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Local Contractors are a Large Part of the Hospital Upgrade.

Sean Fehr


 An open house was held last night to give an update on the Flin Flon General Hospital Emergency Department Redevelopment project.


Chief Executive Officer Helga Bryant says this is the seventh open house, the first with construction activity on sight.  She talked about the temporary access at the back of the hospital noting they are working on improving it and welcome any concerns people have.


Contractor Sean Fehr of Fresh Projects Building says the goal is to open the new facility in December of 2017.  He says they plan to have the walls up and the roof on and water proofed before much snow falls.  Fehr says they have 25 people working on site and that will double shortly and two thirds will be local due to the number of quality people available here.


The total cost of the project is 24 million dollars with the local area contribution 2.4 million. Fund Raising Foundation Chair Brent Lethbridge says they are 68 percent of the way there at 1.623 million.  He presented a cheque for 200 thousand dollars from funds raised to the project.

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