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A Committee Has Been Put In Place To Deal With Crime In Our Community

There is a newly formed Neighbors Of The North and Public Safety Committee  who has reached out to various groups and organizations in our community on a way to handle crime in our area.


Yesterday on the City Beat Show on 102.9 CFAR, Councillor Judy Eagle was in to discuss this new organization and how it got started.


“This committee was recently formed by council, and it is to help address concerns in Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach. We share similar concerns, drugs, drug use, social issues and all the crime that comes from that. We hear all over the place that everyone has these problems, and that is true,  but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t move forward in a long term and meaningful way to fix these issues. It is not a fast fix and it has taken a long time to really recognize these issues as they grow and grow.”


There has already been some progress made as the Friendship Centre has hired a couple of Outreach workers and the Freedom Outreach Adult and Teen Challenge  will be opening an office on Flin Flon’s Main street soon.


There next meeting is planned for some time in June and if you would like more information you can contact City Hall and ask to talk to Lynn Brown.

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