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New Case Numbers Are Low in All Manitoba Regions.

Manitoba public health reported 111 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 16.7 percent.  The largest number of new cases was in Winnipeg with 47 followed by Northern health with 24 where 2801 cases are active including 79 in Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon, 147 in Thompson Mystery Lake and 207 in The Pas OCN Kelsey district.  Of the 130,813 confirmed cases in the province 9388 are active, 119,745 people have recovered and 474 are in hospital with 30 in intensive care.





Hudbay Will Focus on Expansion in the Snow Lake Area.

In the 2021 yearend report Hudbay President Peter Kukielski reported on their mine plan for the Snow Lake area.  He said the Snow Lake updated mine plan released phase three of their Snow Lake ore strategy focusing on expansion and further optimization of operations.  He explained the mine plan enhancement includes an optimized recovery in throughput at Stall, the conversion of additional resources to reserves at Lalor, plans to expand Lalor to 53 hundred tonnes per day by 2023 and the mining of zinc reserves from the 1901 deposit starting in 2026.


Kukielski also reported the New Britannia Mill in Snow Lake is expected to average 15 hundred tonnes per day in 2022 with continued ramp up activities and rod mill liner maintenance scheduled during the first quarter.  He adds full design throughput rates and recoveries are expected to be achieved in the second quarter of 2022 a mere six months after commissioning.

The Extremely Cold Weather Broke in Time for a Winter Festival..

The 43rd annual Denare Beach Winter Festival had busy and fun weekend.  Some of the event winners included in Turkey Curling the Butterballs with Marvin Dease, Selene Dease, Frank Wiegers and Jenna Kreiger and in second the Micro D’s with Mike Hyver, Devin Shanowski, Jennifer Hysert and Derek Vogelsang.


There were 101 people entered in the Family Fishing Tournament with no fish caught so draws were made for the prizes which went to Kyle Dubinak, David Negrych, Dale Holmgren. Adale Wiegers and Thomas Sewap and in Snow Sculptures first went to the Morin family, second the Lycan family and third the Ratt family.


The Festival opened with the Mushers Supper Friday evening and Saturday evening was highlighted by a Fireworks display with a lot of kid’s events, a pancake breakfast, bingo and a penny parade in between with Snow Drags on Sunday.

Age-related macular degeneration also known as AMD is one of the leading causes of blindness among Canadians today.

According to the Canadian Ophthalmological Society AMD affects around two million people in the country and accounts for 90 per cent of new cases of legal blindness in Canada.


Retina specialist Doctor Nupura Bakshi says it’s important for people to get regular eye exams to get screened for AMD especially if you’re 50 or older as symptoms may not begin appearing until the condition has advanced significantly. She explains in the beginning stages people may have no symptoms at all and as the little clumps of protein or drussen collect you might start to notice a little bit of blurring of vision or you might just notice that things are a little bit distorted.  She adds it really affects central vision not peripheral vision so people may lose the sharp, straight ahead vision that is responsible and needed for driving, reading and looking at fine details.


While there is no cure for age-related macular degeneration there are a number of treatment options available to patients to help them manage the condition.


Confirmed COVID Cases Top 130 Thousand in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 313 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 14.8 percent.  Of the new cases 108 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 73 in Northern health where 2681 cases are active of which 79 are in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district, 188 in The Pas OCN Kelsey district and 133 in Thompson Mystery Lake district.  Of the total 130,277 confirmed cases in the province 8848 are active, 119,754 people have recovered and 513 are in hospital with 29 in intensive care.


Confirming Some Good News and the Expected Triple Seven Closure in Flin Flon Were Part of the Hudbay 2021 Year End Report.

On the good news side President Peter Kukielski confirmed an earlier announcement on a plan for a preliminary economic assessment on the local tailings facility. He reported that in early January this year Hudbay commenced a confirmatory drill program on the tailings facility in Flin Flon to support the completion of a preliminary economic assessment on the tailings reprocessing opportunity by the first quarter of 2023.  The company is also conducting engineering and test work throughout 2022 to support the assessment.  He noted this opportunity could utilize the Flin Flon concentrator with modifications after the closure of the Triple Seven Mine creating operating and economic benefits for the Flin Flon community.  It could also provide the opportunity to redesign the closure plans, increase metal production, defer or reduce certain closure costs and reduce the environmental footprint of the tailings facility.


They also reported the Triple Seven Mine is within months of closure and the focus continues to be on mining out the remaining reserves by completing the necessary ground rehabilitation to access remnant pillar stopping blocks. Pre-closure activities are underway in mined out areas to decommission stationary equipment of value for redeployment to Lalor in Snow Lake.


Signs and a New Recreation Director Were Part of the Creighton Council Meeting.

At their regular meeting earlier this week the Town of Creighton announced it has received a letter from the City of Flin Flon’s Recreation Manager Andrew Smith in regards to the Flin Flon Master Wayfinding and Sign Location plan.   Mayor Bruce Fidler explained the plan will provide maps and signage for visitors and tourists directing them to popular destinations in the area.  The three communities involved in this project continue to engage in Wayfinding enhancements helping grow tourism for the future.  Ultimately this project will provide the necessary guidance and signage for user navigation benefitting residents and visitors.


Congratulations to Lindsay Shirran being named the Town of Creighton’s new Recreation Director.  Channa Senyk recently announced her retirement but will be working with Lindsay until mid March sharing ideas about what goes on as the Recreation Director.

Active Case Numbers are Dropping in Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 319 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 14 percent.  Of the new cases 107 were in Northern health where 2608 cases are active including 77 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district. Of the total 129,972 confirmed cases in the province 8538 are active, 119,766 people have recovered and 524 are in hospital with 32 in intensive care.


In its weekly report Saskatchewan health reported 1407 new cases for the week of February 13th to 19th which is more than one half of the new cases from the previous week.  The full Far Northeast zone reported 34 new cases.  As of February 23rd 372 people in the province are in hospital with 27 in intensive care.  All public health orders in Saskatchewan will be removed effective Monday.



Manitoba is Moving to Restore Health Services.

Health Minister Audrey Gordon has announced COVID-19 related demands on Manitoba’s health system continue to decrease following the fourth wave.  She says this enables Manitoba to return to more normal activities and operations including the resumption of many health services that have experienced delays.  She explained currently more than 500 health care staff have been redeployed across the province and they will begin to transition those individuals back to their former programs and care units.  She noted Manitoba’s provincial COVID-19 Health Incidents Command has developed a phased in approach to resume in services including surgical slates, diagnostic procedures and outpatient or community services.


Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin added as we move in the right direction they can continue to reduce public health restrictions.  Effective March 1st the province is removing proof of vaccination and testing requirements for designated public sector employees including education, child care and health care workers. As previously announced proof of vaccination will no longer be required in public places as of March 1st and mask requirements will be removed on March 15th.

It was Budget Night for the School Division.

The Flin Flon School Board presented their budget plan for the 2022-23 school year at a virtual meeting last night.  Revenue shows a total of just over 15.8 million dollars.  Under expenditures of just over 16 million dollars 80 percent of funding goes to payroll, 18 percent to services and supplies and 2 percent to fiscal items. Just over 307 thousand will be transferred from their surplus. Provincial government funding increased by 2.6 percent or just over 254 thousand dollars to just over 9.6 million dollars.


The Manitoba government has requested school divisions hold the 2022 special levy at the same amount as 2021 so the Division will receive the property tax offset grant in lieu of the 2 percent increase cap so the proposed mill rate is 22.8 percent.  The 2022 municipal request is just over 5 million dollars or an increase of just under 101 thousand dollars for 2021.


Total student enrollment at last September 30th was 946 compared to 948 for September 30th 2020.


The budget presentation has been posted on the Division’s website www.ffsd.mb.ca.


Well Being and Future School Upgrades Were Part of The School Board Meeting Tuesday.

 Flin Flon School Division has been encouraging everyone to share what keeps them well this week on social media.  This initiative is in support of the work that Flin Flon’s Hope North Suicide Prevention Committee is doing.  This is an effort to spread awareness regarding positive mental health and well being using the #WHATKEEPSYOUWELL share a post or video about what you do to stay healthy, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally on various social platforms.


The Board of Trustees also agreed to approve and sign a promissory note in the amount of two million, fifty-one thousand and seven hundred dollars for the Ruth Betts Community School elevator and the Hapnot structural upgrade.  Ramps at Ruth Betts will be looked at to meet accessibility standards and also adding a second accessibility bathroom on the second level.  The structural upgrade at Hapnot is to meet snow load standards.  The work being done is with the same contractor repairing the roof which should be completed this summer.  These are the Division’s next major capital projects.

The Northern Region Leads an Increase in New Cases in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 369 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 14.8 percent.  Of the new cases the Northern region reports 178 with 3081 cases active including 110 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district. The next highest number is Winnipeg with 73 new cases.  Of the total 129,657 confirmed cases in the province 12,549 are active, 115,445 people have recovered and 543 are in hospital with 29 in intensive care.


They also point out a total of 73,757 first doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been given to children ages 5 to 11 or 59 percent of that age group.


You Can Celebrate Winter at an Annual Festival This Weekend.

The 43rd annual Denare Beach Winter Festival runs through this weekend.  Recreation Director Mel Durette lists some of the highlights noting Friday night it will start off at 5:30 with the Mushers Supper and then kids games, turkey curling, crib, on Saturday it’s breakfast, fishing derby, junior trappers, there will be the penny parade and they’ll have the fireworks at Angell’s Marina at 6:30 and then Sunday they’ll have the Snow Drags down at the water treatment plant.


You can find a complete list of the events by visiting their website www.denarebeach.net or on their Facebook page.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is Again Challenging Governments Across Canada to Reduce Red Tape.

The national organization that advocates for small businesses is highlighting the need to reduce red tape during its annual awareness campaign this week.


A CFIB survey finds nine out of ten businesses say it’s important for government to reduce red tape but 75 per cent respondents aren’t confident governments are committed to doing it.


Spokesperson Annie Dormuth explains the cost of unnecessary red tape accumulates for independent businesses.  She notes it totals up to 11 billion of the 39 billion cost of regulations.  She says that cost goes mostly to business owners time navigating government forms from permitting purposes to requiring a business license to filling out forms for example to get a liquor license and all of that goes again to taking about red tape reduction.


The CFIB has given the Manitoba government an “A” on its red tape report card.

Low Numbers of New Cases Were Reported in Manitoba Regions.

Manitoba public health reported 199 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 17 percent.  Of the new cases the largest number at 74 was reported in Prairie Mountain with lower numbers in other regions including 48 in Winnipeg and 33 in the Northern region where 2898 cases are active including 108 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage Sherridon district.  Of the total 129,296 confirmed cases 12,189 are active, 115,477 people have recovered and 553 are in hospital with31 in intensive care.

Flin Flon RCMP Have Made Three Arrests in an Attempted Murder Investigation.

At approximately 12:30 Saturday morning Flin Flon RCMP received a report of people fighting in an apartment building on Aspen Grove.  When they attended they found an individual severely injured. A 53 year old man was transported to hospital with life threatening injuries while an 18 year old woman and a 51 year old woman were treated for injuries on scene.


Investigation has determined that several people forced their way in the residence and an altercation ensued.  Police were able to track the suspects to another apartment in the building and three men were arrested in relation of the attack. Weapons including a machete were also seized.


The three have been charged with attempted murder and remain in custody while the investigation continues.

Visions of the North Are Being Featured at NorVa.

The NorVa Centre is featuring Northern Vision which is an exhibition of photography by local photographer Taylor Kittle.  Kittle explains people will find a series of photographs that feature different textures from different spots here in the north but also northern Alberta and Saskatchewan with a bit of aurora borealis and wild life so the pieces are winter themed and they’re part of his vision of the north and how he sees the north.


The exhibition is open at the NorVa Centre at 177 Green Street from 10 to 5 Tuesday to Friday and 12:30 to 4:30 on Saturday all this month.  Kittle will deliver an artist talk this Friday evening at NorVa with a reception from 6 to 9 and the talk beginning at 7. You are reminded at present proof of double vaccination is required for attendance at NorVa.


An Exploration Drill Program Continues Near Deschambault Lake Saskatchewan West of Flin Flon.

