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Saskatchewan Teachers Back On The Picket Line Tomorrow


Teachers in Saskatchewan including Creighton school are upping the ante in their labour dispute with the province. Saskatchewan teachers will hit the picket line province wide tomorrow and Kirsten French President of Creighton Local Teachers Association and Executive member of Saskatchewan Teachers Federation says they are beyond frustrated.


"  I do not believe we have made any headway since the last time we were on the picket line. The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation continues to try to get the government back to the table. We have offered binding arbitration in which both parties  would present their sides to an arbitrater and a contract would be imposed upon us. The government said they are not interested and that would be a path forward. We have also taken the MLU that they signed with the Saskatchewan School Boards Association and offered that MLU as a path forward back to the bargaining table as well."


You can join Creighton teachers on the picket line tomorrow on Creighton Ave  between 10 and 2, by showing your support by walking or honking your horn as you drive by. There is also a province wide withdrawal of extra curricular activities on Thursday and Friday.

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