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Flin Flon RCMP have made arrests after threats were uttered on social media.


On Sunday Flin Flon RCMP received numerous reports of mischief to vehicles and property throughout Flin Flon. Several individuals took to a local Flin Flon Facebook page to vent about the mischief to property. That venting quickly escalated into hateful and threatening language against residents of First Nations communities.


The RCMP report they take these matters very seriously and immediately launched an investigation.


Two of the three female suspects, a 32-year-old female from Flin Flon and a 25-year-old female from Denare Beach have been arrested by RCMP for Uttering Threats and Public Incitement of Hatred.  A third arrest is pending for the same charges. All three suspects are cooperating with police.


The RCMP cannot release the names of the two females arrested as the charges have not been sworn before a court of law.


The investigation continues.


A Break In at a Convenience Store Continues to be Investigated.


Around 3 yesterday morning someone broke into Lloydy’s Corner Store on Green Street.  They entered by smashing the glass doors with a concrete block.  The RCMP are looking for two suspects in connection to the break in. No other details are being released as the investigation continues.


As One Mine Closes the Search for Another Continues.

Rob Assabqui


At the Reed Mine celebration of success and closure last Wednesday there was a positive look to the future.  Speaking at the closure Hudbay’s Vice-President of the Manitoba Business Unit Rob Assabqui said exploration goes on.  He explained Hudbay believes that there are more deposits to be found in Northern Manitoba and they are investing 15 million dollars in search of one this year. He added when they find their next deposit you can count on them to engage their stakeholders, they’ll continue to be environmentally responsible and they’ll meet their commitments to the communities they operate in, their stakeholders, their regulators and government bodies.


Hudbay CEO Alan Hair also noted the significant ramp up of exploration as they hope to continue mine development in Manitoba for years to come.


Plans Continue to Fall Into Place for Flin Flons Second Pride Event.


Pride Week is being celebrated in Flin Flon August 12th to 18th.  Committee Chair Jordana Oulette says along with the flag raising August 17th and the parade on the 18th they have some new events planned starting on the Friday evening.  She says this year they’ve aimed towards more family themed events.  She notes first of all they have a Trans March which is brand new and a first for Flin Flon and then following their barbeque which they did last year they have a family dance followed by a teen movie event showing The G.D.F. She adds the next day on Saturday following the parade they have Pride in the Park from 2 to 4 and that’s going to be at the Creighton Spray Pool and also a brand new event this year that they’re really excited about is Sunday, August 19th a Pride Mass at St. Ann’s Church at 6:30 pm.


The committee also has plans for a rainbow crosswalk between the Royal Bank and the Steelworkers building parallel to Main Street.  Anyone wanting to help out with events or enter a float in the parade can visit the Flin Flon Pride Facebook page.


Exploration Has Revealed Further Copper Targets Near Snow Lake.


Rockcliff Metals Corporation reports they have completed a down hole geophysical survey and a review of previous airborne and surface geophysics on their Rail Copper property that have identified several significant untested targets along strike and immediately below the Rail Copper deposit near Snow Lake


President Ken Lapierre comments their summer geophysical focus on this property was to locate additional untested target areas along the five kilometer long Rail Copper horizon.  He says the geophysics clearly demonstrated additional targets that show excellent potential to expand the present resource as well as potential new discoveries along strike at the deposit and these will be the focus of a planned future drill program.  He added Rockcliff  will continue to explore its extensive precious and base metal property portfolio while looking for opportunities to partner or monetize some of these properties with the primary goal of creating long term shareholder value.


A Five Year Mine Was a Success for Hudbay.


At the Reed celebration of success and closure Wednesday Hudbays General Manager of Mines Rob Carter spoke about the development of Reed Mine starting in 2012.  He said mining started in 2013 with full production in 2014 and over five years the mine between Flin Flon and Snow Lake proved to be a success.  He said it continued to produce a steady flow of ore with about 1260 tonnes per day over the life, the team mined more than 60 stoping blocks and trucked 2.1 million tonnes to surface which contained greater than 69 thousand tonnes of copper.  Carter added since 2012 more than a hundred employees have worked at Reed.


The last load of ore from Reed was trucked to surface last Wednesday and restoring the mine site will continue over the summer.


A Committee Could Use Your Help.


The Flinty Boardwalk Committee invites you to their meeting tomorrow night.  The Committee’s Dave Price says the Boardwalk project is an amazing amenity for the community.  He says the Flinty Committee looks after the Boardwalk and does all the maintenance and so on as a lot of folks use the Boardwalk so they thought by inviting them to a meeting tomorrow evening they might get some folks show up and help them out with the various tasks that need to be done around there.


The Flinty Boardwalk Committee meeting is being held tomorrow evening at 7 o’clock at the Northern Mining academy on Hart Avenue across from the Whitney Forum parking area.


You Need a Plan For Spending.


Financial Advisor for Edward Jones Flin Flon Lenna Gowenlock has released a study by their firm.  They discovered a majority of Canadians often look to their friends and wonder how they can afford their lifestyles. This was felt most among those aged 18 to 34 at 71 percent and 35 to 44 at 66 percent.  The poll revealed looking at the purchases of others may influence Canadians to buy items beyond their budget which is shown by an overwhelming majority at 93 percent of Canadians citing they experience buyer’s remorse and admit to regrettable spending habits.


Gowenlock says understanding how you spend money is important when considering your short and long term goals but the poll found that only 44 percent of respondents have a strategy in place and adhere to it.  She says it’s never too late to get your finances in order and a financial advisor can help develop a strategy that addresses what is important to you adding it’s clear that when people have a financial strategy in place and work with someone they trust, they feel more comfortable with their finances.


A Mine Site Will Be Back to What it Was.

Tom Lindsey  Jay Cooper


That was the theme at the celebration of the success and closing of the five year Reed Mine between Flin Flon and Snow Lake Wednesday.  Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey said there is a challenge for Hudbay. He explained they have an opportunity to prove to the world that mining is not what mining used to be. He added Hudbay has the opportunity to prove to people in our own province that a mine can be done safely which they have done in this case but they also need to prove that at the end of the mine life things can be turned back and the environmental impact is so minimal that people will accept mining all over.