SKRR Exploration is actively drilling in the massive Trans Hudson Corridor which extends to the gold rich Homestake deposit in the south as well as the Snow Lake deposits further north. They report systematic exploration of the Olson property 25 kilometers west of the community of Deschambault Lake and 80 kilometers south of SSR Mining’s Seabee operation indicates the presence of a significant gold enriched zone interpreted to be organic in nature with encouraging mineralization reported in all drill holes completed recently.  They note five drill holes have been completed during this current program for a total of 840 meters further defining the Olson Zone where 19 holes have been drilled since 1958 in an area of consistently mineralized rocks.  A total of 1890 meters in ten holes is planned for the Olson zone and other target areas of the property including the Ackbar, Michaels Lake and Carina zones with drilling expected to continue into March.

Your Input Will Be Needed as Electoral Boundaries are Adjusted.

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Manitoba has begun its review of the provinces federal electoral boundaries.  They report the work of readjusting the boundaries is not simply a mathematical exercise aimed at making the province’s electoral districts equal in terms of population size it is rather a balancing act that must take into consideration district’s communities of interest or identity, history and geographic size.


The Commission is currently formulating a proposal for the province’s 14 seats in the House of Commons to reflect the population growth and shifts.  They will publish the proposal for the new electoral map in the near future and public hearings will be held at various locations across the province with details being made available on the Redistribution 2022 website and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as published in the local media.  They note public input had a great impact on the electoral boundaries created by the last commission in 2012.

New Case Numbers Still Top 100 in Northern Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 343 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 18.5 percent.  The larger numbers of new cases are in Winnipeg with 133 and the Northern region with 106 where 2663 cases are active of which 105 are in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 128,486 confirmed cases in the province 11,364 are active, 115,473 people have recovered and 583 are in hospital with 33 in intensive care.

Outbreaks have been declared at the Flin Flon Personal Care Home and the Northern Spirit Manor in Thompson.

Yesterday We Told You About Saskatchewan and Now Manitoba has Announced their Free Winter Family Fishing Weekend.

Manitobans will be able to try their luck ice fishing at many of the provinces lakes and rivers during this year’s Winter Family Fishing Weekend.  From tomorrow through Monday anglers may fish without a licence throughout the province except in national parks where a federal angling licence is still required.  Anglers may retain up to a conservation licence limit of fish. All other angling regulations apply during the weekend.


Anglers are encouraged to check ice conditions before travelling onto the ice and it’s important to let someone know where you are fishing and wear appropriate clothing.


Families are also encouraged to explore one of the province’s provincial parks as vehicle permits are not required for visitors this month but Snopasses are still required for snowmobiles using groomed trails in the parks.


For information on all provincial fishing regulations refer to the Manitoba Angler’s Guide at www.manitobafisheries.com.

Education Funding is Being Redeveloped in Manitoba.

The Manitoba government has put in place a funding model review team to guide the development of a new education funding model.  They will be consulting with school divisions and key education stakeholder organizations.  The team will include provincial associations representing among others Parent Councils, Manitoba Municipalities, School Boards, School Superintendents, the First Nations School System, Independent Schools, School Business Officials and Teachers.


Education Minister Wayne Ewasko notes Leger Research will facilitate the consultation and engagement process with education stakeholders and collect their recommendations for the new funding model which includes the creation of a formula that allocates provincial funding to school divisions and schools. He adds these consultations will ensure they hear from stakeholders on what they need to address differences in programming and ensure equity in funding across the province particularly in rural, remote and northern communities. Consultations will support developing and finalizing a new funding model for the 2023-24 school year.

New COVID Case Numbers Continue to Climb in Northern Manitoba While Cases are Down in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 416 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 19.1 percent.  The largest increase was in the Northern region with 177 new cases with 2562 active of which 101 are in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  The highest number of active cases is in the Norway House and Norway House Cree Nation district with 613 followed by Island Lake at 357.  Of the total 128,147 confirmed cases in the province 11,023 are active, 115,477 people have recovered and 607 people in hospital with 38 in intensive care.


In their weekly report Saskatchewan health reported 2522 new cases for the week of February 6th to 12th less than half  the number of new cases in the previous week.  410 people are in hospital with 33 in intensive care.  The full Far Northeast zone reports 35 new cases bringing the total of active cases to 120.  The full weekly report can be found at www.saskatchewan.ca/covid-19.

A Group of Concerned Citizens Continues to Seek Support for Improvements to Highway Six From Thompson to Winnipeg.

At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon Council received a copy of a letter sent to the Mayors of 11 northern communities and 28 northern chiefs from the Safer Highway Action Group.  They are reaching out to northern mayors, First Nations chiefs and Chambers of Commerce in all communities that use Highway Six asking them to join a petition sending a strong message to the Province of Manitoba on how dangerous the highway can be causing serious accidents that have resulted in collisions, suffering and deaths like Thompson MLA Danielle Adams.  They state the highway needs improvements for everyone’s safety including wider shoulders, passing lanes, better snow clearing and faster accident response times adding individuals and families endure highly stressful driving conditions especially in winter when snow billows up behind single and double length semi-trailers reducing visibility to zero.  The petition can be found at www.change.org.


Mayor Cal Huntley noted they have been on several calls with Northern Mayors and are joining them in calling on the government for improvements to Highway Six especially the importance of emergency response times.

You Can Enjoy Fishing in Saskatchewan This Family Day Weekend.

Saskatchewan’s winter free fishing weekend runs Saturday through Monday.  Saskatchewan residents and visitors can fish without a licence on any of the province’s public waters that have an open sport fishing season. You’re reminded to put safety first when going out on the ice.  Before you leave always tell someone where you’ll be fishing and when you plan to return and dress for the weather. Be aware of ice thickness with a minimum of 10 centimeters of good ice required for walking and 30 centimeters for light vehicle travel.  All other fishing regulations remain in effect for the free fishing weekend including possession limits and reduced limits on some lakes and rivers.  As well free fishing weekend does not apply in national parks and anyone planning to take fish out of province must have a valid Saskatchewan angling licence.


More information can be found in the Anglers Guide wherever fishing licences are sold or online at www.saskatchewan.ca/fishing.


Manitoba Residents are Advised to Still Be Cautious.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin reports as COVID-19 numbers move in the right direction and some restrictions move to recommendations people still have to be cautious. He stated if you are sick or test positive for COVID stay home and follow the rules for isolation.  Close contacts such as household members should self monitor for symptoms and are not routinely required to self isolate except where specifically ordered by public health in high risk situations such as outbreaks or in health care facilities and if you live in a First Nations community check with the rules and ensure you follow those appropriately.


