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It Was a Busy Weekend for Skiers and Snowmobilers.



As part of the Bust the Winter Blues Festival the 48th annual Val and Ivor Hedman Centaloppet took place at the Flin Flon Ski Club.  71 people took part in the event.


The Centaloppet Cup was presented to the skier with the best corrected time based on age and gender to 5 year old Michael Dumenko.  The best actual finish time around the 3.4 kilometer loop for senior males 20 and over went to Callum Spencer at 12 minutes 16 seconds and for senior females Gabrielle Swan at 21 minutes 52 seconds. You can find a complete list of prize winners attached to this story at www.flinflononline.com.


38 riders took part in the Border Explorers Snowmobile Poker Derby. The top three prizes went to ghost rider hands which were 750 dollars to Cory Slater, 500 to Greg Nixon, 300 to Michel Dupont and the fourth prize went to Tyler Morin at 200 dollars.  The 200 dollar 50-50 prize went to Debbie Wenger.


The weekend also included the Kinette Club’s Trivia Night as well as plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for all ages.


48th Annual Val & Ivor Hedman Centaloppet 

at Flin Flon Ski Club  ~  Sunday March 5, 2023


Prize Winners


Centaloppet Cup Winner – Corrected Time:   Michael Dumenko - age 5  


Second place – Corrected Time:  Luke Unrau – age 6 


Third Place – Corrected Time:  Matthew Unrau – age 7   


Top Finishers – Actual Time:


Senior Male (20+):  Callum Spencer  (12 minutes, 16 seconds) 

Senior Female (20+):  Gabrielle Swan  (21:52)

Junior Men (15-19):  (No entries)   

Junior Women (15-19):  Maia Bellisle  (26:10) 

Boys (11-14):  Deakon Anaka  (14:16) 

Girls (11-14):  Ariana Bellisle  (21:28)

Boys (under 10):  Matthew Unrau  (21:25)  

Girls (under 10):  Charlotte Unrau  (14:12)


Youngest Skier:  Rory McCulloch  (aged 5) 


Youngest Participants:  Mae Campbell  (9 months)


Oldest Skier:  Larry Fancy 


Largest Family:  The Unraus (x5)


Happiest Face:  Elizabeth Whitbread   


Best Dressed Adult:  Deanie Olsen


Best Dressed Junior:  Lucy Dumenko:  


Most Persevering:  Jakob Kozar 


Most Colourful:  Shaylene Dumenko

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