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An orange, blue and white plane will be covering a lot of the Creighton area

As Creighton continues to investigate the possibility of hosting a nuclear waste storage facility the Nuclear Waste Management Organization continues to investigate the Creighton area as a possible site.  To assist them they have brought in an aircraft and their Director of Geoscience Ben Belfadhel says they will be flying over an area 4 kilometers by 12 to 16 kilometers which is the granite Annabel Pluton. He says this aircraft is going to fly airborne geophysical surveys, mainly magnetic and gravity surveys.  He says these surveys will allow them to get a better understanding of the geology on the surface but also the geology at depth.


Belfadhel adds the aircraft will be about 80 meters above ground.  The information will be analyzed and if there are areas of interest they will do geological mapping in the field to determine if there is a suitable site for the storage facility.

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