Manitoba public health reported 352 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 21.2 percent.  Of the new cases 127 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 54 in Northern health where 3147 cases are active including 142 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  With 110,411 active cases in the province 614 people are in hospital with 38 in intensive care.

Opportunities for Discussions on Area Economic Development Were Brought Up at the Flin Flon City Council Meeting

Mayor and Council are meeting with Municipal Relations Minister Eileen Clark and Northern Development Minister Scott Fielding to discuss issues such as Economic Development, affordable housing, the need for a base tax, outlying areas and the UCN nurses training positions opening up in Flin Flon.  As well on Economic Development Councillor Leslie Beck reported they have been busy with our Economic Development Officer and are working on several projects they hope will come to fruition soon.  Some issues they are looking at include housing, recreation and diversifying by bringing people and work to the area.


Council agreed to renew their membership in the Hudson Bay Route Association for 2022 at a cost of 300 dollars. The Association advocates on behalf of the Hudson Bay Railway and the Port of Churchill. Mayor Cal Huntley noted the importance of more use of the Port and Railway by connecting them to the west to increase the import and export of grain and other commodities. The Association states there is a real need for increased rail expansion and port access and they continue to advocate for the lessening of inter-provincial trade barriers and for expanding transportation corridors to lessen the impact of transportation costs.


A Drill Program is Underway at Lithium Property Near Snow Lake.

Foremost Lithium Resource and Technology is conducting a ten diamond drill hole 15 hundred meter drill program starting this month at its Zoro Lithium Project in Snow Lake.  The company has secured a drilling contractor and Gogal Air Services to provide air support, core storage and preparation facilities for the program. Prior to this a total of 58 diamond drill holes have been drilled historically on Zoro.  On the previous 2018 drilling campaign seven dykes were documented on the property.  Recent exploration on the property has consisted of prospecting, outcrop mapping and sampling, Mobile Metal Ions soil chemical surveys and diamond drilling to develop a geological database and confirm historic resource estimates.


They note the present drill program is being supported by two thirds of the 300 thousand dollar grant awarded in September to Foremost Lithium from the Manitoba Mineral Development Fund.


COVID Numbers Continue to Go Down in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 127 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 22 percent.  Of the new cases 117 were in Winnipeg with a bit lower numbers in other regions including 95 in Northern health where 3090 case are active including 134 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage Sherridon District.  Of the total 127,394 confirmed cases 14,327 are active, 110,430 people have recovered and 614 are in hospital with 38 in intensive care.

You Can Support the Expansion of Addictions Support Programs.

The Freedom Outreach Adult Teen Challenge is holding a Sled For Eternity Flin Flon snowmobile ride March 12th at Bakers Narrows Lodge.  The program’s Ben Luc says they are looking to offer more support programs to help those not able to commit to their present 12 month live in program.  He explains they know that there’s vision for them to be able to help a wider group of people and you will see in 2020 that they will be opening a community office in Flin Flon where they’ll be running support groups and different things from there that will be able to help folks  who aren’t necessarily willing and able to commit to a 12 month discipleship program for whatever reason and they will be having support programs for those who have a loved one struggling with addictions and they’ll also use it to find a reference point to try to find the right kind of help for whoever it is.


You can register and start fund raising through pledges to enter to win a variety of prizes including the grand prize of a 2022 Lynx Boondocks snowmobile awarded to the rider with the highest fund raising total.  For more information visit teenchallenge.tc/events/sled.



The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is pleased with the provinces announcement to incrementally lift business-related restrictions.

While the business organization that represents Canadian small businesses welcomes the province’s decision to lift business-related restrictions by mid-March, it says the government needs a stay open plan to ensure owners can manage the impacts of the pandemic.


The CFIB’s provincial affairs director for Manitoba Kathleen Cook explains the last thing they want is to see the return to restrictions at any point in the future.  She says the yo-yo of restrictions over the last couple of years has had a hugely damaging impact on the economy and on our small businesses so they’d like to see government come forward with a plan that will help small businesses stay open and also give small businesses the confidence to make decisions that will help them grow and to hire staff that they know they’re going to be able to keep going forward.


Cook adds the CFIB would like to see the government boost consumer confidence in the next few weeks by having messaging that encourages the safe return to dining out, going to the gym or the movies and travelling so that small business can begin to recover.

COVID Related Numbers Are Dropping in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 188 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 22.3 percent.  Of the new cases 65 were in the Winnipeg region with similar low numbers in other regions including 49 in Northern health where 2998 cases are active including 123 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 127,010 confirmed cases in the province 14,938 are active, 110,435 people have recovered and 633 are in hospital with 40 in intensive care.


They also highlighted trends for the week ending February 10th that show 258 new hospitalizations a decrease of 12.2 percent from the previous week, 30 new ICU cases an 11.8 percent decrease and 2696 cases a 27.5 percent decrease from the previous week.

Canadians Need Support from their Government in the Fight Against the Climate Crisis that Endangers Their Lives and Communities.

Northern Manitoba Member of Parliament Niki Ashton has introduced a private members bill that she says will put public interest ahead of the profits of the ultra-rich by allowing Canada to leverage public investment and public ownership in the fight against climate change.  In a release she explains specifically this bill removes the part of the Canada Infrastructure Bank’s mandate that allows it to seek out private investment in the interest of rich CEOs and encourages the federal government to fund public projects that foster climate change mitigation and adaption.  She adds furthermore the bill will ensure Indigenous and Northern communities participate on the Infrastructure Bank’s Board while requiring greater transparency by the provision of regular reports on how it’s fulfilling its mandate.


Ashton notes we know that Indigenous and Northern communities are some of the hardest hit by the effects of climate change and this bill will ensure the federal government provides communities at the forefront of the fight against climate change the tools they need to face this crisis.


You Can Support the Purchase of New Equipment for the Northern Health Region.

The Northern Health Foundation is holding the Great Raffle 2022 50-50 Community Draw all this month.  Board member Anthony McInnis says they are continuing to purchase needed equipment for the Health Region.  He explains they came up with this idea to invite our residents to help raise funds for IV pumps for all facilities throughout the Northern Health Region.  He notes each of the IV pump basic units are about 25 hundred dollars and with the more sophisticated ones the price obviously goes up and throughout the Region in the next coming years they have to replace 290 pumps and that’s about three quarters of a million dollars.


Ticket sales continue all this month with the draw being held in March 1st.They are available online only by going to raffle.link/nhf or visit their website www.northernhealthfoundation.com.

