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Our High Schools Continue to Work on Improving Student Performance

Last night Hapnot Collegiate and Many Faces Education Center Principal Brent Bedford and Vice-Principal Patty Korchinski presented this year’s school goals to the Flin Flon School Board.  Along with following the Division’s goals of improving numeracy and literacy Bedford said they are also focusing on four school specific goals.  Utilizing the Google app for education the schools look to increase technology usage with students by offering extra computer courses in the fall, through facebook, their website and the Hapnot Hype feature in the Reminder promote all good things happening at the schools and improving the resource department with four teachers recording attendance and what students are working on to help evaluate student progress.  With continued recycling and e-cycling efforts sustainable development was the fourth goal being improved for the current school year.


All schools will hold parent teacher interviews today with an early dismissal at 2:15.   

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