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Our MLA Encourages People to Attend Memorials Tomorrow to Mark the National Day of Mourning.


MLA Tom Lindsey told the Legislature yesterday it is saddening that even with many safety requirements in place workplace fatalities and injuries still occur.  In fact there were 27 workplace fatalities in Manitoba last year.  He said it is their job as MLAs to ensure legislation is put in place and followed to help prevent injury and illness from occurring.  He said dismantling the advisory council on workplace health and safety, cutting the workplace health and safety department’s budget and reducing the number of workplace inspections does not help to address the issues, rather it demonstrates a priority of cutting costs ahead of workers safety.  He says these laws exist because of the blood of Manitoba workers adding any reduction in these laws or in the inspectors who enforce them fails all those who have been killed at work and all workers.


Lindsey encouraged all members to attend a memorial in their community tomorrow as he has done for many years.



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