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Flin Flon food bank is seeing lower distribution and donation numbers

At their 22nd annual meeting the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank’s Food Distribution Chair Dennis Hydamaka reported a decline in food distribution during the past year.  The number of clients increased from 166 to 171 but with fewer family members.  They experienced a 13 percent decrease in hampers distributed and a 15 percent decrease in the number of people fed. Hydamaka said they were down ten thousand dollars in donations from last year.  He added the dynamics of the food bank continue to change being that the large food drives and the number of corporate sponsors has diminished considerably. He says through cash donations they are now purchasing 80 to 90 percent of their non-perishable food stuff.  He did add food donations have increased this past week with donations from the zombie walk as well as from Ruth Betts and Creighton Community Schools.


Hydmaka concluded they operate on faith that the food supplies, finances and volunteers will be adequate to meet the need going forward.


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