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January is Alzheimers Awareness Month

 Alzheimer’s Society Manitoba is encouraging those impacted by dementia to reach out to them for support.


Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative disease where several changes occur such as brain cells shrinking or disappearing overtime.


This in turn leads to less brain tissue and effects how the brain functions.


Regional Manager Liz McLeod shares the prevalence of Alzheimer’s in Manitoba.  She explains there’s over 23 thousand diagnosed now and we know that number is going up as the largest part of our population, that is the baby boomers, as they age they become at higher risk for developing dementia so the more people you have in the higher age ranges the more dementia diagnoses you’re going to get.


This year’s campaign is “Community Changes Everything”, which involves sharing stories from people living with dementia who’ve received support from the organization and encourage those who haven’t to seek out their programs and resources.

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