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The Fines are in Place for Pushing Your Snow on the Road.

St.Mary's Church


At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council gave final reading to an amendment to the Traffic Bylaw to allow for the setting of fines for people pushing snow off their property onto the roadway so as to obstruct traffic. The fines start at 100 dollars for the first offence, 150 for the second up to 500 dollars for further offences. Councilor Guy Rideout said they hope this will get people thinking about what they are doing with their snow.


Mayor Cal Huntley reported discussions will continue with Bell MTS on getting high speed internet into Flin Flon.  He said he hasn’t received confirmation on a date when it will happen but it’s in the near future adding it’s embarrassing that it hasn’t happened yet.


And Council will prepare a resolution to rezone the former St. Mary’s Church property on Hiawatha Avenue from residential to educational as it has been purchased by and is now being used by Flin Flon School Division in partnership with the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank.


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