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Two Flin Flonners Received Awards Yesterday for Their Dedication to Our History.

Gerry Clark and Don Peake at Government House


Don Peake and Gerry Clark both received Lieutenant Governors Awards for Historical Preservation and Promotion yesterday.


Peake was nominated by the Flin Flon Heritage project for his untiring work in assembling, restoring and categorizing the written and pictorial history of Flin Flon which was jeopardized by the flooding of the basement of the Public Library several years ago.  As there was no formal archive of Flon Flon’s history Peake with assistance from the Flin Flon Heritage Project and the city Librarian took on the challenge of saving and preserving this valuable resource and has been instrumental in making local residents aware of the fragility of the history without proper archival and preservation techniques.


Clark was nominated by the Mayor and Council with support from the Arts Council and School Division.  Since the early 70’s he has been the city’s unofficial historian being a founding member of the Flin Flon Historical Society and helping to write the book Flin Flon: A History. He gives presentations on historical themes, has developed history themed walking tours of Flin Flon and he chaired a committee to recognize the role of Indigenous trapper David Collins in the discovery of the Flin Flon ore body.


The awards were presented at Government House yesterday afternoon.

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