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The Liberal Government Has Failed to Address Northern Housing and the Climate Crisis.

On Friday Member of Parliament for Churchill Keewatinook Aski Niki Ashton responded to the Liberal governments Throne Speech.  Ashton said the Liberals failed to address the urgent challenges northerners and Indigenous People face in Manitoba.  She explained in the north we can already see the impact of climate change as the ice road season is getting shorter and our infrastructures are in danger and the Speech From the Throne doesn’t even mention this.  She said ending oil subsidies would have been a good start or not buying pipelines but that’s not what they were supporting asking way are the Liberals refusing to act.


Ashton adds in our north people are in dire need of safe and affordable housing, all season roads and basic health services and the Liberals showed no willingness to act urgently to help them.  She notes New Democrats will continue to push Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to do what’s right to deliver justice to our north.


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