Hudbay’s Director of Environment Jay Cooper said that is their goal at all mines.  He explained since they were in a provincial park they did all they could to preserve the park environment. As examples he mentioned they used exceptionally quiet equipment so as not to affect the animals and environment, they cut only the trees that had to be cut, they kept the site as clean as possible, installed easy to remove temporary buildings and the rock removed is being returned to the mine.


A Summer Literacy Camp for Creighton and Denare Beach Students Wrapped Up Yesterday.


The Saskatchewan government invested 500 thousand dollars to support school divisions in delivering 20 summer literacy camps across the province.  Creighton School Division received funds and their camp wrapped up yesterday.  Camp Coordinator Brie Phillips says they helped students maintain and improve their literacy skills.  She explains it went great as they had lots of kids come out, in Creighton they had about 20 and in Denare Beach a total of 32 over the whole time so they had a really great turnout.  She says they had three different theme weeks and they did lots of fun things with different literacy games and they read books everyday and they got to take books home at the end of the day as well.


Phillips adds the camp also focused on First Nations and Metis content so they had many related crafts and nature walks.


Manitoba RCMP warn of email extortion scam appearing in the province.


The RCMP in Manitoba have started to receive reports of a cyber-extortion where suspects are sending emails to victims that reference a real password. The email states the suspect has infected the victim’s computer with a virus that has allowed the suspect to control the webcam. The suspect threatens to release a video of the victim taken while they were watching pornography to the victim’s contact list. If the victim pays a certain amount in Bitcoin, then the suspect will not release the video.  The RCMP state this is a scam that has been around for a while. The suspects do not have video of the victims, and victims should not be afraid to report this crime to the police.


What is causing some new attention to this previously seen scam is the use of an actual password the victim has used in the past. 


 If you have received this email, or any similar emails, DO NOT PAY and make sure you report it to the police so they are aware of the scams targeting our communities.


Pinehouse Lake RCMP are asking for assistance in locating 30 year old Shawn Michael Norman of Flin Flon, Manitoba.

           * Located July 27*


Pinehouse Lake RCMP are asking for assistance in locating 30 year old Shawn Michael Norman of Flin Flon, Manitoba.  Shawn Norman was last seen at a Bush Camp near Highway 914 north of Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a camouflage sweater.

He has a tattoo of a “crown diamond web” on his right calf, and a “spider” on his right quad.

This investigation is ongoing with the assistance of the RCMP Search and Rescue and Civilian Aviation Search and Rescue Association

Pinehouse Lake RCMP have deemed his disappearance as non-suspicious and are concerned for his well-being.

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Shawn Norman is asked to contact their nearest police service or Pinehouse Lake RCMP at 306-884-2400 or Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). A picture of Shawn has been posted at www.flinflononline.com.

You Have an Opportunity to Spay or Neuter Your Pet.


The Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA is hosting a mobile spay and neuter clinic September 13th and 14th at the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Board President Erica Husberg explains the clinic is mostly geared for people on disability, social assistance and low income.  She says it’s designed for those who really can’t afford to have their pet spayed or neutered under normal conditions so once these spots are filled and if they have any empty spaces left it will be open to the general public.  She adds if your are applying for the low income or are on social assistance you just need to bring in your previous years proof of income and then you will qualify for that and then there’s just a small application you need to fill out and to secure your spot the fee would have to be paid up front.


You can apply for the clinic by dropping into the SPCA Shelter on the Cliff Lake Road Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 4:30.


It Was A Reed Celebration of Success.

Alan Hair


Reed Mine opened between Flin Flon and Snow Lake in 2013 celebrating full production in September 2014.  Hudbay CEO Alan Hair at a gathering at Reed Mine yesterday praised all those responsible for the success at Reed.  He said Reed is an example of how Hudbay can do business in Manitoba also referring to Lalor near Snow Lake which celebrated it’s opening on the same day as Reed.  He explained Reed from the outset was always going to be a short life mine but it’s been very successful and has met their expectations but all good things need to come to an end.  He noted Lalor which is one of their larger mines such as Triple Seven and Trout still has many production years ahead of it and this gives them a large window for further exploration in the region and they’ve taken advantage of that window and lately we’ve seen a significant ramp up in exploration activities here in Manitoba.


Hair added they hope to be continuing mine development in Manitoba for many years to come.  Reed had up to 75 employees and those not retiring have moved to Triple Seven Mine in Flin Flon.  We’ll have more on the closing process at Reed on tomorrow’s news.


Additional Gold Zones Have Been Identified Near Snow Lake.


Rockcliff Metals Corporation has announced the occurrence of several high grade surface gold zones on its Berry Creek Gold Property in Snow Lake.  Their President Ken Lapierre explains they acquired the Berry Creek Gold Property initially for its low grade large tonnage potential and are very pleased to have confirmed that high grade gold rich shear zones over appreciable thicknesses are also associated within the host Sneath Lake intrusion.  He says in light of the high grade potential uncovered on this property to date they look forward to advancing this gold asset more aggressively in the coming months. He adds results such as this highlight the opportunity for discovery across their sizeable base metal and gold property portfolio within the Flin Flon Snow Lake greenstone belt.



Community Futures Greenstone is Wrapping Up its First Biz Kidz Day Camp for This Year in Flin Flon Friday.


The camp is teaching kids about entrepreneurship and wraps up Friday with a mini market.  Manager Becky Cianflone says the 12 nine to thirteen year olds involved have prepared for the market.  She explains the Biz Camp kids are busy working this week in creating their products and on Friday starting at about 11 o’clock until about 1 or 2 o’clock depending on how things sell they will be selling their products down at Pioneer Square.  She notes the kids this year have a lot of cool products planned having heard talk of fire starters, fridge magnets, book marks as a few of the things they’ve got the kids interested in creating.


