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You Have One More Chance to Save the Trout Festival.



Five people including two executive members and a committee chair attended the Trout Festival annual meeting Thursday night.  President Anita Bradt, Vice-President Melissa Richard and Main Street Chair Anita Pruden reported they have been meeting with the Canada 150 Homecoming Committee to discuss Main Street events and the Fish Fry as they will be doing the Trout Festival in conjunction with the Homecoming.


Anita Pruden has agreed to continue with Main Street events, Melissa Richard will do the Fish Fry, Rick Hall will do the canoe events and Sheena Reed offered to help Tina Law with the parade.


Because of the poor turnout at the meeting all Executive positions will be left open until they are able to get more people involved.  They will have an emergency meeting on January 12th to give people another opportunity to get involved or will look at folding the Festival after next year.  Anyone who can help out or has an idea for a new event including as a fund raiser for your group is urged to attend the meeting or contact Anita at 271-0153 or Melissa at 271-2705.

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