New Case Numbers Continue to Increase in Northern Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 673 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 22.5 percent.  Of the new cases 293 are in the Northern health region while Winnipeg reports 192.  The Northern region reports 2486 active cases with the larger numbers in Norway House and Norway House Cree Nation at 451, Island Lake 346 and The Pas OCN Kelsey district 334. The Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district reports 117 active cases.  Of the total 125,844 confirmed cases in the province 13,793 are active, 110,432 people have recovered and 656 are in hospital with 41 in intensive care.

Manitoba is Accelerating their Plan to Reduce Public Health Orders.

Premier Heather Stefanson has announced new public health orders will come into effect starting this Tuesday.  She stated all of Manitoba will move to yellow or caution on the Pandemic Response System.  She adds effective Tuesday March 1st the required use of vaccine cards will be eliminated in Manitoba and effective March 15th mask requirements and all other restrictions will be eliminated.


As well this Tuesday capacity limits will be eliminated in venues such as restaurants, licensed premises, entertainment venues, indoor and outdoor sporting events and gatherings at private residences. Young people ages 12 to 17 participating in indoor sports and recreation will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination or recent testing. The province plans to gradually move away from public health rules to recommendations. More details can be found at www.manitoba.ca/covid19.

The Fur Trade is Expanding in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Métis Federation has announced a new one-million-dollar investment into the fur trade through the establishment of a new fur company.


MMF President David Chartrand explains the Red River Métis have a long history as trappers and Harvesters with a keen interest in trade and economic growth.  He says in the current market the cost of furs and hides are quite low making it incredibly difficult for their Harvesters to earn a viable income in this traditional economy. He notes by establishing this company and buying furs and hides at a fair price they can support a responsible and conservation-minded approach to trapping that helps Citizen Harvesters make a sustainable income for their harvesting efforts while keeping our wildlife population in balance.”


Chartrand adds the fur company will also support the growth of Citizen-created microbusinesses that have emerged in the post-pandemic economy noting through the company furs and hides will be purchased from Red River Métis trappers and Harvesters and sold to new markets as well as to entrepreneurial Citizen artists and artisans who are practicing traditional crafts like moccasin making and floral beadwork.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is focusing on its recently released heart failure report for Heart Month.

Despite heart failure diagnoses being on the rise in the country the latest report from the Heart and Stroke Foundation indicates Canadians aren’t as informed on the condition as they should be.


Spokesperson Doctor Shelly Zieroth explains heart failure is a condition in which your heart is either too weak to pump blood forward to the rest of your body or it’s too stiff and what often happens is patients develop symptoms including shortness of breath, leg swelling called edema and even fatigue.


There are roughly 750 thousand people living with heart failure in Canada with more than 100 thousand people diagnosed with the condition each year however four in ten Canadians don’t understand it.


Zieroth says heart failure is growing in Canada due to an aging population, younger people being diagnosed and heart damage from COVID-19.

New COVID Cases Have Jumped in the Northern Manitoba Health Region While Saskatchewan Issued Its Weekly report.

Manitoba public health reported 570 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 23.2 percent.  The largest increase in new cases was reported in the Northern region with 221 where 2190 cases are active including 114 in Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Winnipeg reported 171 new cases.  Of the total 125,180 confirmed cases in the province 13,119 are active, 110,445 people have recovered and 661 are in hospital with 42 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 5401 new cases for the week of January 30th to February 5th.  This is about two thirds of the new case rate in the previous week. Of that total 63 cases were hospitalized with ten admitted to ICU.  The full Far Northeast zone reported 77 new cases. You can find the full 15 page report at www.saskatchewan.ca/covid-19-cases.

Funding is Available to Communities from the Family Violence Initiative Fund.

The RCMP are accepting applications to their Family Violence Initiative Fund.  The objective of this fund is to help communities respond to relationship and family violence and victim issues.  Non-profit organizations and municipal, provincial and territorial partners who have a related mandate can apply by March 11th.  The fund supports initiatives that promote awareness of relationship violence, assist survivors and support crime prevention.  It is an opportunity for community organizations to get funding for their projects, collaborate with their local RCMP detachment and contribute to making our communities safer.  As an example the fund has supported projects such as classroom programs for teens about personal and social skills and in the development of awareness materials about local support services.                                                                    




To request an application form, send an email to RCMP.FVIF-IFMVF.GRC@rcmp-grc.gc.ca.


Hope North Flin Flon Made a Presentation to the Flin Flon School Board Meeting Tuesday.

Jill Rideout spoke first giving a history of the group and its origins some 16 years ago.  It was originally called the Flin Flon Creighton and Area Suicide Prevention Committee.  The group consists of many organizations and occasionally members of the School Division.  It was decided five years ago to change their name and extend their focus to hope and resiliency thus Hope North Flin Flon.  The group has been active in many projects over the years but with COVID activity has decreased.  They are getting creative once again this year as its time to get back on track.


About a year ago they applied to the Mental Health Commission of Canada who was looking for communities interested in being part of a two year pilot project called Roots of Hope.  Eleven groups were chosen from across Canada including Flin Flon the only one from Manitoba. They are still in the early stages of the project and learning what their role will be.  Work continues across the country to build a national framework when it comes to suicide prevention. 


Planning is underway for a grade eight Step Up Conference the seventh for Hope North Flin Flon which will include youth from Snow Lake, Sherridon, Creighton, The Pas/OCN, Moose Lake and Grand Rapids.  This is done in Flin Flon every other year with The Pas doing the opposite years.  This year they are working with an organization out of Ottawa called Live Different offering interactive virtual conferences covering topics such as resiliency, authenticity, empathy, growth values and altruism with Be Kind as a theme.  The dates are to be announced.

Active Case Numbers are Up A Bit in Our Region.

Manitoba public health reported 472 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 24.8 percent.  Of the new cases 177 are in the Winnipeg region with lower numbers in other regions including 94 in Northern health where 2849 cases are active including 115 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district and 383 in The Pas, OCN, Kelsey district.  Of the total 124,615 cases in the province 19,420 are active, 103,582 people have recovered and 680 are in hospital with 43 in intensive care.

Manitoba Continues to Review Public Health Orders.

