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The city is working at saving and controlling spending

The City of Flin Flon’s financial plan for this year was presented last night.  The total budget is 12.6 million dollars up from 11.7 million last year.  The mill rate is down 13.75 percent from last year for residential and 11.92 percent for commercial property largely due to the special levy for police and fire services being listed separate from the general tax bill.


Finance Chair Colleen McKee says they are dealing with government legislated sewer and water treatment plants, infrastructure that can no longer be patched it has to be replaced, our tax base is half what it used to be, the cost of recreation facilities continues to rise and at some point they may have to consider closures and taxpayers are reluctant to pay more.  She says they are saving several ways including implementing the special services levy, operation management, implementing some non-resident fees at facilities, setting guidelines for donations, working with the RCMP to reduce costs, the accommodation tax, and Hudbay grant equalization with the School Division all allowing 375 thousand dollars to be spent where it was needed,


McKee says they continue to lobby the provincial government and continue to look at how to reduce costs in the community evaluating what we need and what are essential services.


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