 Cianflone adds since the camp is so popular they are holding a second Flin Flon Biz Kidz Camp next week.  The Camp is open to 9 to 13 years olds and they have sponsorships available for kids who have a disability or health condition or come from low income circumstances.  To register for the Camp contact Greenstone at 204-687-6967.

The Denare Beach Fire Department has its Place in History.


During Discovery Day Sunday the Northern Gateway Museum recognized the Denare Beach Fire Department and its members by opening a special display in the Museum.  Board Chair Duane Bray says although the community got its first fire truck in 1947 the department wasn’t established until later.  He explained the Denare Beach Fire Department has been officially in place since 1979 and so they put together a nice display about some of the history of the Department and all of the people that were involved with the Fire Department throughout time.  He added they need to get some special recognition so they were going to make sure people take in the display and were aware of where it is in the building.


Bray invites everyone out to see the fire department display as well as all the other displays at the Museum which is open daily from 11 to 7 until the end of August.



An Annual Fishing Tournament is set for the August Long Weekend.


The 29th annual Cranberry Portage Trout Challenge is coming up August 4th and 5th on Big Athapap.  The Committee’s Mike Wesner says they have a new event for kids and increased prize money for the main event with first place 5 thousand dollars, second place 25 hundred and third place 2 thousand dollars and those are guaranteed and then they have cash prizes right from fourth place right to tenth place and tenth based on a hundred boats will be 700 dollars.  He adds they have a youth angler competition for 15 and under and first place in that is 350 dollars, second 250 and third 200 dollars.


The boat parade is on the Friday night August 3rd   with a rules meeting to follow with a penny parade with a lot of prizes and fishing to follow on the Saturday and Sunday starting at 8 am.  For information on registration you can call 204-271-1197 or 271-0050.


Entrepreneurs in Thompson are looking to fill the void that Greyhound will be leaving when they close up shop in October.


Jimmy Pelk and Sid Varma announced late last week that their new bus company, Thompson Bus, will be in service as of September first.

The initial release from Thompson Bus says that they plan on providing service to medical facilities in Winnipeg and It has also been reported that they are planning to expand their services to The Pas and Flin Flon as well.For more information, or to keep up to date with the company visit the Thompson Bus Facebook page.

A Family With Long Ties to a Museum were Recognized Yesterday.

Harry Moody


Discovery Day was held at the Northern Gateway Museum in Denare Beach yesterday.  Board Chair Duane Bray says they wanted to recognize the many contributions to the Museum by the Moody family. He explained Harry Moody and a few other significant people like Fred Schwaga back in the day were instrumental in setting up the Museum and bringing in a lot of the history from the area to the Museum and making sure that it was saved properly and recorded properly so that they could display it in the Museum and for future generations.


As well Bray added last spring in memory of Harry the Moody family donated a thousand dollars to the Museum.  We’ll have part two of Discovery Day on tomorrow’s news.


Increased Copper Production is Hudbays Goal in Peru.


Huday last week hosted a site visit by analysts and investors in its Constancia mine in Peru.  At the same time they released their second quarter 2018 production results for their Peru operations.  During the quarter the operations produced almost 27 thousand tonnes of copper which was about ten percent lower than production in the second quarter last year as a result of lower copper head grade in accordance with their mine plan offset in part by higher mill throughput.  Recoveries of copper and silver were slightly lower in the second quarter this year compared to last year while gold recoveries remain unchanged over the same period.  They report several metallurgical initiatives are being implemented by Hudbay with the intention of increasing copper recoveries as anticipated in the recently filed 2018 Technical Report for Constancia.


Hudbay will be releasing its second quarter results for all of its operations in Manitoba, Peru and Arizona on August 1st.


Medic Alert is Providing You With a New Service if a Family Member Has Dementia.


For anyone living with dementia a simple walk in their neighborhood can put them at risk.  Finding the right balance between independence and safety can now be helped with Medic Alert Safely Home.


Offered jointly by Medic Alert Foundation Canada and the Alzheimer Society of Canada, the nationwide program is a service for people with dementia. It provides the individual with a blue Medic Alert bracelet designed to be worn at all times.  The back of the bracelet is engraved with the person’s medical condition and Medic Alert’s 24/7 emergency hotline.  When called specialists immediately supply police and emergency responders with the person’s photo, physical description, emergency contacts and vital health information.


Medic Alert Safely Home provides this service for 60 dollars or 50 dollars until the end of this month and it includes one year of Medic Alert service, the bracelet, shipping and taxes.


You can learn more at their website www.alzheimer.ca/medicalertsafelyhome.


You Can Celebrate Parks Day This Weekend.


Canada Parks Day is being celebrated this weekend with free entry to provincial parks.  Visitors to provincial parks will not require vehicle permits from today through Sunday although nightly camping fees still apply.


Special events are being held to celebrate Canada Parks Day tomorrow afternoon at Bakers Narrows Provincial Park.  You can join park staff from 1 to 4 at the picnic area for cake, ice cream, refreshments, hot dogs, prize draws and a chance to become a Conservation Officer for the day.


Manitoba Chiefs Have Elected Their Regional Chief.


Kevin Hart has retained his position as Manitoba Chief for the Assembly of First Nations.


The election took place yesterday at the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs’ annual general assembly.


Hart won on the second ballot with 33 of 55 possible votes.


He was up against two other candidates - Nelson Genaille,  chief of Sapotaweyak Cree Nation, and David Harper, the former grand chief of MKO.


Next week, there will be an election in Vancouver for the national leader of the Assembly of First Nations.   


Five candidates are in the running including incumbent Perry Bellegarde, Miles Richardson, Russell Diabo, Sheila North and Katherine Whitecloud.




Full Bus Service is Needed in the Summer.


