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Flin Flon is number seven

A recent survey by the Cities Journal resulted in a list of the top 13 small cities in Canada based on their size and unique character.  The Journal states across Canada there are some pretty interesting and wonderful small towns fit for living in or simply for visiting.


On the list Flin Flon is seventh with the Journal noting the city was named after a character in a science fiction novel and the mining community straddles the border between Saskatchewan and Manitoba with part of the community on each side. It’s actually one of two Canadian communities that couldn’t make up its mind where it wanted to be. Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce President Tom Therien says he’s quite pleased with the results.  He says it just goes to show you that Flin Flon is really unique and we’re being noticed and we’re noticed for good reasons not bad and that’s always a positive thing.


Flin Flon was higher on the list than communities like Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and Fort McMurray, Alberta.  The top city was Corner Brook Newfoundland.


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