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'Noises Off ' is on this Weekend

It will be a big weekend for the local Ham Sandwich Theatre group who will be performing Noises Off, the 1982 play written by Michael Frayn. This will be a completely local cast and crew and Director Raphael Saray says they are looking to make local theatre history.

"It's one of the bigger scale ham sandwich shows that ever has been done. It's a set that is two stories, two levels and it spins around. It's a three act production, nine cast members playing  sometimes two characters each at  the same time,it's a British style farce. So there's lots of ins and outs and comings and goings and there's a part of the play where you get to see everything that happens backstage and we're really excited to bring a big show, a big, enjoyable comedic spectacle to the community."

The show will take place tonight and tomorrow at the Flin Flon Community Hall at 7:30. Tickets are still available at the Uptown Emporium and online at flinflonartscouncil.ca.

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