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Local Students Will be Part of a Large Band Concert.


Flin Flon and Creighton School Division students are taking part in the annual Parkland NorMan Honor Band in Dauphin this weekend.  Band Instructor Kim Jones explains the students have two days of rehearsals, Saturday they have a dress rehearsal and then they perform a concert.  She says the awesome thing about Honor Band is they get to go and be in large bands like 50 plus students per band with students from Thompson, The Pas, Swan River, Dauphin and all sorts of smaller towns around Dauphin and Swan River and it gives a chance for the students in the north to interact with like minded students and they also get sectional instruction from people that are professional on their instruments and they work with really high level conductors.


Jones adds eleven students from grades 8 to 12 are taking part this year but they have 96 students taking part in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival in Banff in April.


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