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Soccer Teams Off To Saskatoon

Saskatoon will be hosting the Harder Avalon Classic Soccer Tournament this weekend.


There will be two teams from Flin Flon competing. The girls team is the Flin Flon Fury, and the boys team is the Flin Flon Fusion.


Here is a schedule of their games:


Flin Flon Fury (girls)


Friday- 7:45 pm against V.U.S.C


Saturday 8 AM against Swift Current United U16,  1:45 pm against Aurora Mirage


Playffs start Sunday at 9:20



Flin Flon Fusion (boys)


Saturday noon against Humboldt Hurricanes, 5:45 against Lakewood


Sunday noon against Swift Current United


Playoffs start at 1


Bomber AGM Audio

As promised here are the interviews from this past Wednesday's Bomber AGM with President Hank Kozar and Head Coach and GM Mike Reagan.


Hank discusses finances, new board members and the direction of the club.


Mike talks about their expectations for the upcoming season, a very successful spring camp and futures trades that are now being completed.


You can hear those interviews here:



Hank interview



Mike interview

Bomber AGM Highlights






The Flin Flon Bombers held thair annual general meeting last night at the Flin Flon Community Hall Green room.


among the highlights


Bomber President Hank Kozar thanked all the volunteers and board members for all their hard work this past season. Hank said one of the biggest plusses from the past year was the organization purchasing their own bus, with contributions from corporate sponsors.


Hank also went on to thank the bus drivers , Paul Garrett, Joe Danis, Tom Morrison and Cornelious Weib who were all volunteers.


Kozar noted that they had to make some tough trades, but believes it was best for their organization at the time and is very excited about the futures coming back in trades and young recruits coming in with a very good group of returnees.


The Bombers will be looking for a new secretary treasurer as Dave Brooks after ten years serving on the board did not seek re-election. Hank thanked Dave for all his contributions and received a standing ovation from all those in attendance.


Financially speaking things are starting to look good.


Revenue is up in corporate advertising, souvenirs, the golf tournament and boat draw.


Unfortunately season tickets were significantly lower.


The Bombers turned a profit of: $9,885.38 and their overall debt is around $120,000. Not bad when you consider $75,000 of that is owing on the bus.


It was also noted that 41% of the Bomber crowds this past season  paid at the door.


Mike Reagan mentioned that it was a very successful spring camp in Saskatoon this past weekend, and their are a number of elite prospects they would like to sign.


Some of the prospects include Lance Yaremchuk who played with the PA Mintos, Curtis Roach from the Saskatoon Contacts and younger brother of former Bomber Josh Roach and Dustin Perillat from the Saskatoon Blazers. Perillat played in 11 games for the Bombers last season picking up 4 points, 2 goals and 2 assists


More future trades were announced:


The Bombers have completed the trade with Dauphin by re-aquiring Dillan McCombie, and 6'4 forward Tanner Lomsnes who had 34 points in 32 games last season.


Flin Flon also gets forward Chris Rauckman from Drumheller of the AJHL. This was futures in the Devin Buffalo trade. Rauckman had 33 goals last year and could be a potential 40 goal guy this year. The Bombers will receive one more player from Drumheller who will be named after the AJHL Showcase.

Reagan mentioned that the futures from the Yorkton Terriers will be announced next week, although in a surprising development from the AGM, it was learned that Brett Boehm's rights will revert back to Flin Flon.


Boehm could potentially be back in a Bomber uniform to start the season.


There is also 26 players returning next season with Junior A experience.


New board director's elected to positions last night.


Paul Garrett re-elected to Vice President

Directors for 2 year positions- David Hane, Gary  Westhaver and Tanya Benoit

Directors for 1 year positions- Lisa Tower and Emily Robinson


I will have audio with Mike and Hank on tomorrow's blog.

Basketball Camp

Hapnot Collegiate will be hosting a basketball camp for the second straight year, later this summer August the 1st to the 3rd.


It will be open to the first 40 boys and girls to sign up between 11-13. Cost is $50.00 per child.


The instructors will be Don Dyke- coach of the Hapnot SR Boys, Dale Wride coach of the JR Boys and Ian Clark coach of the Creighton SR Boys.


All registration forms and money is to be returned to your school's main office by June the 12th.

Opening Day Results

The Phantom Lake Golf Club held their opening day tournament this past Saturday.


Here are the results:


Championship Flight- Ray Shirran- 74 (winner)


2nd Darcy Salomandra


3rd Jeff Woods


1st flight


winner- Derek Reid


Seniors Championship Flight


winner- Doug Anderson


Seniors 1st flight-


Steve Stelmach- winner


Ladies Championship-


Judy Maitland- winner


Ladies first flight


Sheila Sproxton- winner


Junior Championship


Brad Fox-winner

Bombers Host Prospects This Weekend

The Flin Flon Bombers will be holding their annual spring camp starting today at the Shroh Arena in Saskatoon.


