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The Budget Doesn't Look Promising for the North.

Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey says he doesn’t see a whole lot for the north in the Manitoba budget…..


“They did talk about some mining companies doing some investing and their other fund being doubled to 50 million dollars but really a lot of that investment in mining is the result of the times not necessarily as a result of anything the government has done.  What we didn’t see was any mention of improvements to health care facilities or people in the north.  I think that after seven years of watching them cut and not spend whatever it was that they said they were going to spend particularly on health care and infrastructure, they under spent those budgets for years, now all of a sudden they’re saying trust us, we’ll actually spend the money that we’ve forecast here.  I don’t think we can trust them to live up to anything that they’ve promised in this budget.”


This is the final Manitoba budget before the provincial election set for October 3rd.

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