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The CEO and founder of Canada's child advocacy group says she welcomes the senate introducing a bill to establish a Commissioner of Children and Youth in the country.

Sara Austin with Children First Canada says the idea of a children’s commissioner is not new, and that the bill has been long overdue as over 60 countries around the world have instated one.  She explains the Children’s Commission could actually play an important role in helping to move the needle by having somebody who’s independent from political influence so regardless of who the government of the day is there will always be somebody leading the charge for the wellbeing of kids, somebody who can do investigations, visit places where children are cared for and supported whether it be schools or hospitals even detention centers but also to really play the role of bringing   the federal government together with the provinces and territories to create a national plan of action and to really move the needle in an urgent way and begin to see some real traction and movement of the indicators that are leaving our kids behind.


Austin says contrary to popular belief, Canada is currently ranked 25th out of 41 wealthy nations when it comes to being a world-leading country for kids.


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