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With Low Numbers of COVID-19 in Manitoba Plans are Developing for Back to School.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin reported this afternoon one new case of COVID-19 in the Southern Health Region.  The number of active cases is 15 so with the numbers remaining low Education Minister Kelvin Goetrzen says there are plans for back to school September 8th including for those anxious about going back.  He explains where there are children who are immune compromised or there are other things that are happening in their families they’re looking to have some sort of provisions for them.  He says some of them might be centralized within the department itself whether that’s providing course material distributed throughout the education system recognizing it might be difficult for teachers clearly to do both on a significant basis but there will be some of that where there will be some at home learning because there will be more kids who are staying home because they are feeling sick or because they have an underlying health condition.


Final confirmation on the plan will be provided by August 1st.  The complete plan can be viewed at www.manitoba.ca/covid19/restoring/safeschools.html and you can provide feedback at www.engagemb.ca.


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