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Students learned more about the mining industry

Yesterday we told you about Career Trek and their Children Rising Nor-man program at the Northern Mining Academy in Flin Flon.


A new group of students started at the Academy Saturday to learn more about career opportunities available in the north and one of the students April Johnson from The Pas was in the lab studying rocks with a microscope. She says she got involved because she thought it would be fun to experience all the different jobs that they want them to learn about.


Lab instructor Ekhart Buhlmann explains right from the outset they tell them about what kind of subjects at school are important if they ever want to consider this as a career and the pressure is on to take science seriously and to make them firmly committed in their mind to finish high school.


The program invites groups of 10 to 12 year old students from around the north to visit the Mining Academy and other facilities for three days between January and March.


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