At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council received a letter from Michelle Oliynyk expressing concerns about the availability of city transit throughout the summer months.  She noted even though summer has arrived it does not change the fact that people without access to vehicles rely on city transit to access various locations in Flin Flon.  She added one issue of concern is the availability of bus access between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm daily and no access on Saturdays as with the completion of the school year many summer students and low income families rely on the bus to reach their work locations and to access various summer activities.  She concluded by hoping Council is willing to see the continued demand for a consistent and regular transit schedule throughout the summer months.  The letter was referred to the Engineering Services.


In other business Councilor Ken Pawlachuk praised the Rotary Club’s air show featuring the Snowbirds with special mention of Rotarian Bill Jackson who chaired organizing the event.

Our Member of Parliament Says Our Region Deserves Better.


MP Niki Ashton has been traveling through our region over the summer.  She reports she has heard concerns about economic uncertainty in communities such as Thompson and Flin Flon, the crisis in Churchill from the shutdown of the port and rail line, the housing crisis in communities throughout our region, specific concerns in terms of health and education in many communities and the ongoing concern about the need for even the most basic transportation infrastructure.  Ashton states regions like ours produce much of the wealth of this county and when you talk to people across the region there’s a real sense of frustration about the degree to which we are often ignored by the federal government when it comes to our legitimate needs.  She says she will be following up on many of these concerns as our region deserves to be heard.


The Future for a Lithium Project Near Snow Lake Looks Exciting.


Far Resources has announced the discovery of a large 1.5 kilometer long and up to 100 meter wide MMI or Mobile Metal Ions soil geochemical anomaly for lithium.  The lithium and related element anomaly was defined by ongoing data interpretation for soil samples collected by the company’s field crews during surveys conducted in the fall and winter of last year on their Zoro Property near Snow Lake.


The company states they view this anomaly as very significant based on the discovery of its eighth spodumene bearing pegmatite dyke that resulted from the drill testing of an MMI lithium anomaly in 2017.


President Toby Mao says they have always believed the potential for further discovery at Zoro is great and this new data highlights many more targets including their largest to date.  He says they remain committed to this exciting project, this data confirms their conviction and their winter drilling program at Zoro looks to be very exciting.


Interest is Still There for a Cannabis Outlet in Flin Flon.


At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council heard a presentation from Spencer Payson from Paysons Smoke N Vape.  He expressed his continuing interest in operating a standalone secure retail store selling cannabis in Flin Flon and to use profits from the business to make investments into the broader community while ensuring that local concerns are fully and adequately addressed.  He notes he has a partner that has been awarded a conditional licence for a retail store in Saskatchewan.  Mayor Cal Huntley said they recently put forward a bylaw to allow them to regulate where a cannabis retail outlet can be located if one is approved for Flin Flon.  Payson said he is lobbying the Manitoba government to allow an outlet here and asked for support from Council.  The request will be discussed by Council.

              Council passed on final reading a bylaw that allows them to start their meetings at 7 so they can go straight from their Committee of the Whole meeting which starts at 7 into the regular meeting that used to start at 7:30. This will be in effect for their next meeting August 7th.


You Can Discover History at the Museum Sunday.


The Northern Gateway Museum in Denare Beach is holding their annual Discovery Day Sunday afternoon.  Board member Jocelyn Enns invites everyone to see what’s happening at the Museum.  She says this year they’re changing it up a bit as instead of hot dogs they’re going to have a snack of fried fish and bannock and the usual drinks and free bubbles for the kids.  She adds there will be speakers around 3 o’clock featuring the Denare Beach Fire Department and they’ll be thanking the Moody family for their really generous support and she want to let everyone know they’re open every day until the end of August from 12 until 7.


Discovery Day runs from 2 to 4 Sunday afternoon at the Northern Gateway Museum in Denare Beach.


The Breast Check Mammogram Mobile Unit Will be in Flin Flon Next Week.


Manitobas mobile breast screening clinic will be in Flin Flon from July 23rd to August 8th at the Primary Health Care Center.  Their Health Educator Larissa Sawchuk says this clinic is important to women.  She explains the screening is important because breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and in Manitoba about 900 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 200 women will die from this disease every year so it’s important to get checked early and know if you’re at high risk.  She adds screening is just a process where you’ll go into their mobile vehicle for an x-ray with a female technologist in a private room.


For information on breast screening visit their website www.getcheckedmanitoba.ca or call 1-855-95-CHECK for information on appointments.


More Has to Be Done to Keep Our Community Safe.


At last nights meeting Flin Flon City Council received a letter and presentation from Bonnie Nabe regarding the local crime rate and unsafe encounters taking place on Main Street. She said that includes concerns about loitering on Main Street where people are blocking entrances to buildings and potentially violent incidents taking place.  She and others attending with her also noted incidents at the hundred stairs and the Boardwalk as well as slum lords and abandoned buildings and garages that are accommodations for transients and gang members. She said she realizes there is no easy fix but if Mayor and Council don’t take some hard line steps very soon our community will continue to decline until people start moving away or start taking matters into their own hands suggesting bylaw changes that can be enforced and sending the message this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.


Mayor Cal Huntley replied they don’t have all the answers or they would be doing it.  He says they have been doing a good job of removing derelict buildings when they can, the RCMP have increased their patrols in the Main Street area and are seeing some results, for the past few months they have been looking into a Flon Flon Housing Authority to determine what they can legally do, increased lighting for the uptown area and possibly cameras in some areas. He added they will not tolerate vigilante action by residents but will do what can be done within the law to make any changes that can be made.


You Can Support the Journey For Hope.


The Journey For Hope walk held in Winnipeg supports the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society and its free programs and services.  Flin Flon’s Ray Berg is now going door to door in our community to collect pledges to support the walk.  He explains he’s schizophrenic and the Schizophrenia Society helps about 20 thousand Manitobans who either have schizophrenia or related somehow to someone who does have schizophrenia problems. He says he had a girl friend who is paranoid schizophrenic and she was doing the walk and she asked him to help out going door to door in Winnipeg and one year he collected 28 hundred in pledges and up here last year he gained 46 hundred in pledges and the year before that he gained 42 hundred.


