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Government Cheque Cashing Fees Have Been Set.


In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act the Public Utilities Board maintains the maximum rates that may be charged for the cashing of government cheques.  These include the Government of Canada, Province of Manitoba and government agencies listed by regulation including the Manitoba Housing Authority, the Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation, the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation, the Workers Compensation Board and Manitoba Hydro.


With certain exceptions the maximum fee tariff will be the sum of 3 dollars plus 2 percent of the face value of the cheque. Exceptions include for cheques on which a hold is placed and cash not then provided, the maximum charge to be levied will be the lesser of 5 dollars or the sum of 3 dollars and 2 percent of the face value and for cheques cashed with a concurrent requirement that the person purchase goods or services aggregating 10 percent or more of the cheque, no fee may be charged.  Cheque cashers currently charging either no fee or fees less than the allowed maximum are encouraged to continue to do so.


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