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There Are Still Concerns About a Special Services Fee.

Flin Flon City Council held a public meeting Friday night.  The meeting was to discuss extending their special services proposal that began last year establishing a per parcel rate to defray the cost of police and fire protection services so all property owners share the cost of these services.  This would be a four year program with the same charges this year as last year for police services but an increase for fire services to account for capital costs raising the fee to 598 dollars from 550 last year.  It was noted this increase will be off set by a reduction in the general mill rate.  The rate will then rise by up to three percent for the following years.


Concerns were raised on personal tax situations, the effect of the provincial assessment, a school tax rebate is only available in Manitoba and increased charges are having a negative effect on middle range home owners.


One speaker felt the flat rate shifts the tax burden from the high range to low range homes while another felt this is a fair system to ensure the future of our community while a third added we all should pay our fair share.


The proposal now goes to the Municipal Board to decide if there is the need for a public hearing.

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