Mike Reagan is very excited about the talented group that will be attending this year, and was on 102.9 CFAR yesterday to talk about this year's camp.


You can hear that interview here:


Opening Day Tournament

The Phantom Lake Golf Club kicks off their season with the first big event of the year, the 2014 Opening Day Tournament.


It takes place this Saturday at 11, with a men's, ladies, senior and junior divisions.


$35.00 for 18 holes of golf, a roast beef supper and prizes. Deadline for entries is this Friday. Call the Pro Shop at 688-5555.

Bombers Complete Blair Trade




   Braden Lacoursiere




     Brandon Lesko


Mike Reagan announced on Friday that the Flin Flon Bombers had finalized the deal that sent Cam Blair to the Battleford North Stars this past January.


The Bombers get 1996 born defenseman Braden Lacoursiere and prospect 1998 born forward Brandon Lesko.


Lacoursiere had 6 points( 2goals and 4 assists) in 39 games with the Stars last season. Lesko had 26 points(9 goals and 17 assists)in 41 games with the AAA Stars.


Reagan announced the trade on 102.9 CFAR and you can hear all the details here:


Bomber AGM Coming Up

The Flin Flon Bombers will be hosting their AGM at the Flin Flon Community Hall Green Room Wednesday, May the 28th at 7PM.


The meeting will include a President's Report, Financial Report and Coach's Report. There will also be an oppurtunity to ask questions from the floor and election for Board of Director positions.


The Flin Flon Bombers are looking forward to a good turn out.

Golf Course Open

Chris Doyle, the Phantom Lake Pro, who gets set for his second year on the job, was yesterday's guest on the Norman Sportsline Program. Chris commented on the condition of the course, some of the big events coming up this season and some new programs which will be available:


You can hear that interview here:


Baseball Season Almost Here

If all go's well with the weather, you will see lots of youngster's on various ball diamonds across town starting next week.


Flin Flon Creighton Ball makes the switch from fastball to hardball and there is a lot of excitement in the air. FFCB held some hardball clinics last season and they went very well, and it was decided that they would make the official switch this year.


One of the challenges besides the low numbers for this area, is most communities do not play fastball any more, so FFCB had a really tough time lining up tournaments out of town.


President Sherri Campbell and the new executive are  hoping the switch to hardball will help with attendance and give kid's a chance to travel out of town. The travel teams have been practising indoors at the Sportex for a number of weeks already.


Here is the schedule for the upcoming season:


Blastball Mon/Wed 5:30-6:15 Centoba 4


T-Ball/ Parent Pitch Mon/Wed 6:15-7:30 Centoba 2&3


Rookie/Division 1 Tues/Thurs 6-7 Centoba 2&3


Mosquito/Division 2  Mon/Wed 6-7:30 Centoba 1/Creighton


Pee Wee / Division 3 Tues/Thurs 6-7:30  Centoba 1/Creighton

Minor Hockey AGM

Flin Flon Minor Hockey held their annual general meeting last night at the Northern room at the Victoria Inn. Flin Flon Minor Hockey President Travis Rideout chaired the meeting and mentioned there were a number of positives to report from the past season.


Rideout mentioned that enrollment was up due in large part to the female program. He was also very happy with the rep selection process and likes the coach's they have in place.


Corey Bradt , the Treasurer reported that FFMH recorded a loss of : $11,763.68 from the past season. This was due to a lot of expenses from the past year including, ice fees, referees, time keepers, a new web-site and the purchase of new jerseys.


There is currently $33,410.15 in the operating account and about $36,500.00 held in investments/GICS. So financially FFMH is in good shape. Bradt mentioned there will be a slight increase in registration this year to try and offset some costs.


Here is this year's board which was elected last night.


President- Travis Rideout


Vice President- Chris Lee


Treasurer- Corey Bradt


Secretary- Brandy Kuzmiak


Registrar- Rhonda Werbicki


Special Events- Sherri Campbell


Volunteer Coordinator- Carrie Stinton


Fundraising- Tania Benoit


Ice Scheduler- Scott Eastman


Referee and Chief- Alex Willett and Todd Simms


Coach Coordinator- Darrin Mansell


Hockey D- Brett Persen


Novice- Damien Dominey


Atom- Ric Bacon


Bantom- Suzie Reid


Pee-Wee, Midget and Female are all vacant


Equipment Coordinator- Pat McKenzie


Time Keeper Coordinator- vacant


Travis Rideout also mentioned at last night's meeting, that this is the 100th anniversary of Hockey Manitoba, and their will be lots of special events taking place right across the province.


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