Berg’s goal this year is 5 thousand dollars.  He notes anyone pledging 20 dollars or more will get a tax receipt from the Schizophrenia Society.  The Journey For Hope takes place Saturday, September 15th in Winnipeg.



There is Still Room In a Coding Camp For Girls.


The University of Manitoba is holding a free Wise Kidnetic Energy All Girl Coding Camp in Flin Flon this summer.  Jill Lautenschlager with Women In Science and Engineering says the camp is for girls 13 to 15.  She explains they are going to be introducing the girls to computer coding and computational thinking through a lot of fun toys, things like cosmos robots, Lego mind storms, little bits and the whole idea is to get girls thinking about career options that are related to this type of knowledge and they definitely are welcoming people who don’t have any prior knowledge as the whole idea is just an introduction.


The camp runs at McIsaac School July 30 to August 3rd.  The regular Science and Engineering Camp for boys and girls ages 9 to 12 at the same time is full but you can be put on a waiting list.  Registration and more information on both Camps can be found on their website www.wisekidneticenergy.ca.



They Shared the Prize For the Biggest Fish.

Greg Evans, The Festival's Dave Oskia, Jordy Dumenko

Tyler Phillips, Dave Osika, Jensen Bardwell


In spite of the rain and gusting winds the Flin Flon Trout Festival fishing derby went ahead yesterday afternoon. Seven people came out to fish on Phantom Lake on a free fishing weekend in Saskatchewan with 26 fish caught and released.


The top prize went to Jordy Dumenko and Greg Evans each with a 34 inch fish sharing the total of first and second prize of 1750 dollars.  500 dollars for third with a 33 and three quarter inch fish and 100 dollars for fifth with a 28 inch fish went to Tyler Phillips and 200 for fourth with a 30 and a half inch fish went to Jensen Bardwell.  Other prizes awarded for sixth Jensen Bardwell 27 and three quarter inches, seventh Tyler Phillips 27 and a half, eighth Damien Dominey 27, ninth Al Roschuk 26 and three quarters and tenth Damien Dominey 26 and three quarter inches, hidden length 18 inches to Greg Evans, oldest fisher Greg Evans and youngest Jensen Bardwell.


A Special Exhibit is Being Featured at Norva.


A Manitoba Art Network Exhibition is at the Norva Center all this month. Summer student Neal Smedegaard explains it features the work of Gabriela Ines Aguero called Exploring The Self and it is about her identity and her changing in the time not making art while she was raising kids.  He says Gabriela was born in Cordoba, Argentina where she grew up during a military dictatorship.  She immigrated to Canada in 1985 and lived in England and Australia. She holds a BSA honors in painting from the University of Manitoba as well as a Masters from Louisiana State University.  He adds Gabriela’s deep relationship with nature is expressed in the paintings where the landscape becomes part of the figure which relates to her veganism and admiration for life.


The exhibit will be in the Norva Center at 177 Green Street until July 31st.


Hitting a Golf Ball Supports Local Organizations.


The Million Dollar Hole in One is offering anyone who can hit a golf ball a chance to win big prizes next week.  102.9 CFAR Manager Dianne Russell says this is the 16th year for this Rotary Kinsmen supported fund raising event and they are raising money this year for the Phantom Lake Golf Course and Driving Range.  She says they’re really excited as they have a new pro down there and he’s getting all involved and this could be that last year in doing this so everyone should come on out.  She adds it’s going to be July 17th to 20th from noon to 8 at the driving range and on Saturday the 21st from noon to 3 with the semis and the finals and the shot right here in Flin Flon for the million dollars, it happens right here for everyone who qualifies all week and will be at 5 o’clock on the Saturday on the 9th green.


More information on the event can be found online at www.flinflononline.com.

Local Artists Can Share Ideas With Others.


The Norva Center is hosting their annual artists retreat next week.  Manager Mike Spencer says they invited local artists as well as others from across the province to share ideas and work on their art.  He says there’s something new this year in they’ve invited an artist from Winnipeg Katrina Craig and she’ll have an exhibition at the Denareplex that will be open to the public so they can come in and see anytime during the week of the 15th to the 21st and there will be an artist talk on the Tuesday evening at the Denareplex where she’ll speak about the exhibition.


Spencer adds there will be a public display and sale of some of the work done during the week and other works by artists on Saturday the 21st from 1:30 to 4 at the Denareplex in Denare Beach.


There Are Good Results in the First Report on a Lithium Project.


Far Resources has received the first ever resource estimate for Dyke one on its Zoro Lithium Property near Snow Lake.  Their President Toby Mayo comments this maiden resource which covers part of Dyke one indicates that they have a substantial base on which to build. He says in addition to the other seven dykes that are not included in this resource the Company has numerous untested geological and geochemical targets that they will follow up on during the next phases of exploration at Zoro and they look forward to developing those targets in the coming months.


Dyke one is reported to be open at depth and to the north and south where additional exploration is ongoing.  It is one of eight known spodumene mineralize pegmatite dykes on the property.  The remaining dykes are currently undergoing exploration including drill testing.


A Week Long Trek is Taking Place in Denare Beach.


The Amisk Lake Church is presenting the Trek 4 Truth Monday to Friday next week. Sunday school teacher Doreen Campbell says it’s put on by the Child Evangelism Fellowship for 5 to 13 year olds. She explains it offers the children to know about the Bible and be set free from different tactics that can happen at a young age, you want to give them a firm foundation so it’s basically foundation building.


Campbell says the Trek 4 Truth runs from 1 to 2 Monday to Friday next week.  You can just show up at the Amisk Lake Church at 1725 Moody Drive in Denare Beach or you can call 306-688-6277.


Flin Flon Is A Great Place for Snowbirds.


The Flin Flon Rotary Club hosted the Canadian Forces Snowbirds yesterday.  It was a follow up show to a show they held here in 2016 and Snowbird Number 8 Greg Hume-Powell praised Flin Flon as a host.  He says there’s something about Flin Flon and he’s not sure what it is. He explains when he first joined the team he thought he’d like the huge big shows like Abbotsford and Toronto but Flin Flon captured his heart the last time with a true community show and it’s evident there’s a lot of support in the community and this is exactly the example he gives people across North America of his favorite kind of show.


