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Ray Has Again Held a Successful Fund Raiser.

As we reported earlier this summer Flin Flons Ray Berg was spending his days at the Co-op store collecting pledges for the Journey of Hope Walk.  This walk supports the free programs and services provided by the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society.  Berg says he has over 45 hundred dollars in a CIBC account for the Schizophrenia Society, he has 4 hundred dollars in cheques and he has given out over 19 hundred donation cards that allow people to donate online but he doesn’t know how much has been donated online as the Schizophrenia Society has not given him a total on that.  He notes last year he used 150 index cards and that got 7 hundred dollars in online donations.


Berg adds people who have donation cards and still want to make a pledge online should do so by October 14th.  The Walk will take place in Winnipeg starting at the Forks tomorrow and Ray will be represented by the Society’s Special Events Administrator Katrina Tinman.  He has raised well over 16 thousand dollars over the past four years for the Journey of Hope Walk.


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