Manitoba Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Jazz Atwal reports they continue to look at the provinces public health orders following the changes made this week.  He explains as the pandemic changed, as the virus changed their approach changed as well.  He says they are actively monitoring the trend, data and surveillance to determine their next step with the goal of continuing to review restrictions over the long term and into the spring.  He adds one of the key tools to the reduction of public health orders is vaccination adding increasing vaccination is one way we can continue to keep ourselves and each other safe in the months ahead.


Atwal notes they look at the data monitoring such things as hospitalizations, ICU numbers, the test positivity rate, vaccine rates, available modeling and other relevant data and we continue to head in a very good direction in relation to the impact of COVID-19 on Manitobans and its impact on the health care system.


There is Help Available if You Are Living With an Ongoing Health Condition.

A Get Better Together program will be available in Flin Flon starting on March 9th.  Regional Community Health Developer Christa McIntyre says it’s a free interactive group program that will be available online. She explains Get Better Together is a six session program and its designed for individuals living with any type of ongoing health issues and in the six weeks individuals can build confidence to better manage their illness through group support and discussion on a wide variety of topics such as healthy eating, physical activity, managing pain and fatigue, action planning and much much more.


McIntyre adds examples of ongoing health issues include diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain, depression, anxiety and arthritis.


The virtual Get Better Together program will begin online March 9th and run for six weeks. For information or to register you can call Christa at the Northern Health Region at 204-681-3145.

Rockcliff is Moving Forward With its Properties Near Snow Lake.

Rockcliff Metals Corporation has announced the results of its Preliminary Economic Assessment for their Tower and Rail Project in the Snow Lake Area.  Interim President Ken Lapierre commented they are delighted with the excellent results of this PEA that clearly demonstrates a traditional mining scenario is a legitimate path forward for both the Tower and Rail Deposits.  He notes the results are robust highlighted by an 81 million dollar capital investment generating after tax net present value of 128.6 million and 67 percent internal rate of return.  He adds the short 12 month payback period from a 9.5 year life of mine generates an approximate 12 thousand copper equivalent tonnes per year at an all in sustaining cost of $2.46 US per pound copper. 


Lapierre reports both deposits remain open with a real possibility of adding mineral resources to extend the life of mine adding an additional pipeline of four deposits at various stages of exploration and an extensive portfolio of ground in and around the Snow Lake Mining Camp bodes well for the future of Rockcliff.


Hospital and ICU Numbers in Manitoba Have Gone Down.

Manitoba public health reported 413 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate 27.3 percent.  Of the new cases 168 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 100 in Northern health where 2756 cases are active including 114 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district, 290 in the Thompson Mystery Lake district and 379 in The Pas OCN Kelsey district.  Of the total 124,148 confirmed cases in the province 18,960 are active, 103,586 people have recovered and 697 are in hospital with 40 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan is Ending the Proof of Vaccination Requirement.

Premier Scott Moe has announced the provincial requirement to provide proof of vaccination or negative tests in Saskatchewan businesses, workplaces and other public venues will end this Monday morning at 12:01.  He says it’s time to take the next step in living with COVID-19 and getting our lives back to normal.  He explained:            

“It’s time for us to come together as families, friends and communities and as a province and as a nation and it’s time for us to reach out and support one another.  Let’s not judge our neighbor because they may be vaccinated or because they may not be vaccinated, let’s not judge our neighbor if they should choose to wear a mask or not choose to wear a mask in the coming weeks.  It’s time for each of us as individuals to now make a conscious effort to treat everyone in our daily lives that we encounter equally.”       


Moe noted the remaining public health orders requiring masking in indoor public spaces will remain in effect until the end of February. He added vaccines and rapid test kits will continue to be widely accessible throughout the province noting the need for personal responsibility for self monitoring, self testing and self management and taking the appropriate action if they are unwell.


Funding is Available for Community Projects.

Co-ops across western Canada are helping to create places for everyone through the Co-op Community Spaces Program.  This year one million dollars is available to support capital projects dedicated to recreation, environmental conservation and urban agriculture.

              Co-op Community Spaces was launched in 2015 to help protect, beautify and improve local spaces. Since then it has provided 10.5 million dollars to 147 projects including parks, greenhouses and sports fields.

              Co-op invites registered non-profit organizations, registered charities or community service co-operatives to apply online until March 1st.  Funding between 25 thousand and 150 thousand dollars is available per project.      To learn more about Community Spaces or to apply for funding visit www.communityspaces.ca.

              In 2019 The Pas Families Building a Better Community received 25 thousand dollars for playground equipment through the Swan Valley Co-op.


Flin Flon School Division is Reviewing their Budget Following a Funding Announcement by the Province.

Education Minister Wayne Ewasko has announced funding for the Manitoba School system will increase to 120 million dollars in the upcoming school year.  That includes a 43 million dollar increase in annual funding and additional one time funding of 77 million to address incremental wage costs and other pressures. The annual funding includes an increase of 18 million for public schools, 2.2 million for independent schools and a 23.2 million dollar increase to the Property Tax Offset Grant. 


According to the government release Flin Flon School Division receives 10 million dollars in funding.  If you add in the property offset grant and wage assistance it comes to 10.5 million.


The Division is reviewing all the numbers in the announcement to determine what the effect will be on their budget figures.


New Case Numbers are Down In Manitoba While Saskatchewan Numbers are Not Available.

Manitoba public health reported 258 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 27.3 percent.  Of the new cases 141 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 41 in Northern health where 2653 cases are active including 112 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district. Of the total 123,739 confirmed cases 18,544 are active, 103,595 people have recovered and 702 are in hospital with 47 in intensive care.            

Saskatchewan health is no longer providing daily updates of COVID-19 cases.  They will be providing weekly round ups on Thursdays.  It’s part of a number of changes that are occurring as they prepare to manage COVID-19 in the long term.

Callinex has Set Priority Targets at Their Property Near Flin Flon.

Callinex Mines has announced three exploration target areas at their Pine Bay Project 16 kilometers from Flin Flon.  The Company has outlined a number of high priority targets from the regional OreVision Induced Polarization survey by Abtibi Geophysics and Surface Pulse Electromagnetic survey by Koop Geotechnical that covers 5.5 kilometers of trend that hosts the Rainbow and Sourdough deposits and past producing Centennial Mine further to the south.


President Max Porterfield states they are eager to drill these exciting new targets and more to come as they continue to outline their 2022 exploration plans.  He explains Induced Polarization coupled with borehole pulse electromagnetic were key to discovering the high grade copper, zinc, gold and silver Rainbow deposit in 2020.