The Snowbirds are members of the Royal Canadian Air Force who are experienced on an ejection seat aircraft and are accepted to be on the team that is made up of eleven aircraft who do sixty shows a year across North America.  At a lunch yesterday Rotarian Bill Jackson and the Snowbirds presented appreciation plaques to all the sponsors who supported the show.

SNowbird 8 Greg Hume-Powell


The Manitoba Government Should Show Leadership on Greyhound Closures.


The Manitoba NDP is calling on the provincial government to show leadership in the loss of Greyhound bus service. Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey says it’s the loss of an essential service. He says it’s going to have a huge effect on northern Manitoba noting how many people use the bus to access health care so now what are the options for people, does everybody fly, so there’s really been no thought by the government when Greyhound announced their pull out to what plan B is.  He explains sometimes there are services that are essential to the people, particularly to people of the north, that aren’t going to make a lot of money but they still need the service.


Lindsey adds last week the Pallister government signaled its plan to privatize Lifeflight Air Ambulances. He noted private companies like Omnitrax with the rail line and now Greyhound bus cannot always be relied on to provide essential services so without Greyhound or Lifeflight northern patients would be forced to wait for expensive, charter airplanes to access the essential health care they need.


Its a Good Weekend to Try Fishing in Saskatchewan.


Saskatchewans annual summer free fishing weekend is coming up. On Saturday and Sunday residents and visitors to the province are welcome to fish in any of Saskatchewan’s public waters open to sport fishing without purchasing a fishing licence. Anyone planning to take part in the free fishing weekend is reminded that all other fishing regulations including possession limits, gear restrictions and size limits on some lakes and rivers remain in effect.  Free fishing weekend does not apply in national parks and anyone planning on taking fish out of the province must purchase a licence.


The first free fishing weekend in Saskatchewan was held in the summer of 1989 to encourage participation in sport fishing and increase public awareness about the value and diversity of angling opportunities in the province.  More information on fishing in Saskatchewan can be found in the Angler’s Guide at www.saskatchewan.ca/fishing.


Kids Can Learn About Business Ideas.

Biz Kids 2017


Community Future Greenstone is holding two Biz Kidz Day Camps in Flin Flon July 23rd to 27th and July 30th to August 3rd.  Manager Becky Cianflone explains the camps are open to all kids aged 9 to 13. She says they give these students an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship noting they actually get to create a product throughout the week and then sell it at a market at the end of the week and they get to keep the money that they make.  She adds they also have special bursaries available this year so they’re looking for students who have disabilities or health conditions and also students who come from a low income background who might not be able to afford the camp so they have funding available and sponsorship available for those students.


To register you can call the Greenstone office at 204-687-6967 by July 16th.


Greenstone is also planning these Day Camps in Snow Lake August 8th and 9th and in Cranberry Portage August 13th to 17th.



A Camp For Younger Children is Underway.


The Flin Flon Friendship Centers Camp Moochikun is running again this summer.  Program Events Coordinator Vanessa Campbell says it’s a summer day camp that promotes healthy lifestyles, cultural awareness and education related skills for children 5 to 9.  She explains some of the activities that they’ll be involved in would be the Seven Teachings that are done by their Cultural Advisor Margaret Head-Steppan at the Frienship Center, also they will be doing outdoor activities such as attending the different splash pad parks in Flin Flon, Denare Beach and Creighton as well as attending the beaches.


The camp is open for 20 children and they now have 14 so anyone interested in registering their child can drop into the Friendship Center on Church Street.  The camp runs Monday to Friday from 9 to 4:30.


You Can Still Catch the Big Fish in Phantom Lake.


The Trout Festival fishing derby planned for this past Sunday was moved to this coming Sunday the 15th.  The Committee’s Dave Osika explains everything remains the same as there were changes made just for the weather related to the bad storms and they figured maybe a lot of people wouldn’t be able to make it to the derby and even on Sunday the weather was pretty bad out there, pretty windy on the lake so they made a call just to switch to the next weekend which is still a free fishing weekend and still no licence required.


Registration starts at 8 Sunday morning with fishing from 12 to 3 at Phantom Lake with a 30 dollar entry fee and a top prize of one thousand dollars down to one hundred for fifth along with other prizes.


Promising Gold Results Have Been Found Near Snow Lake.


Rockcliff Metals Corporation reports their summer field season got off to a solid start with promising high grade gold grab samples on two of their Snow Lake properties.  President Ken Lapierre says both the DSN Gold Property and the Morgan Gold/VMS Property have seen only limited historical gold exploration even though widespread gold mineralization exists in quartz veins and sulphide rich host rocks.  He says they will continue to evaluate the gold potential on these gold properties and remain optimistic that with more exploration the true gold potential of both properties will be realized.  Additionally he adds once their current financing is completed they will initiate a drill program on their high grade Rail Copper Deposit to attempt to expand the present deposit which is open in all directions and also discover new base metal mineralization along the prospective five kilometer long Rail Copper Trend.


Your Kids Can Have Summer Fun at Denare Beach.


Denare Beach Recreation is offering fun at their Day Camps that started last week.  Assistant Administrator Meredith Norman says they offer a variety of activities for ages 5 to 12.  She says they provide a snack, they must bring a bagged lunch and there’s all kinds of different activities, swimming and all kinds of beach stuff they can do while they’re down there and its 55 dollars a week or 12 dollars a day based on availability.  Norman adds they can register right down at the beach at the Sandcastle or they can come up to the Village office and register their children there or they can call 362-2054.


The camps run Monday to Friday from 10 to 4:30 until August 10th.

Greyhound is Leaving the Prairies.


Greyhound Canada says its decision to end passenger bus and freight services in the Prairies and B-C will impact roughly two million consumers and result in the loss of 415 jobs.

