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Two Flin Flonners Accomlishments have been Recognized with Trees.

Last year Gerry Clark and Don Peake were awarded the Manitoba Lieutenant Governor Award for Historical Preservation and Promotion.  While in Flin Flon for Culture Days Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon dedicated trees planted in their honor at the Station Museum Saturday.  She explained at the time when she had the opportunity to take on this role often medals were given as recognition for awards and she kept thinking as she watched some of the people that she knew who received them and got older they somehow ended up in a drawer and nobody really knew what to do with them and she kept saying if she had a chance she wanted to do something that would beautify our province and be a legacy. She added it was Gerry Clark and Donald Peake who made a promise to the people of the future and to the people of the past so this is a legacy piece so that time when you were giving your time and energy and didn’t ask for anything in return you were really giving an incredible gift to your community here and the people of our province.


Filmon noted their roles in developing walking tours or bringing recognition to under acknowledged names from local history or digitizing truck loads of archival material and helping to maintain the history of mining in Flin Flon keeping stories of the past alive.


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