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A 3-D Printer is Being Used at Hapnot Collegiate.


On Tuesday evening the Flin Flon School Board was treated to a presentation from teachers Daniel Dillon, Trevor Sytnick and grade nine Hapnot student Troy Petryk.  Troy has chosen 3D printing for his 20 time project.  Through his research into the benefits of 3D printing it turned into a campaign to get one for the school.  Printers don’t come cheap so Troy made efforts to reach out to community organizations for assistance. It turned out the Rotary Club came through funding the entire twelve hundred dollar purchase.  Troy taught himself how to assemble and operate the unit spending a lot of his personal time watching You Tube tutorials and following the user manual.  Troy will be working closely with the teaching staff on future printing projects and looks forward to leading in making the 3D printer a useful tool for the community.  He has made a 3D Rotary Wheel which he presented to the Club as well as a mini microscope used on a cell phone and a variety of other items as seen on the 102.9 CFAR Facebook Page.


The public is welcome to attend the 20 time presentations June 15th from 6 to 8 pm at the Hapnot Theatre.



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