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The RCMP Are Asking What Is The Rush

As we head into the last long weekend of the summer the RCMP are reminding motorists you’re not alone on the highways, there are also plenty of RCMP officers on the roadways helping to ensure the safety of all who travel in our province.


They report last year just under 22 thousand people were charged for speed related infractions.  A ticket for traveling 20 kilometers per hour over the posted speed is 312 dollars and in a construction zone that fine increases to 573.  However they note a fine is not the biggest consequence you could face.  In rural Manitoba 48 percent of traffic fatalities involve either excessive speed or driving too fast for conditions which is approximately 44 people who die each year because of speed.


The RCMP say as police officers they do their best to ensure people are safe but they cannot slow your vehicle down so make the right choice, enjoy the summer and drive safely.

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