Exploration manager JJ O’Donnell adds the major exploration efforts completed since the Rainbow discovery has provided the Callinex team with a better understanding and the tools to continue to add value to the extensive Pine Bay land package.


While northerners may be familiar with feeling the winter blues around this time of year its important to make the distinction from seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

Program Director Marian Goldstone for the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba talks about Seasonal Affective Disorder and the resources that are available to those who are affected by it.


 She explains how SAD compares to other types of depression noting it’s often attributed to lack of sunshine or even any kind of change in the day, the amount of sunshine that disrupts are circadian rhythm or our sleep cycle.  She says it’s most common for us to notice it in the winter but some people actually even experience it in the summer time as well.  She adds it’s not uncommon for it to last up to four or five months without much break and it will kind of fix itself on its own noting the way the diagnose it is if this lasts for at least up to a couple of weeks to a month and it recurs at least two years in a row.


Goldstone encourages people who may be experiencing SAD to seek out a clinician in helping to address it.


She also cites some other ways people can lower the impacts of SAD, which includes regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, taking vitamin D supplements, and using a lamp specifically used to treat seasonal affective disorder.

Active Cases are Still Going Up in Our Manitoba District with New Cases Jumping in Our Saskatchewan Zone.

Manitoba public health reported 623 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 26.8 percent.  Of the new cases 255 are in Winnipeg and 150 in Prairie Mountain with lower numbers in other regions including 80 in Northern health where 2438 cases are active with 102 of those in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 122,632 confirmed cases in the province 17,423 are active, 103,624 people have recovered and 707 are in hospital with 52 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 363 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 867.  Of the total 121,516 confirmed cases 9981 are active, 110,530 people have recovered and 363 are in hospital with 34 in intensive care.  Far Northeast Two reports 17 new cases with 95 cases reported as active.


Canada and Manitoba are Making Child Care More Affordable for Low and Middle Income Families.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson virtually to announce Manitoba is expanding eligibility to its Child Care Subsidy Program effective this Sunday. He explained:          


“Last summer we signed an historic deal with Manitoba.  We laid out a plan to cut fees in half by the end of this year and for 10 dollar a day child care by March of 2023. Today we can announce that thousands of families will be saving money on child care earlier than planned.  Manitoba will now expand the Child Care Subsidy Program and up to 12 thousand additional children will receive support, particularly those in low and middle income families. With this expansion nearly half of regulated spaces in the province will now be subsidized.  Families that apply and qualify for this subsidy program should see their fees cut by as much as 50 percent and we’re still on track to cut average fees in half for Manitoba families by the end of this year.”


For more information on the Child Care subsidy Program and to submit an application

Visit www.gov.mb.ca/fs/childcare/families/childcare_subsidies.html.



Saskatchewan is Launching a Public Awareness Campaign on Mental Health and Addictions.

The Campaign theme There is Help, There is Hope focuses on changing the underlying attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that contribute to stigma surrounding mental health and addictions.  It features Saskatchewan people who have experienced addiction and mental health issues or have counseled people with those experiences.


An addictions counselor with lived experience who participated in the campaign Tommy LaPlante says it’s important to break down the stigma because they are not that label and if we can get rid of the labels and get to know and love people they’ll feel supported.  He explains it’s not always going to feel like this and not everybody’s against me either.  He says all the things he learned from the street about don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel, it doesn’t apply any more, we need to be able to feel, there’s no way around something, you can only work through them and it’s a lot easier if there is help and if there is hope.


The campaign includes television, cinema and radio including Cree and Dene spots, billboard, transit buses and social media.

New Cases Continue to be Reported in Our Districts.

Manitoba public health reported 362 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 27.1 percent.  Of the new cases 203 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 89 in Northern health where 2359 cases are active with 100 of those in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 122,012 confirmed cases in the province 16,787 are active, 103,642 people have recovered and 736 are in hospital with 54 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 837 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 958.  Of the total 120,745 confirmed cases 10,271 are active, 109,473 people have recovered and 384 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reported five new cases with the number of active cases at 84.

A former northern First Nations Chief is conducting an independent review into allegations of racism at the Hudson Bay Railway.

Arctic Gateway Group appointed Christian Sinclair, the former Chief of Opaskwayak Cree Nation who also served in the group’s Board of Directors.


CEO Sheldon Affleck stated in a news release that he has every confidence that Sinclair will investigate the allegations, which were reported by the Winnipeg Free Press earlier this week.


Former and current employees in The Pas allege management turned a blind eye to racial slurs and verbal abuse that were directed at them and were also being prevented from moving up to higher-paid positions within the company.


Sinclair says he’s pleased to accept this role and ensures to get to the bottom of these allegations so that they can move forward to rebuild the Hudson Bay Railway, which is being revamped to safely carry heavier trains and allow for future shipments of grain, commodities, and essential goods to the communities that rely on the rail line.


Social Issues were Raised at the Flin Flon City Council Meeting.

Councillor Ken Pawlachuk raised the issue of the use of drugs and alcohol by people gathering on Main Street resulting in fights, injuries and other issues.  He noted as a Council and City we have to do more about it and faster because it is getting serious.  He suggested if a homeless shelter is the answer then that’s what we have to do because the situation won’t get better by itself.


Mayor Cal Huntley replied we have to work towards a solution but there is no easy solution. He explained Flin Flon is not alone as it’s a prevalent problem that everyone needs to work on and there needs to be some government support as a City Council is not going to fix social problems that are out there but we can do our part and part of that is making the province and feds know what is going on and there needs to be some true reconciliation that can fix these kinds of problems,


Councillor Colleen Arnold reported there is a local group called Everyone Deserves a Home being run through the Friendship Center made up of a large number of local services and organizations looking at this issue and working on homelessness and getting some kind of housing but it takes time and we need everyone at the table including the federal and provincial governments.

A Drill Program Continues to Expand a Deposit Near Snow Lake.

Rockcliff Metals Corporation has announced additional high grade volcanic massive sulphide drill results from its recent phase one drill program completed last year.  They intersected 3.3 percent copper equivalent across 10.8 meters including 4.9 percent equivalent across 5.8 meters at their Copperman property located in the Flin Flon Snow Lake Greenstone belt.