By the end of October, Greyhound will cut all service in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and cancel all but one route in B-C -- a U-S run service between Vancouver and Seattle.

Ontario and Quebec will be the only regions where the familiar running-dog logo continues to grace Canadian highways.

Greyhound Canada senior V-P Stuart Kendrick says the company sympathizes with the fact that many small towns are going to lose service.

But he says routes in rural parts of Canada - specifically Western Canada - are just not sustainable anymore.

Greyhound is blaming a 41 per cent decline in ridership since 2010, as well as competition from subsidized national and inter-regional passenger transportation services and the growth of new, low-cost airlines. (The Canadian Press)

It Was a Busy Weekend for Manitoba Hydro.


A major storm system with heavy rain, hail and gusting winds moved through our area early Saturday morning. It left behind hundreds of downed trees, flooded buildings and power outages.  A second series of high winds later in the day added to the damage.


Manitoba Hydro reports power has now been restored to Flin Flon, Bakers Narrows and Cranberry Portage area some of which were out for the whole weekend. Some damaged lines were located in difficult to reach areas that they had to access by boat or plane. Although the power is on there are still areas where they have to remove trees from power lines and some people have to contact electricians to remove trees from wires running from the hydro lines to their building.


Anyone still without power is asked to contact Manitoba Hydro.


The Rotary Club Wants You to Park and Ride.


The Flin Flon Rotary Club air show with the Snowbirds is coming up Wednesday.  The Club’s Rob Schiefele says they want you to help traffic run smoothly so they’ve set up a bus service from the Walmart parking lot to the airport that will run all afternoon.  He says they really encourage that because it’s really convenient as for five dollars you can just hop on the bus and will be dropped off right at the airport terminal within feet of where you can watch the show from and once the show is finished you can start loading up on the buses once again.  He adds it’s extremely convenient and then you don’t have to worry about where and how to park and waiting to get out on the highway and that type of thing.


You are also reminded that for security purposes coolers are not allowed but there will be a number of food vendors on site.


You Can Learn More About Careers in the Armed Forces.


The Canadian Armed Forces will have their mobile recruiting office in Flin Flon this week.  Warrant Officer Dylan Lee says they accept applications from any Canadian citizen over the age of 17 with a minimum grade ten education.  He explains they’re going to have a military career councilor there and a recruiter and they’ll be able to speak to all of the over 100 careers that are available for people to take up with the Canadian Armed Forces and they’ll be able to advise them on how to put at application in and they’ll even have computer equipment available for people to come in and put an application in for the Canadian Armed Forces.


The mobile recruiting office will be in the Walmart parking lot tomorrow from 8 to 12, Wednesday at the air show at the airport and Thursday back at Walmart from noon to 9.


The Largest Fish in Phantom Lake Will Be The Target Sunday.


The Flin Flon Trout Festival fishing derby returns this Sunday.  The Committee’s Dave Osika says the one day derby will be held on Phantom Lake with registration starting at 8 and fishing from 12 to 3.  He explains no licence is required as it’s a free fishing weekend so you can just come on down and it’s a 30 dollar entry fee that gets you a measuring tape and you have to take a picture of the fish so they have the requirement of having a digital camera or your camera phone as they have to review the pictures after the derby.  He says all the regulations apply for your boating so make sure you have your life jackets and stuff like that as they’ll be checking to make sure people have them.


Osika adds there’s a great variety of prizes including 1000 dollars for first, 750 for second, 500 for third, 200 for fourth and 100 for fifth among others.



Popular Music From the Classical Era Will be Featured Early Next Week.


Local Musician Mikylo Odut will be holding a concert Sunday and Monday night.  He says the concert will feature concertos from the Classical Era with his flute, piano and vocals noting concertos are large scale works for soloists and orchestra and he will be playing along with Susan Fulford and Kari Rutherford will be singing.  He adds they are playing flute concertos from the classical era from about 1750 to 1820 so that’s going to be everybody’s favorite composers that they would know by name Mozart, Beethoven and even Haydn some people might know.


The concert takes place Sunday and Monday night at 7:30 at the Lutheran Church on Second Avenue with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End, at the door or call Mikylo at 204-271-3694.


Your Kids Can Keep Active All Summer.


Summer in the Parks is underway sponsored by Flin Flon Parks and Recreation.  Assistant Supervisor Kayleigh D’Aoust says they’re offering a variety of programs for four to nine year olds again this year.  She says they have their theme days like they do every year and they take the kids out to the Baker’s tower, the Recycling Center, during their Water Week they take them out to Denare, for Super Hero Week they go to the Fire Hall and Police Station and they’ll be heading out to the golf course this year.  She adds they take the kids out to the SPCA, they take trips to Norva, the Rotary Wheel, they have crafts planned and they have a whole new week called Video Games Live Week where they’ll take kids outside to kind of play video games outdoors.


Summer in the Parks runs Monday to Friday from 12 to 5 based at the Petting Zoo on Green Street.  For information or to register you can call 204-681-7542 or 780-242-0996 or there are forms outside the recreation office at the Community Center.


There are Activities For Your Children Next Week.


The Flin Flon Alliance Church and Flin Flon Pentacostal Assembly are holding their annual Vacation Bible School next week.  One of the organizers Denise Roy says there are a lot of activities for 5 to 12 year olds under the theme Time Lapse Discovering Jesus Eternity Past to Eternity Future.  She says they are going to be having songs, crafts and games and the Devoted Team come in with skits and drama so it’ll be a good time for them. She adds on Friday it will be followed by a barbeque for the family at 5 o’clock so parents and families can get to see what they have been doing and meet the team so it should be a fun time for all.


The events run Monday to Friday next week from 1:30 to 4:30 at the Alliance Church at 237 Green Street.  The cost is 25 dollars and 15 for an additional family member.  To register or for more information you can call Denise at 204-687-4238 or Ruth at 204-271-3931.


A Change is Coming Up to the Start Time for City Council Meetings.


