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The Newly elected Flin Flon City Council Held Their First Public Meeting Last Night.


After being sworn in by City Administrator Glenna Daschuk along with Council, Mayor Cal Huntley welcomed the five re-elected City Councilors along with newly elected Councilor Colleen Arnold.


The Councilors mentioned they look forward to a good four years working together. Some of their comments included Councilors Karen MacKinnon and Colleen McKee noting we have a lot of good things happening and need to keep working on city development including seniors housing and the upgrade of the Aqua Center.  Councilor Colleen Arnold added the need for Indigenous services. McKee also noted it’s time for people’s voices to be heard to take ownership of their city.


Mayor Huntley said he is pleased with the election results as he had hoped for the return of Council and the results show they can continue moving forward having voters showing their support for what they have been doing.


In business Council received the Fire Chiefs Report for October showing eleven incidents during the month and they also applied to the federal government a grant to cover the cost of the purchase of a new loader at the airport.


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