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Plans for a New Aqua Centre Have Taken a Major Step Forward.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council passed four resolutions related to funding to build a new Aqua Centre. They will submit the project titled New Community Aqua Centre and Recreation Facility for government funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.  If the grant is approved they resolved to support the project and committed to providing their share of just over 2.3 million dollars.  They also authorized the borrowing of just over 1.8 million for the project and agreed to allocate the money still in the Nuclear Waste Management Organization Fund in the amount of just under 255 thousand dollars as well. The remaining 300 thousand will come from the fund raising efforts by the Aqua Centre Community Committee.  The total cost of the project is estimated at 8.7 million dollars.


Mayor Cal Huntley said due to the upcoming change in their debt load in being close to paying off the Sewage Treatment Plant and by looking at the Aqua Centre as a package based on a similar project in Kindersley, Saskatchewan they have greatly reduced the cost originally estimated at just over 16 million dollars for a new Aqua Centre.  A site for the planned new Centre is still to be determined.


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