Saskatchewan RCMP at 310-RCMP. Information can also be submitted anonymously by contacting Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or saskcrimestoppers.com.



The search of Hapnot Lake should be continuing until 06:00 p.m. today.


Plans for a New Aqua Centre Have Taken a Major Step Forward.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council passed four resolutions related to funding to build a new Aqua Centre. They will submit the project titled New Community Aqua Centre and Recreation Facility for government funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.  If the grant is approved they resolved to support the project and committed to providing their share of just over 2.3 million dollars.  They also authorized the borrowing of just over 1.8 million for the project and agreed to allocate the money still in the Nuclear Waste Management Organization Fund in the amount of just under 255 thousand dollars as well. The remaining 300 thousand will come from the fund raising efforts by the Aqua Centre Community Committee.  The total cost of the project is estimated at 8.7 million dollars.


Mayor Cal Huntley said due to the upcoming change in their debt load in being close to paying off the Sewage Treatment Plant and by looking at the Aqua Centre as a package based on a similar project in Kindersley, Saskatchewan they have greatly reduced the cost originally estimated at just over 16 million dollars for a new Aqua Centre.  A site for the planned new Centre is still to be determined.


You Can Toss Your Change in a Boot.

The Flin Flon Fire Departments annual Charity Boot Drive is taking place Friday.  Acting Fire Chief Darren Romo says it’s going to be happening this Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and it’ll be the same place as always between KFC and Mikes Ice and Burger Hut and this year they’ll be donating the money to the Aqua Jets and the Aqua Doves which are two separate organizations and the Blueberry Jam Festival for next year.


This is the 23rd year for the Boot Drive.  Last year the Fire Department in cooperation with Flin Flon Scotia Bank raised just under 14 thousand dollars which they donated to the Manitoba Firefighters Burn Fund, Adult Learning Centre and Flin Flon Northern Lights Regional Learning Centre.


Numerous Organizations Will be Taking Registrations Tomorrow at the Community Hall.

Flin Flon Parks and Recreation is again holding an event called Registration Under One Roof tomorrow.  Recreation Programmer Caitlin Bailey says people interested in registering for upcoming events will be able to do so in one place.  She notes they have the Flin Flon District Girl Guides, Flin Flon Minor Hockey, the Judo Club, Flin Flon Skating Club, Flin Flon Arts Council, Army Cadets, Flin Flon Parks and Rec, Creighton Parks and Rec as well as Northern Lights Dance Academy.


Organization booth set up will be held tomorrow from 9 to 4:30 and it will be open to the public for registrations tomorrow from 5 to 9 in the Flin Flon Community Hall.


The Effects of Overdose Were the Focus Thursday Evening.



The Manitoba Harm Reduction Network and the Play It Safer Network held an Overdose Awareness Day Thursday.  People gathered in Pioneer Square for a Memorial March and candle light vigil.  The local Networks Tieryn Steele explained the message behind the Walk is bringing awareness to the overdose epidemic that is happening in Canada.  She said it’s a time to remember and a time to act so they are going to march to remember those that we have lost or have been permanently affected by overdose and hopefully instigate change and policy reform so people who use drugs have a chance to get better.


 Steele added last year we lost 4460 people to overdose in Canada.


The gathering was joined by the Drum and Jingle Dance performers in Pioneer Square and those interested had the opportunity to receive Naloxone training a life saving measure for those suffering an overdose.

Your Kids Can Attend a Fun Retreat This Weekend.

Simon House Bible Camp is holding a fall retreat Friday to Sunday. Executive Director Darrell Janzen says it will be a fun weekend for ages 11 to 17. He explains the retreats are a great time for junior high senior high youth to come out to the Camp.  He says it’s a little more relaxed, they can enjoy some activities and again this year they have a returning guest Ezekiel who’s a hip hop artist and did a concert last year that really went over well so it’s kind of a chance to relax before the busyness of school and other activities kick in.


You can register or find more information by calling 204-687-3340 or visit their website at www.simonhouse.ca


Promises to a First Nation Should be Kept.

Member of Parliament Niki Ashton recently sent a letter to Seamus O’Regan the Minister of Indigenous Services addressing broken financial promises made to Marcel Colomb First Nation. Ashton explains she was contacted by people connected to the First Nation who shared real frustration about the fact that 60 percent of the funding that was committed to this newly developed First Nation has not flown through so there’s major shortages in terms of infrastructure, housing and this is really stunting the development of the community.

Ashton says that the First Nation was created with much anticipation and the way that they being treated is unacceptable.

Marcel Colomb First Nation is located in Northern Manitoba in the Lynn Lake Area.


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