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Don't Miss the RWB School's On the Edge Tour

Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School is bringing their On The Edge Tour to Flin Flon on Friday April the 12th  as part of their province wide tour.  Vanessa Leonard who started out as a dancer,  is now the Director of the Winnipeg Royal Ballet Post Secondary Program and is very excited to be coming back to the North.


"I like to explain to people that it's similar to like a university of dance. So it's like these students are basically getting their PhD in dance because it is an extremely intensive program. And while they are rehearsing for all of this, this tour, they actually do work with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company as well. They're in the performances of Nutcracker and this year they were also in the performance of Romeo and Juliet. So they do get some really nice professional experience with the actual company. But these students are right on the cusp of their professional career and they're going out and auditioning for companies all around the world and you know, often end up dancing all around the world. So it's really an exciting group of dancers to see, they're young and they're extremely talented. So I'm really happy to bring bring our show to you."


The show will take place at the Flin Flon Community Hall starting at 7. Tickets are $30.00 for adults, $10.00 for youth under 18 and can be picked up at the Uptown Emporium or online at flinflonartscouncil.ca.

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