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Help is Available if You Need a Birth Certificate.

An identification clinic is being held on Tuesday June 30th.  Committee member Colleen Tower explains the Everyone Deserves a Home Community Committee and the Lords Bounty Food Bank will be holding the clinic with support from the Flin Flon Rotary Club.  She says the clinic will be by appointment only and it’s for those who need financial support to pay for the application fee for a birth certificate as well as those who might need help navigating the application process.  She notes they know that without a birth certificate accessing services that many people take for granted becomes much more difficult.  We need ID to access health care, employment, get a bank account, to vote and even to access a roof over our heads.  Tower adds they also knew for some the cost of the application is a huge barrier.  She says their group also considered many people would benefit from support to navigate the complex application form so the clinic seemed like the way to go.


Appointments can be made by calling the Food Bank at 204-687-7262 or stop in there at 2 Hiawatha Avenue on Tuesday or Wednesday morning.


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