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Flin Flon Area Residents Gathered Yesterday to Demand Justice.

They gathered at Pioneer Square yesterday afternoon joining others around the world to speak out on black lives matter as well as demanding justice for the unjustice.  Organizer Cassandra Porteous explains their message is to bring justice to the unjustice on Black lives matter and Indigenous lives matter and missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and two spirited because a lot of people around the world don’t realize what is actually going around and all the police brutality and the unfairness in the systemic racism and the oppression these people have gone through just because of the color of their skin.  She adds she just wants to bring awareness that it’s happening here in Flin Flon with racism and the oppression and everywhere else so she thinks if we stand up as a big enough group and if enough of us stand together around the world something will change.


Around 75 people attended the protest that ran from noon to three at Pioneer Square.

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