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You Can Have Someone Arrested.


The Womens Resource Centre is holing a Jail N Bail fund raising event during the Leisure Show at the Creighton Sportex April 26th to 28th.  The Centre’s Colleen Arnold says people whose names are submitted are arrested by volunteers.  She explains the jail birds must agree to be arrested and once they arrive at the jail their bail is set by the mock judge.  They then start making pledges by calling friends, relatives and co-workers to earn their bail and donations of 20 dollars or more can get a tax receipt and all of the proceeds go to the operation of the Safe Haven.


Arnold adds the volunteer jail birds will receive a t-shirt that says they’re the property of the Women’s Resource Centre and mug shots and videos will be posted on their Facebook page. Last year they raised just under 18 hundred dollars and arrest forms are available by contacting the Women’s Resource Centre.


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