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With Creighton still on the list of communities looking into hosting a nuclear waste storage facility, members of the Committee for Future Generations and the Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday and at a public meeting last night.  The Coalition’s Dave Geary says they have concerns about the safety of the project. He says this project is technically and scientifically kind of risky, it’s very divisive in any community they go to both politically and socially and the transportation of this material is a huge safety concern.  He says this project is experimental, we’re all being guinea pigs here and it’s never been done anywhere on earth before adding this is a prototype.


The speakers say before making a decision on the facility people should make sure they obtain as much objective and science based information from independent sources as possible and they should take into consideration their grandchildren who will have to deal with this issue for a very long time due to concerns about the long term safety of storage facilities.


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