Rockcliff Interim President Ken Lapierre commented Copperman drill results continue to return high grade, significant, thick copper zinc mineralization at relatively shallow depths.  He notes currently their phase two drill program is targeting along strike and below these exciting drill results where the mineralization remains open in all directions. He adds Rockcliff is very active this winter with a multifaceted exploration program targeting VMS discoveries on several high priority properties within their extensive property portfolio.


Hospital Numbers are Still a Concern in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 526 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 29.2 percent.  Of the new cases 284 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 81 in Northern health where 3121 cases are active with 95 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 121,655 confirmed cases 32,547 are active, 87,532 people have recovered and 744 are in hospital with 54 in intensive care.  An outbreak has been declared at St. Paul’s Personal Care Home in The Pas.


Saskatchewan health reported 611 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 1022.  Of the total 119,894 confirmed cases 10,354 are active, 108,543 people have recovered and 372 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reports seven new cases with 93 cases now reported as active.

The Manitoba Government has Announced a Relaxation in Some of the Public Health Orders.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin has announced based on current COVID-19 projections the government is taking a cautious path towards reducing public health restrictions over the next several weeks.  Private gatherings where everyone is fully vaccinated will be expanded to allow the household plus 25 others in indoor spaces and 50 people in outdoor spaces. More stringent restrictions are already in place for private gatherings with individuals who are not vaccinated.  The changes will also allow sports and recreation tournaments to resume, extend liquor sales to 12 AM at licensed premises and casinos, museums, restaurants and professional sports events will still be limited to half capacity but will no longer be capped at a maximum of 250 people.  The new orders will come into effect at 12:01 AM Tuesday and will remain in effect until February 22nd.


Premier Heather Stefanson also announced they will make 16.3 million dollars available to businesses and the arts and culture sector that have been affected by public health orders.


More information can be found online at www.manitoba.ca/covid19.



Flin Flon RCMP Have Seized Weapons and Cash.

At approximately 2 Saturday morning as part of an ongoing investigation Flin Flon RCMP along with assistance from the Emergency Response Team executed a search warrant at a residence on Hapnot Street.  Officers seized a firearm, Canadian currency and a machete.  A 21 year old Winnipeg man was arrested at the scene. He has been charged with possession of a firearm when knowing possession is prohibited and possession of property obtained by crime.  He was released from custody and is scheduled to appear in court on March 3rd.

              Flin Flon RCMP continue to investigate.


Improvements Continue at the Flin Flon Airport.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council approved their agreement with the federal government for funding of approach lighting at the Flin Flon airport. Under the Airports Capital Assistance Program the government will pay one hundred percent of the total eligible expenses for the project up to a maximum of just over 90 thousand dollars. The project includes removal of the existing system, installation of 12 omni-directional beacons and cable and handheld programmer.


Council approved on final reading their bylaw to establish a system to regulate the condition and maintenance of vacant and derelict buildings and to discourage the boarding of vacant buildings.


Council approved the attendance at the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association convention in Regina April 3rd to 6th by Councillors Tim Babcock, Karen MacKinnon, Leslie Beck and Ken Pawlachuk and Treasurer Lyn Brown. The convention offers over 20 hours of educational content, new dialogue with SUMA sessions, access to municipal, provincial and federal leaders and over one hundred tradeshow vendors.


Businesses Across Manitoba Need Access to Rapid Testing.

Manitoba Chambers of Commerce President Chuck Davidson has written to Premier Heather Stefanson for support for businesses in continuing to deal with challenges associated with COVID-19.  He notes they understand there must be a balance between supporting local business, stimulating the economy and protecting our province’s healthcare system.


Davidson writes there is no question that in the fourth wave Omicron is the main factor setting the capacity limits not provincial health orders adding even among businesses permitted to operate at 100 percent capacity most are operating at less than that. Ensuring that businesses have access to rapid tests to ensure their workforce is healthy is one way the government can support businesses and ensure they can keep their doors open but unfortunately they are having difficulty accessing rapid test kits.


He asks the government to design a comprehensive rapid test strategy and distribution plan to ensure the provision of rapid tests to businesses throughout the entire province quickly and efficiently once the shipment from the federal government has been received and ensure that those Manitoba businesses required to reduce capacity limits as a result of COVID-19 health orders are financially compensated.

New Case Numbers Continue to Drop in Manitoba And Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 491 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 30.1 percent.  Of the new cases 234 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 92 in Northern health where 3047 cases are active including 88 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 121,131 confirmed cases in the province 32,013 are active, 87,549 people have recovered and 737 are in hospital with 54 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 661 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 1105.  Of the total 119,272 confirmed cases 11,370 are active, 106,909 people have recovered and 370 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reported 10 new cases with 99 cases active.  Saskatchewan has now distributed more than 15 million rapid antigen kits to public distribution centers, schools, Indigenous Services Canada and the Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority.

Foran Continues to Intersect High Grade Mineralization West of Flin Flon.

Foran Mining Corporation reports high grade intercepts from three holes drilled during the 2021 exploration on its Bigstone Deposit.  The deposit is located 25 kilometers southwest of its McIlvenna Bay deposit 65 kilometers west of Flin Flon.


Grades include up to 14 percent zinc over 9.5 meters in one hole, 3.14 percent copper and 5.49 grams per tonne gold in the second and 454 grams per tonne silver over 0.5 meters in the third.


Foran’s Executive Chairman and CEO Dan Myerson commented high grade intercepts like these are rare and very exciting and in the case of Foran further emphasize the expansion at their already established camp and showcase what the Hanson Lake District has to offer.  He adds these intercepts outline the ongoing opportunity to discover additional mineralization and potentially establish Bigstone as a high grade deposit that could lead to their future centralized milling facility at McIlvenna Bay.


Manitoba RCMP Report an Increase in Crime in the North Last Month.

They report an increase of 22 percent in calls for service in the northern district in December to 5273 from 4334 in December 2020. That includes an increase from 635 to 896 in common police activities with wellbeing checks up from 87 to 166 and people reported missing up from 105 to 156.


Crimes against person increased from 570 to 771 including sexual offences increasing from 24 to 27, assaults increasing from 423 to 603 and robbery, extortion, harassment, threats increasing from 105 to 117.  Crimes against property increased from 655 to 1103 with theft over five thousand dollars increasing from 16 to 31 and mischief increasing from 494 to 921.  And drug enforcement was up from 34 to 43 with possession increasing from one to 11 while trafficking decreased from 30 to 27.



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