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There are Art Activities For Kids All Summer.


The Norva Center is offering a variety of classes for kids again this summer.  The Center’s summer student Neal Smedegaard outlined upcoming classes including this week’s that takes place tomorrow.  He says through July and August they are going to have at least two classes every week and they’re going to have them all taught by an artist from Norva.  He says they’re going to range mostly from 1 to 3 pm for 20 dollars unless they go through multiple days.  He notes for this week they have a class coming up from Karen Clark with Expressive Drawing From the Natural World, next week they have tie dye and clay building, the week after that they have the Norva retreat so they’re not having any classes and the week after that they’re going to have Monique Rainville teaching a chalk and glue painting class.


Smedegaard adds classes are still being planned for August.  You can find out more on their Facebook page, call them at 204-687-4237 or at 177 Green Street.


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