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Health Forum Held In Town

Flin Flon's MLA Tom Lindsay, Doyle Vermette the MLA for the Cumberland Constituency and Andrew Swan the opposition  health care critic held a public forum at the Flin Flon Community Hall this past Friday to discuss health care in our area.


There was a very good turn out and a number of issues were raised including a better or more efficeint way of re-newing prescriptions, better co-operation for cross border patients and how to attract more health care professionals to our area.


After the meeting was over Tom Lindsay talked about where they would go from here:" There is a lot of good ideas that came out here tonight, so between Andrew, Doyle and myself we will start taking those and formulating a game plan, things we can address with Helga Bryant up front. Things we can take back to the minister , we are going through an estimates program right now with both governments on budgets. The next step really is I want to ensure the c.e.o realizes,  what a great idea this meeting was and how respectful it was,  so the next time we have a public meeting Helga and the health minister want to be a part of it."


Some of the other medical issues that were addressed included a need for an MRI machine for the north and more telehealth services to save on trips to Winnipeg.


If you have any questions or would like to have a health issue addressed you can contact Tom Lindsay at his office at : 204-687-3246.

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