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They Lit Candles to Remember.

People joined the Womens Resource Center at Pioneer Square Friday evening for the annual Candle Light Vigil.  Center Board Member Mark Lucas told them the event remembers victims of the Montreal Massacre of 1989 when a young man killed 14 young women because of their gender and violence against women continues. He said we see the effects of their deaths and of violence against women on members of our community, on other women, on families and on children and this has to stop.  Women are still unsafe in their homes, communities and workplaces and they deserve better. Let us never forget that many women continue to live and die in the shadow of violence.  As the December 6th massacre truly demonstrates violence against women is closely linked to issues of equality.  These women can no longer speak for themselves so it is those of us that go on living who must speak for them and to change the world we live in.


Lucas stated we all need to work to end violence against women as every day women must have what they need to live without fear, without violence and with choice, so let’s work together here in Flin Flon to make it happen.


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