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The Northern Health Region is Working on Ideas to Make Doctors More Available.

 CEO Helga Bryant and Communications Coordinator Twyla Storey


Northern Health Region CEO Helga Bryant told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday they are limited in recruiting doctors by provincial funding and the fact doctors want to live in larger urban centers.  She says they are working with a group from Winnipeg who are willing to come here part time which has worked well in the emergency room.  She says we know this is what the new graduates from the University of Manitoba want, they want to work part time in the north in a very diverse practice but they want to live in Winnipeg and they want to do some of their practice in Winnipeg and that’s a benefit to us because they develop relationships down there and they’re working in the hospitals and clinics in Winnipeg so when they come here they bring those skills, they bring those competencies and they bring those relationships which they have with specialists in Winnipeg and that is a good thing.


  Bryant says they are also working on a team approach to health care where physicians only see the patients they need to see making use of the other service providers on their team freeing up physicians to see more patients in need of their attention.

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