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Flin Flon Recycling Centre Hosting Their AGM

The Flin Flon Recycling Centre will be hosting their AGM and general information meeting coming up on April the 30th starting at 7 at Council Chambers.  Deb Odegaard is the Recycling Centre administrator and is looking for the community’s support.


"  Well our AGM will be on April the 30th at City Council Chambers. AGM'S are usually boring but we usually have a more exciting meeting in the first part and this year we are facing some challenges as a recycling program so we want to hear from the community if they think it's important. What is working and what they think we should do better or different,  and we invite everybody to come out and participate. If anyone is interested we also need some board members so they can stay for the AGM which will be the second half of the meeting."


The AGM will also include a report on finances and reports from the Chair and Administrator. Feel free to show up and ask questions or feel free to just listen in. The Recycling Centre will also be at the CFAR Trade and Leisure Show starting next Thursday at the Sportex, so you can stop by and ask questions then.

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