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More Has to Be Done to Keep Our Community Safe.


At last nights meeting Flin Flon City Council received a letter and presentation from Bonnie Nabe regarding the local crime rate and unsafe encounters taking place on Main Street. She said that includes concerns about loitering on Main Street where people are blocking entrances to buildings and potentially violent incidents taking place.  She and others attending with her also noted incidents at the hundred stairs and the Boardwalk as well as slum lords and abandoned buildings and garages that are accommodations for transients and gang members. She said she realizes there is no easy fix but if Mayor and Council don’t take some hard line steps very soon our community will continue to decline until people start moving away or start taking matters into their own hands suggesting bylaw changes that can be enforced and sending the message this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.


Mayor Cal Huntley replied they don’t have all the answers or they would be doing it.  He says they have been doing a good job of removing derelict buildings when they can, the RCMP have increased their patrols in the Main Street area and are seeing some results, for the past few months they have been looking into a Flon Flon Housing Authority to determine what they can legally do, increased lighting for the uptown area and possibly cameras in some areas. He added they will not tolerate vigilante action by residents but will do what can be done within the law to make any changes that can be made.


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