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Creighton has been recognized for leadership in advancing Canadas plan for used nuclear fuel management

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization has completed the first phase of preliminary assessment in collaboration with the Town of Creighton and seven others of the 21 communities engaged in learning about Canada’s plan for the safe long-term care of used nuclear fuel.  Creighton is one of four communities identified for further study in the process of identifying a preferred site for a deep geological repository.


Mayor Bruce Fidler says they look forward to continuing in the site selection process into the next phase of work which will involve much more detailed technical and social studies and will see an enhanced level of engagement within their community and with their neighbors.


The Organization notes it is expected to take several more years to complete the necessary studies to identify a preferred site.


The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is recognizing communities involved for their contribution to advancing Canada’s plan for safely managing used nuclear fuel over the long term by providing each community with 400 thousand dollars upon its establishment of a Community Well-Being Reserve Fund.

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