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With summer officially started, the Canadian Red Cross is urging Manitobans to be prepared for tornados, regardless of where you live.

The head of emergency management in Manitoba, Alison Everitt explains while tornados typically occur in the southern parts of the province, extreme wind events do take place in the north, and adds tornados are increasing in frequency.


She adds it’s important for people to know how to prepare for tornados, especially as the province re-opens and northerners head down south.


 Everitt explains what the signs are that a tornado is approaching.  She says often there’s large hail coming down, the sky looks a little bit different, so it could look really dark but it could also be kind of green or orangey grey, then low rotating funnel cloud shapes in the sky and then a lot of noise.


Everitt stresses the importance of having an emergency kit ready for any disaster, with supplies like water, non perishable food, and a first aid kit that will last you and your family up to 72 hours.


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