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Cheques Will Be in the Mail for Co-op Members Soon.

General Manager Randy Dumenko told the 78th annual meeting of the North of 53 Co-op it was another good year.  Sales in the food division were just over 26.4 million dollars and the petroleum division just over 11.4 million for total sales of just over 37.9 million dollars. He explained as the price of food rose they noticed consumer shopping patterns changed.  The higher price for fuel contributed to the higher dollar amount in sales.  Total liters sold did have an increase of 3.10 percent over the previous year with food having a slight decrease of .35 percent.  He noted as a result of local savings, Federated Co-op patronage and loyalty programs they are left with savings of just over 1.3 million dollars so the Board has elected to do an allocation of just over 458 thousand dollars to membership with cheques in the mail soon


Two Board members Del Ward and James Johnson were re-elected to the Board for three year terms by acclamation.

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