At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council gave first reading to a bylaw that will change their meeting time.  The change would allow for their meeting to start at 7 every first and third Tuesday so when they complete their Committee of the Whole meeting which starts at 7 they can go straight into their regular meeting instead of waiting until 7:30.  The bylaw requires two more readings which will happen at their next meeting.


Council also gave first reading to a bylaw that would allow them to regulate where a cannabis retail outlet can be located if one is requested.


Council received a letter from the Flin Flon Station Museum Board advising they are planning a free open house at the Museum the afternoon of August 12th in conjunction with the Blueberry Jam Music Gathering taking place that weekend.


And concerns were again expressed by a local resident regarding harassment on Main Street and other illegal activities in the community.  Mayor Cal Huntley said they have increased RCMP patrols and they are looking into other matters but you can’t expect change overnight agreeing with the resident they both have the same goal in mind in improving the community.


There are Art Activities For Kids All Summer.


The Norva Center is offering a variety of classes for kids again this summer.  The Center’s summer student Neal Smedegaard outlined upcoming classes including this week’s that takes place tomorrow.  He says through July and August they are going to have at least two classes every week and they’re going to have them all taught by an artist from Norva.  He says they’re going to range mostly from 1 to 3 pm for 20 dollars unless they go through multiple days.  He notes for this week they have a class coming up from Karen Clark with Expressive Drawing From the Natural World, next week they have tie dye and clay building, the week after that they have the Norva retreat so they’re not having any classes and the week after that they’re going to have Monique Rainville teaching a chalk and glue painting class.


Smedegaard adds classes are still being planned for August.  You can find out more on their Facebook page, call them at 204-687-4237 or at 177 Green Street.


A Memorial Walk is Being Planned for Next Month.


At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council received a letter from George Morin for a permit to conduct a memorial walk for the late Flora Ballantyne at 4 pm on August 18th.  He noted Flora was a long time resident of Flin Flon until the fall of 1979 when she mysteriously disappeared and was found deceased in the spring of 1980.  He added investigation was inconclusive and undetermined for cause of her death.  The letter was referred to Administration.


Councilor Karen MacKinnon reported she attended the District Meeting of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities in Churchill and Flin Flon will host this meeting next June.


Mayor and Council congratulated all who contributed to another successful Trout Festival weekend.

An Art Exhibition Was a Success For a Lot of Local Artists.

Best in Show by Karen Clark


The Northern Juried Art Exhibition was held at the Norva Center over the weekend.  21 artists from across northern Manitoba entered 40 art works in the show.


Best in Show was Kayak Scenes Schist Lake Island by Flin Flon’s Karen Clark which also won first in painting with Monique Rainville second and Ron Watt third.  Other Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach artists winning awards were Kim Smedegaard second in fiber art, Brandy Bloxom second in photography, Matthew Enns first in water color with Megan Dupas third, Rosimeire Anjos first in print making with Matthew Enns second and Megan Dupas third, Elaine Angelski first and second in three dimensional with Linda Sonnenberg-Jackson third.


Other entries came in from Cranberry Portage, The Pas and Thompson.

Plans For the Sale of the Churchill Rail Line Have Stalled.


Hudson Bay Railway says negotiations regarding the sale of the Churchill rail line have broken down.

They state despite their best efforts to find common ground on certain key issues it now appears the transaction with a consortium that includes two First Nations groups and Fairfax Financial has fallen apart and that the sale of HBR to this group may not be possible.  They add they will continue to pursue any and all opportunities to sell the rail line and related assets.  HBR says they initiated the repair process last week but this development may jeopardize the opening of the rail line this season as they are not in a position to fund the entirety of the repairs in the absence of a sale agreement.


Churchill has been without rail service for more than a year after flooding washed out portions of the tracks.


It Was a Great Day for a Parade.

Alliance ChurchWestwood Lodge


The annual Trout Festival Canada Day parade sponsored by Northland Ford attracted 14 floats Sunday.  This year’s theme was James Bond Shaken Not Stirred.


Prizes for the non-commercial floats went to the Alliance Church with their Licence to Love theme, Flin Flon Aqua Center second and the Flin Flon Community Band third.  For commercial floats Westwood Lodge was first with their Casino theme, Arctic Beverages second and the Flin Flon Bombers third.


There were 14 classic cars entered in the parade with the top prize presented to Joe Szabo with his 1970 Plymouth Cuda.


The parade was followed by Canada Day celebrations in Creighton in the afternoon and Denare Beach in the evening.


The Most Fit Firefighter Has Been Determined.

Les Taylor, Aaron Simon, Jarrett Kemp


The Beat the Chief competition was held at the Flin Flon Fire Hall Friday afternoon.  Eight firefighters tested their skills, fitness and cardiovascular endurance during a variety of tests.  Finishing in the top three were Aaron Simon for the second year with at time of 1 minute 9.72 seconds, second for the second year Jarrett Kemp 1:14:17 and third Les Taylor 1:22:28.


Fire Chief Chad Cooper says it was a great competition as they had some great times put in by all the members, they even got some faster times than last year.  He adds it just shows that they all try to push each other with team work and always look to improve their skills and they all push themselves to be physically fit to be able to perform the job and serve the community.


The top three finishers will have their times engraved on the trophy at the fire hall.

The Library is a Fun Place to be Again This Summer.


The Flin Flon Public Library again offering summer day camps. Camp Director Siobahn McKenna says the TD Summer Reading Club is made up of a passport part where you read books and enter for prizes, a STEAM Camp August 13th to 17th for 20 dollars and free day camps all summer with fun and learning.  She says the camps will have snacks, crafts, there’s going to be some fun activities with theme days like Harry Potter, Minion Days where they’re going to make Play Dough Minions, they’re going to have a fun balloon dance party but there’s also going to be an education side as there’s going to be at least 15 minutes of reading every day because that’s what they really want to encourage.


The day camps kick off tomorrow afternoon from 1to 3:30 at Rotary Park with a Pokemon Day..  To register for the camps drop into the Library and you can also see a calendar of events on their Facebook page.





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