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A Drone Magnetic Survey has been Completed on Lithium Properties near Snow Lake.

Foremost Lithium Resource and Technology Limited has recently completed a UAV or drone assisted high resolution airborne magnetic survey on its Lithium Lane Properties near Snow Lake.  Foremost contracted EarthEx Geophysical Solutions from Selkirk, Manitoba which flew over the entire 43 thousand acre land package.  They report the UAV system’s resolution has provided excellent litho-structural detail over all of Foremost’s Lithium Lane Properties and has generated detailed 3D models of the magnetic resources on the properties. The resolution of the survey allows targeting of bedrock structure which may host lithium pegmatite deposits which when coupled with 3D products from inversion of magnetic survey data provides an excellent source of information for Foremost Lithium to define drill targets on their property based on their magnetic signatures including both magnetic and non-magnetic targets.


EarthEx President Daniel Card says the high quality of the magnetic data collected could play a central role in Foremost’s exploration efforts.


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